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  1. Hi -- I have a few iPad solutions I created awhile back, where I hid the upper and lower toolbars from view. but as I recall, there was a swing gesture I could use to reveal them -- I thought it was swiping down with 3 fingers . . . but this seems no longer to work? Can someone jog my memory on this? I just need to be able to reveal the "Find" function temporarily.
  2. No, this is for a stand-alone database living on a single computer -- running on current Apple OS.
  3. I have a client who would like his database to automatically generate a certain report every Monday morning. I thought there was a script step that could achieve this sort of thing but now I'm not so sure. I guess Filemaker isn't constantly checking the time after all, right? I suppose I could have a start-up script that checks the day / time when the file is opened and produces the report under certain conditions . . . but if the file is just left open, there's no way to trigger a script to fire at a certain time every week? Essentially, the client wishes to have certain informatio
  4. Hi -- I'm trying to direct a client to the web-page for purchasing Filemaker 18 - - but I'm only finding Filemaker 18 Advanced. Is Filemaker no longer offering the somewhat simpler package? If so, wouldn't it be simpler to leave off the 'Advanced' title? Thanks!
  5. Thanks for that suggestion -- I view the images at a larger size on my desktop, where file size isn't such an issue, but you're right it would be good to shrink the mobile files substantially. Is it possible for me to export the image files "in bulk", adjust them with my graphics editor and then re-import them as a batch, without having to drag & drop them into each container field separately? The images are stored in a simple container field....
  6. I have created a number of free-standing backgammon quizzing files in Filemaker for use on an iPad. What I want is to allow people to go to my website on their ipads, click on a download button, and have the file imported to their device and open in Filemaker Go. Then they can use it on their own -- no connection to a hosted file is necessary, no further data updates to the file are needed. I am hosting the filemaker quiz files on Google Drive. When I initially set this up, it was working fine - - and it still works fine if I try it on my desktop machine -- the file appears in my downlo
  7. I am struggling to do something simple, which is to define a field that will display the filename of files stored ion a container field called 'Document'. I am using the GetContainerAttribute(sourceField;attributeName) function, but I can't seem to get the engine to recognize the field, which I'm entering by double-clicking it in the field list! I've tried using different attribute names, and tried doing it on other container fields in different files, but there's something I'm just not getting here . . . can anyone spot my problem in this image of my attempt?
  8. AHA! Mystery solved -- I'm doing a little work adding a few reports on a database just recently converted to .fmp12, and so it is in the 'Classic' theme. When I change to a proper theme, the problem goes away, so this is just an artifact of that obsolete layout style. It's not a huge issue, we can live with the gaps for this report.
  9. comment, thanks for the file. So, in your file, when I go to the layout with no grand summary, it looks fine. When I go to the layout with one it also looks fine -- if I change the grand summary to the same blue color, it previews just like the other one. . . . but in my file, I've tried it both ways, and I still get that white gap above the footer.
  10. Hmmm.... not having any effect. All my parts have solid fills -- black for the Headers and grey for everything else. Can you spot anything here? I'm trying to open up all sorts of old file trying to find how I did this before, with no luck.... The sub-summary text and horizontal rule are set to slide up . . .
  11. Hmmm . . . not sure I follow you. Not managing to get it to work . . .
  12. I know I've solved this before but can for the life of me recall how. I'm printing a sub-summary report, all good, but between the final record on a page and the Footer is a blank band of whitespace that goes unfilled because it's not large enough to fit the next record. I just want it to be the same color as the footer section. Can someone remind me how?
  13. I'm keeping track of tournament results for a backgammon club in which each player receives points for achievement in our monthly tournaments, leading to a season champion at the end of the year. So I have a PLAYERS table and an EVENTS table and then a join table in between, PERFORMANCE, that holds the results for a single player at a single tournament. So, I have a list view that shows each player's results with a sub-summary part totaling their cumulative point total defined as a Summary field in the Performance table set to = Total of Points. This all adds up and displays fine.
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