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  1. FWIW -- FileMaker Server 10 works with the Java Update for 10.5.6 Why FileMaker hasn't released an update for FMS 9 -- and it affects both Mac and Windows -- for later Java is pretty surprising.
  2. Nobody has any suggestions? I've not been able to come up with a solution (apart from the copy-to-the-local-desktop method...)
  3. So, I've done this with previous versions, but for some reason FMP 10 isn't doing what I want. I'm hoping somebody can point out what might work here. What I normally do for deployment of FMP Client: For Macs, I put the installer files in a new .dmg file with a modified "Assisted Install" file on my server. This works fine with FMP 10 Mac. For Windows -- I want to take the extract FMICD folder -- modify the "assisted install.txt" file -- and move this to my file server in a "read-only" directory so people can run "Setup" and install. However -- at least for my Vista cli
  4. That is correct. I had a similar issue prior to the update to 10.5 server. With 10.4.11 -- at one point I was running 9.0v2 server. I applied the *10.4* version of Security Update 2008-002. After rebooting, my FileMaker server didn't start. Luckily, the Tiger version of the 9.0v3 updater was available, so I installed that update and it all worked after that. So, I'm now a little more gun-shy about the security updates these days.
  5. Resolved this... Oddly enough, my xserve didn't show the Security Update 2008-002 in Software Update (which I reported to Apple.) Once I installed this? FMS Admin worked exactly like it should -- even through restarts. Go figure.
  6. May want to -- but not really. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app again and I'm now having the same problem I did once under 10.4.x -- I can configure the server after installation *until* I restart the computer. Once I restart the computer, if I log into the admin app, I'm greeted with the fun console dialog box that says: The Database Server is not available Admin Consol functionality is limited to FileMaker Server Overview. To use other functionality, please start the Database Server again. (but -- yes, the server is running and serving up databases and running
  7. To add to my own report... The daily backup script that has the default backup time of 11:00 p.m. *did* run. There's just no way to edit that script it continues to say the backup directory is not a valid path. I'm wondering if this might be a Java error or something similar in the way the Admin app works...
  8. So -- I had FMS 9.0v3 running on 10.4.11 without issues. I decided to update the server to 10.5.2, so I uninstalled FMS 9.0v3, updated (in-place) my server to 10.5.2, then installed the Leopard compatible 9.0v3 FMS. Under 10.4.11, I had been using the default locations for the databases and backups -- /Library/FileMaker Server/Data/ After installing 9.0v3 and rebooting -- the databases open in the correct location. However, the *backup* schedule says that "filemac:/Server HD/Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Backups/" is not a valid path. but all the permissions are as the
  9. I figured this out: There's some kind of "character length" issue around the account/password combination you set for the console app. For example, my password that I was using has 27 (!) characters. If I used the account "admin" and that 27-character password? I could modify things with Console Admin -- even after rebooting. Change the account name to "administratortwo" and keep the password? No longer could I modify anything. Uninstall and reinstall the program: Keep the account name as "administratortwo", but set a *15* character password?
  10. OK, to reply to my own post: I got "R2" by downloading the "trial" installer from FileMaker's web site and installed that. But my problem still exists: I uninstalled R1, rebooted, and installed R2. *until I stop the server* -- I can do anything with the console application. I can modify settings, quit and relogin to the console app, etc. But as soon as I "stop server" via the console app, I can't get back into it to do anything. Rebooting the server clearly starts the admin process, but I can't connect to it -- even from the command line: ~ root# fmsadmin -v FileMake
  11. Hi! I'm having some odd issues with the Admin Console having just installed FileMaker Server 9 on my 10.4.10 xserve and noticed a couple of posts referring to "fms_9.01v1_R2". Where can I get this to see if uninstalling what I have and reinstalling this works? (My general problem is that I uninstalled Server 8, then installed server 9 -- I could configure Server 9 -- until I restarted. After I restarted, I can log into the server admin console app, but it says my server isn't started -- but the computer *is* serving files!) I've uninstalled Server 9, rebooted and reinstalled
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