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  1. As easy as that! I thought it should be. Thanks very much. Harry
  2. I've got a script to import data from a text file. It's just one record at any one time, and the script is working fine using the Import Records command and a file path such as file:../ImportThis.txt However this system will be used by a number of different windows users, and the database won't necessarily always be in the same directory as the import text file. What I'd like to do is have the text file in the windows user's home directory (c:Documents and SettingsUser Name). This is referred to by the windows environment variable %USERPROFILE%. So in theory in Filemaker I could then get the script to look at the path %USERPROFILE%/ImportThis.txt However, I can't seem to get this to work - it cannot find the file. Can filemaker access the windows environment variables in this way? If not then what other options do I have? (The database user's name is not necessarily that of the Windows user - it is the Windows username that I want to use) Many thanks! Harry
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