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  1. Remotescripter 1.82 on FMSA15 must be installed on FileMaker Server/Web Publishing/Publishing-Engine/cwpc/Plugins.
  2. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but when I check the version of the RemoteScripter 1.82 plugin from WebDirect client browser, I get the "?". The FMSA15 is installed on OSX El Capitan, inside FileMaker Server/Web Publishing/Publishing-Engine/wpc/Plugins. Restarted the server. I wrote a script that registers the plugin and I invoke the registration from the WebDirect client browser. And what I get is "?" from Version, Error or License Info check. Can someone help me? THanks.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Have you actually tried it?
  4. Has anyone been able to connect to a database hosted in FileMaker Server12 using FileMaker 14 Pro/Advanced? I tried connecting to my FMS12 12.0v5 and it's giving me an error about SSL compatibility. I wonder if anyone here uses FMS12 12.0v6 that are able to connect to it using FM14Pro/Advanced. Thanks.
  5. ".htaccess is more for directory specific errors." That's exactly why I wanted to show a customized 404 page. I want to show a customized 404 page when a file in SuperContainer is not available. Thanks for your time. I'll send you a private message once we figure out the urgency of this project.
  6. I'm sorry I should've mentioned this before, I'm still using FileMaker Server 12 so that path to the HTTPserver/htdocs/ is not available. Can you point me to the right path? Looks like FileMaker Server is handling the 404 error because it returns this text.... ---------------------- HTTP Status 404 - FileMaker Server has encountered an error: The requested resource () is not available. ---------------------- Thanks!
  7. When a user tries to access a missing file in the RAW, the server returns a 404 error page. How can I modify/customize that standard 404 error page? Where can I find it? Thanks!
  8. This is one of the reason why I couldn't migrate to FileMaker 13 until now. WebDirect is so slow. I now have a Mac Pro 2.7 GHz 12-Core Intel Xeon E5, 64GB 1866 MHz DDR ECC, 1TB SSD with 5.0 GT/s and have 20/20 Fiber Internet. And it still lag when tabbing to the next field. When you press tab and start typing, whatever you're typing will show to the current field and then after few seconds will tab to the next field. Very annoying.
  9. MacMini OS 10.9.4 4gb Ram FileMaker Pro 12 v 5 Email Plugin 2.03 Remote Scripter 1.802 Java 7 Update 67 The MacMini is setup to receive remote trigger from other computers to check emails and populate a table. The setup is working fine except for the occasional crashing of FileMaker Pro 12. Crashing occurs randomly, no specific computer, no specific time, no specific number of email reads. The MacMini has been setup to receive remote trigger to do other processes before and it never crash until I installed Email Plugin 2.03 It could be a cache or memory problem, I'm not sure. I
  10. Is it possible to use ScriptMaster's GUI Custom Dialog in IWP? I know that you have to install the plugin inside the Plugins folder in FileMaker Server. I also know that you have to register the plugin at startup. But I'm not sure if it's going work due to the fact that not all clients have Java installed and the jar library cannot be loaded on IWP clients. Assuming the client hava Java, will it work? Has anyone tried it?
  11. Thank you! Greatly appreciated. I will try that one out. In the meantime, I read something in the companion plugin documentation about the SCSetBaseURL parameter selfSignedSSL. It says "Example: selfSignedSSL=1". But it doesn't say what it means. Does it mean to allow self signed SSL if value is "1"? What about other values? Does "0" or "2" mean anything? One more thing, in the main documentation it also mentioned "selfsignedssl" parameter and i tried using it and it didn't work. But after reading the companion plugin documentation and tried "selfSignedSSL=1" parameter, it worked. So I
  12. Just upgraded to FileMaker Server 12 Advanced. Installed SuperContainer 2.864. Have my SSL Certificate installed and verified. IWP is working fine. I can upload and download files using IWP. I can also access the SuperContainer via web browser, I can upload and download as well. But when I load the SCSetBaseURL on my script and check for an error, this is what I get. "Unable to connect to https://myserver.com/SuperContainer/Files. The SSL certificate on this server could not be verified." So I cannot use the companion plugin inside my FileMaker solution. Is there anything I nee
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