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  1. Ok, I am so close I can taste it...but want to pound my screen in! I don't know why this is giving me such problems. Anyways, Now I have things happening like when I enter the "Caller" into the table, chosen by drop down ID, phantom "Caller" records are created in that table. Also, it seems like when I change records some are being deleted for some reason. It's just not quite behaving right. I've tried to model as much as possible off that demo..... Oh, and I would prefer to see who the "Caller" was, not just the ID. Then I can know right away who it was that made the phone
  2. That's strange about the global thing, because studying the FM Training Series book and samples, it appears their kf_'s are all global! That's probably where I went wrong. It seems to almost do what I want now. I've reattached the file with some sample records. The portal I'm using and refining is under the tab "New Call Activity". It does what I want for "calls" and creates records appropriately in the related table. However, I also want to be able to choose the person (caller) who made the "call" within this portal, and then appropriately create a related record for the cal
  3. Let's try this PM_Test.fp7.zip
  4. Thanks. I tried it, but something just was not working yet. I'm attaching an empty copy of my work so far. What I want is for the tab under Prospects called "New Call Activity" to display what I had previous done with the tab "Call Activity" in the past using just repeating fields. You can see in the relationships how I tried to set it up, but it isn't working. I add new "calls" in the table, but the wrong prospect ID shows up, so I know I'm off to a bad start right there. Thanks for your help someone! If my fp7 file didn't attach right let me know....
  5. HELP! Self-taught Filemaker user. I'm doing really well so far...but struggling on grasping the relationships. I understand what they do and how they work, but I'm missing something when I set them up. I have a database of prospects for our school/church. We make "calls" on these prospects--either by phone, E-mail, or personal visits. I established three entity tables: 1)Prospects, 2)Calls, 3)Caller (person making the contact). I want to have one of my tabs on my Prospects layout contain a portal that shows all calls made on that contact, and who it was that made the call
  6. That's not a bad idea. Would I just make a layout for each and link fields such as last name? Or how do you suggest I link a person's name in the families table to the individual person's record? I envision a first name field and a last name field. How would I make that whole name linked to a different layout or table?
  7. A family would be those living in a house together, or those who would all receive one mailing. I have just been going back and forth in my mind as to whether I should have each person be a record or each family be a record. I can't make up my mind. I just get hung up on doing a report for families or a church directory and getting the right people with the right family. How could I program it to know that Katie Smith is David Smith's daughter and not John Smith's daughter?----I'm looking for any advice here. On a related note...I can't figure out how I would track church atte
  8. As I understand, Newbie, that's what a GetSummary Calculation field does. But per my previous two posts, that doesn't help on averaging out monthly totals
  9. I have tried the GetSummary...but I just got an average for the entire year. I wanted a sub summary average for each month AND for the entire year! My month field is simply a text field with auto-enter to enter the month's name based on the Date field
  10. And I just tried to Sort again, but February still comes first!?!
  11. I know how to use round, but I don't see how you can Round on a Summary Field. It is no option that I can see or find.
  12. I created a Summary Report. It has a sub-summary with an Average Summary Field per month. How do I get that to be rounded off to an even number, or to two decimal places (I can't decide). Also, in the same Summary Report, it is Supposed to be organized ascending by year, then by month. But now my February and January got switched around. What happened and how do I fix it? Thanks
  13. I'm working on a membership database/directory for our church. I have created the main layout to be for a family. On a family's record it has Head of Household name, phone, work, etc. It also has the same for Spouse information. Then there are fields for the names of children. I created a report that nicely puts each family into a "directory" with two columns of families per page. So far so good. But now it gets more complicated. I want to have more detailed information for each person. For example, date of birth, date of joining the church, activities involved in, leader
  14. I'm trying to make a calculation for a field, Head of Household Work Phone. I want it be that If it is empty, as in there is no work phone, then it will display the message "None". I'm close, but can't quite get it right. But also, I want it more complex. I have a Spouse Work Phone field as well. I want that to do the same. However, some obviously do not have a spouse. So I would like to make that conditional upon the Spouse First Name field being filled. Because obviously if it is empty, there is no spouse and I don't need the message "None" in work phone Thanks for your he
  15. Thanks! I would like to hear more specific answers from people for these questions though. But it's a good start....
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