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  1. Yeah I'm aware of the 60 minute time limit. I was hoping there might be a solution to automate login maybe outside of filemaker? If I could create some kind of script that would login automatically and/or refresh the session every so often that would make this work great. Point noted. However, security is not really an issue for this small of a business. Besides is it anymore secure than an old-fashioned punch card? That's what we were using before. I'm working on integrating an RFID card reader to the system but that is down the road.
  2. Table occurrence - another instance of a table in your relationship graph. in FM parlance. ???
  3. so how are you creating a statement via a script? if so my solution still stands create a separate TO with a greater than relationship. Have your script look at these records that way it only sees the the records that are a charge not a refund.
  4. FM supplies a very detailed help file bundled with the software for this exact application. I suggest reading it...
  5. So let me get this straight. When you create a statement you want to automatically create an order as well. But when you add a refund to the statement you do not want to create an order (of course) I would create a separate table occurrence based on the statement table between your statement table and your orders table. Something like: Orders = StatementToOrders =(greater than zero) StatementLineItems So your StatementToOrders table occurrence has only the items that are greater than zero (sales) and nothing less than zero (refunds) Then adjust your "allow records to
  6. What makes a record the "first" record. Date, $, etc.? You could create another layout with a different TO that was sorted by your criteria: Date or whatever. If you perform single record functions on this TO then FM will use the first record it finds.
  7. I have a nifty timecard solution that I have been working on. All the employees clock in/out via a simple screen where they enter their number and press a button. Works great. The problem is they access this via IWP and IWP logs the user out every X minutes. Is there a way to set this up so it stays running all the time without logging out? Right now when a shift starts the first person to clock in will log in with a generic username then they will be able to access the "clock" screen and everyone else will be able to clock in/out after that but when lunch or the end of day comes someone
  8. Actually on second thought why bother at all. Just don't require the password to be unique. After all if it is a random string the odds are very low you will have a duplicate and will it even matter if you do?
  9. You definitely have an interesting problem. The problem is that you will have to do some scripting and you will have to design it differently for mac and PC. You can specify folders with the filemac: or filewin: You can use a container field and script the entry of the container data with the "insert object" script.
  10. Ok I re-read your post now I get it better. What you need is a separate table occurrence for your "shipping history" table that is keyed off of the date you input in your new table using a greater than relationship. Your calc will read something like: sum(ShippingHistoryLookup::Quantity)+CurrentInventory Now what happens if you have more inventory come in after the date you are looking up? You can add another TO to your receiving history with the same relationship and your calc will look like: sum(ShippingHistoryLookup::Quantity)+CurrentInventory - sum(ReceivingHistoryLookup:
  11. Wouldn't it be easier to have a "ship" script that updates the inventory quantity when an order is shipped. You can still keep track of ship dates and quantites for reporting later. That is the way I do it. Plus the way you are doing it will get very slow later on once you get a lot of data in the system.
  12. The only way to do looping calcs is through recursion - a function that calls itself. So you can make a custom function that calls itself. Good luck...
  13. Did you make changes to the relationship graph? Delete a table? Change a table name?
  14. I think what you will need are two sub-summary parts in your layout. Your layout will be based on the EMPLOYEES table. One sub-summary part will be for the "managed" employees. The other sub-summary part will be "managed by". You will need two separate TOs. By the way I would not put the structure data in a separate table. Just add an extra field to your employees table that contains the ID of who manages them. BTW the logic to make this work is similar to a two-level BOM see: http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/142035/post/142068/#142068
  15. Make sure the data in the field and the field type match. For example if you have some text in a time field it will show up as "?" in your layout.
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