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  1. Wickerman

    Duplicates and Empties . . .

    Tom, I just checked out the helpful file you provided and discovered that I'm not conveying what I'm trying to achieve. I'm trying to get ONLY PAIRS (or trios etc.) of records that (a) SHARE the Field A Value AND (b) Have EMPTY Field B's So in your File, I do not want to get a hit on the 'a' record with a blank field_b. I DO want to get the TWO 'B' records . . . in the image below, I want ONLY the two records at the bottom of the list, not the 4th record. . . . having it laid out like this makes it easier to see why my 2-step approach isn't working . . .but I'm still not finding my way to what will work!
  2. Wickerman

    Duplicates and Empties . . .

    I can say with confidence it is not a matter of the sort. I can take the Field A Value for many of these 2476 'hits' and just do a simple search for that value and see that whether there are say 2, or 3 or 9 'duplicates' for that field, there remains only a single one whose Field B is empty!
  3. Wickerman

    Duplicates and Empties . . .

    Thanks -- I'll give that a try if I can't figure out why the simpler Find process isn't working . . . there must be something going on here . . . ?
  4. Wickerman

    Duplicates and Empties . . .

    That was my first approach )both ways) . . . but it just isn't working! I get a set of 2476 records (out of around 28,000), and while some of the desired pairings are in there, the vast majority are non duplicates. I when I perform a Sort on Field A, I'm not getting sequences of film pairs with the same Field A value! When I simply seek duplicates in Field A, it works fine -- get 16,617 records and after sorting I'm not getting any singletons. When I simply seek Field B = Empty I get 14,085 - fine . . . but something's going amiss in the constraining step that I just can't make sense of. These are both simple text fields placed on the layouts as simple Edit boxes. I've even tried entering a 'Q' in Field B for all the empty Field B records so I could do an affirmative search for Duplicates in Field A and Q in Field B . . . sill get the same 2476 records. I'm going nuts here!
  5. Okay, I'm going nuts here I'm trying to do a 2-criteria search: Find all records which have 1) Duplicate values in Field A AND 2) in which Field B is Empty for two or more *of those duplicates* In other words, I'm trying to find pairs (or trios, etc) of records that have matching values for Field A, and for which Field B is Empty. Can anyone instruct me on the right formulation for this find?
  6. Wickerman

    Accessing a Copy of a Database

    Seems to have been a temporary glitch -- never mind!
  7. Hi -- I'm beginning a project revamping a client's database. My liaison doesn't have direct access to the database file, or a means of creating her own clone of the file, so she got her IT guy to get on the server and make me a copy, which he delivered to me via DropBox. So far so good. I opened up the file with the login/password they provided and found I was able to view the data, go into Layout mode, get into the field definitions and relationship graph, fine! BUT . . . I am not able to access the "Manage > Security" panel -- and when I save a Clone or a Copy of the database, I get a file that does not allow me to open it with the login/password of the original file. I've never happened upon a log-in that gave access to everything except security, but I guess that was what was put in place . . . and I'm figuring that IT guy *must* have a Full-Access password . . . otherwise how did he make a copy that I'm able to open with the "nearly everything" password? I guess I can just start a new solution and copy over the tables and layouts and import the data . . . but it's a pain and there's always a chance you'll not copy over something that's important. Am I missing something? Is there some reason why I might be unable to make accessible copies despite having the only "Full Access" log-in?
  8. Thans to all responders -- I installed the update and the Card window approach worked great-- I really appreciate the guidance!
  9. Wickerman

    Send file to iPad via Messages?

    Any help on this one? It seems crazy not to be able to deliver Filemaker files to Go via messages . . . here's a picture of what I'm seeing -- the file downloading (progress pie chart), and above it, what the file looks like when it's done downloading. The file does not trigger Filemaker Go, as it does when I send the file via Airdrop . . . and I can't even figure out where it "downloads" TO? There's nothing in my iPad 'Files' app . . . This is really putting a crimp in a project.
  10. Thanks Mr. Woods, for the productive suggestion -- I had mulled doing some sort of similar thing, but hadn't quite got there. Your suggestion will suffice as motivation enough for me to upgrade to FMP 16 -- and I''ll update my profile when I do so, Lee! This place is awesome.
  11. I have a layout in List view where each line represents a LOCATION. Picture the location being a numerical sequence of slots in a number of drawers. The Locations are related in a 1-to-1 relationship with ITEMS. Each Item occupies a single location. Over on the ITEMS layout, the user can create a new item and assign it to the next slot in the LOCATIONS sequence. All good. Occasionally an ITEM is discarded, and its record is deleted from the database. This results in an empty slot in the midst of the Locations sequence. The Location record is still there, because we don't delete that record - the slots, once created, are there for good. I need to find the simplest means of allowing the user to enter a new Item and assign it to one of the empty slots in the sequence if he or she so desires. (Sometimes you need to enter 3 new items and you want them to be in consecutive Locations, so you wouldn't opt to fill gaps with them). One way is I can put a little button on the Items called "Fill Gaps" and pop up a little window with a filtered portal showing the available gap Locations. Work, but seems a little busy. Another way I'm thinking is that back in the List view, where you can easily see the empty Locations (there's nothing in the Item Title field), I could make the Title field a 1-row portal allowing record creation. Entering the name of a new Item there would create the new Item record and you go over to the Item layout to finish entering descriptive data about it. The problem with this is I don't like the idea that the user can change or erase the Titles of existing Items from this layout -- people may get confused and not realize they're making a chance to the Item record itself. So, is there a way I can disallow data entry in the List View lines that are already connected to an item, while allowing it in those that aren't (the difference is that the foreign Key Field would be empty). Or . . . is there just some better way of managing this that I'm not considering? Thanks for any suggestions!
  12. I'm creating a simple database to keep track of a DVD collection, where the media are going to be removed from original packaging and stored in small paper sleeves. Each disc will get a record in the Media Table and the client wants to simply assign each Disc a unique sequential Location #. So: D-0001 D-0002 D-0003 etc. We would like to have an "Assign Location #" button that looks up the existing numbers and offers up the next available number in the sequence. To complicate matters a bit, we also want to plan for filling gaps that are created when obsolete DVD's are removed from the collection due to damage, obsolescence, etc. So say the highest number in the existing sequence were D-0333, but there are currently no DVD's assigned to D-0092, and D-0300, we'd want the user to be able to choose between the missing numbers or D-0334 (it's preferable for related Discs to be next to each other in the drawer). So, I'm thinking maybe rather than manipulating some kind of Serial $ field in the Media Table I should be making a related Location Number table with a one-to-one relationship so that these Location numbers are an Entity. I'm vaguely thinking I could use a filtered portal to display Location slots that currently have no value in the key field. sorted by Location #. Maybe have the Location selector be a little window that pops up when you want to assign a number? Is that the right approach? Is there a better one? One follow-up question is if I take this approach, should I just create a large enough number of Location #'s that will ensure they never reach the final number . . . or are there unfortunate consequences for that I'm not anticipating?
  13. I have created a nifty little FM Go solution for quizzing myself on backgammon problems that I think others in the backgammon community might find very useful. Since I don't really anticipate it being a big money-maker, it's not worth it to me to try to do an elaborate purchase/licensing/subscription/encryption process for "selling" the solution to players. What I'd like to do instead is just make it available for people to download onto their iPads and use for free, and include a sort of "tip jar" request that if they found the solution useful, they could go to PayPal and make a $10 or $25 or whatever they feel it was worth to me. If it were to bring in say $1000 it would be worthwhile for me to produce further quizzes. So, what would be the simplest way for me to set up that sort of 'tip jar'? I could just have a screen where I provide my email and suggest they go to PayPal themselves - - - but is there a way I could have them click a button that would say open their web browser and take them to PayPal? Or is there a reasonably simple way way to put a PayPal logo button on a Filemaker layout and set it up to fill in my email address automatically for a Donation?
  14. Oh That was simple enough I guess. :-)
  15. I'd like my FIlemakerGo solution to be non-password protected and simply open to my Home screen when the file is opened, I don't want the user to have a username or have any log-in step) and I'd like the display to be set without either of the Filemaker toolbars at the top or bottom of the screen. I've been searching and reading about the topic online, but by now my head is spinning, because I can't even remember what the different parts are. I'm seeing 3 horizontal strips on the screen other than what I designed on my layouts: 1) The iPad-standard ribbon that shows the Wifi signal, the time, and battery level. (Is this the 'status bar'?) 2) A Filemaker strip at the top of my layout with an 'Actions' arrow leading to File launch / close, etc. at left and the Search magnifying glass at right. (What is this called?) 3) A Filemaker strip at the bottom of the screen with Record navigation controls. (The Toolbar) So, I would like to hide (2) and (3) when my file opens. I'd like the Apple iPad data to remain. I have set up an opening script that uses Show/Hide Toolbars [Lock; Hide] and this succeeds in hiding the lower bard (3) . . . but it leaves the top one visible. I know I can hide that top bar by swiping up with three fingers - - and I'm fine with my use being able to do that too . . . but when they open the file, I want it to be hidden -- because I don't anticipate their needing any of those tools or settings, and it just makes the layout look busier than it needs to. (I've put a 'Close File; button on every layout). Is there some way I can make that upper toolbar (and what is it actually called?) hide itself by default thanks!

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