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  1. That was it! Once I took the CompanyID out of the relationship it worked perfectly. I'm getting to understand things a little better and you guys have been a great help. Thanks to all of you for your help. Carl
  2. Hi The relationships graph shows the Contacts table and Invoices Table are related “=” by both ContactID and CustomerID”. The layouts are Contacts Entry::Contacts and Invoice Entry::Invoices. The ContactId in the Contacts file also exists as a ContactsID match in the Invoice file. A copy/paste works perfectly if that means anything. This system is built on a separation model but I’m told that makes no difference. I did go to the relationship graph in the Data file to make sure it matched up relationally with Interface file graph and it does. Carl
  3. Hi LaRetta, Ok I changed it so if I’m in my contacts layout and call the script the script is, Get related record from: Invoices Show Record using layout: Invoice Entry Show only related records: is checked Match current record only: is checked Nothing happens. Is there some other part of the script that is needed? Carl
  4. Hi Fitch, I'm on my Contact layout and I set up the "Go To Related Record so it reads. Get related record from: Contacts Show record using layout: The layout I want in the Invoice table is not shown. None of the Invoice layouts are. I have a feeling that's not good! Carl
  5. I have a ContactsID in my Contacts Table and a ContactsID in my Orders Tables. What I want to be able to do is click on a button on my Contacts layout and go that ContactID in my Orders layout. Thank you, Carl
  6. Hi Wplate, I’m using a Mac, FMStudio and Dreamweaver and could sure use your help. I’ve followed the quick stats both in print and in video trying to figure this out but nothing I do makes a difference. I cannot get a connection made to my FMP9A database. I fill in the Connection Name: The name of my solution FileMaker Server: (same one I use for IWP) User Name: Webuser (told to put this in by FMStudio) Password: The one I assigned Webuser Database: I click the Select button and I get "HSTTP Error Code 405 Method Not Allowed." When I click on “Connection Errors He
  7. I'm doing some PHP work with Dreamweaver and its telling me to go to my Root Folder. I can't figure out where the Root folder is on a Mac. Can you tell me? It seems I can't do a thing until I figure it out. Carl
  8. Hi Fitch, I didn't find out until yesterday afternoon that along with the CustomerID we also need the CustomerName. Can you show me how to add this to the script so it shows on the Invoice as well? Thanks Fitch, Carl
  9. Hi Fitch, aka “The Poet of Portland”, That did it and I thank you so much for the file. I saw what you did and all of a sodden it clicked. I was reading something on the forum the other day, I think it was on the Cafe, where somebody said they had a quote by their computer that said “To error is human but to really screw up requires a computer”! How true is that? Sometimes you just feel so stupid. Here you are laying the whole thing out for me and I can’t even follow instructions. I sure feel better now and thanks for not just letting me quit Fitch. It was also very considerate
  10. Hi Guys, I never thought of myself as a quitter but maybe I am. I'm asking you guys to spend all this time and I'm getting nowhere. I'm just going to stay with my old Copy & Paste. I'm told time and time again that's not the way to do it any more. But I follow what you guys say and get nowhere. Obviously not your fault, it's mine. Why I can't perform what looks to be the simplest thing in the world I don’t know. All I know is I can't get it to work. The script I have now that will copy my CustomerID from my customer layout and go over to my invoice layout, make a
  11. Hi Fitch, What in the world is wrong here. Why can't I do what would seem to be the most simple thing in the world? You said: Perform Script [“Create New Invoice” ; Parameter: $id ] I get the Perform Script part, but where do I put the "; Parameter: $id ]" part of it? It looks to me that the scripts I posted under post 267828 are the same you just gave me other than the "; Parameter: $id ]" and as I said I have no idea where that goes. I know you guys want to get rid of me and I don't blame you. I just really need to be able to do this and all I keep doing is going in ci
  12. Hi Bruce, I'm sorry I don't mean that at all. We will have a new invoice for every customer new order. What I really meant is I do not want a new Invoices assigned if a customer clicks this specific button again. But I've handled that by setting up another layout without the button. So what I’m after is just the ability to click on a button in the CustomerTO customer layout, capture the CustomerID, go to the InvoiceTO Invoice layout and have a new record created with this CustomerID. Can you help me with this? Carl
  13. Hi Fitch, Maybe the best thing for me to do is show you the two scripts. This button is on my customer layout. NEW script Set Variable ($id;CustomerID) Perform Script [“Create New Invoice”] CREATE NEW INVOICE script Go to Layout [“Invoice” (Invoices)] New Record/Request Set Field [invoices::CustomerID; Get (ScriptParameter)] Select Window [Current Window] With these scripts I go to the invoice layout and a new record is created. But the Customer ID is not created with it. I still want what I said from my first post. [color:blue]"One other thin
  14. Hi Comment, I tried the calculation you recommended from the above link and could not get them working. I tried a summary field clicking on the Voting field and clicked on “Total of” but nothing showed in the field. I then changed it to a calculation field “Sum ( Line_Items::Vote )” set as a number and that does not work either. Can you think of anything else I can try? I'm sorry but I don't know what this means. I know i've read something about self-join but i'm unsure what it is. Carl
  15. Hi, Right now we have around 75 products and these are available to all customer and they can vote on any they choose. I went to the link you provided but it confused me. I’m not sure I understand the products file part of it or how the calculations would work on that basis. The Line_Items portal is in my Order Entry file but all of the information to be voted on is in the Line_Items portal. I’m not sure why I’d need to go into a products layout for the calculations to work, but I can add a vote field to my inventory/product file if you need me to do so. Thank you for ans
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