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  1. HI  I have inherited a system form another developer and I was aware that it wasn't working when I inherited it.  I have made changes to the system and want to update the configuration however I can't move past this point.   Basically it tells me that there is not script called MirrorSync yet there clearly is.  can anyone give m a clue what is going wrong here.  thanks  Don  MS v  2.109
  2. HI Lufti Spooky IM doing the same thing but for iOS. The best I have found so far is the star printer range but I haven't found a driver yet that is compiled for iOS
  3. OK I have no idea why but deleting the 360 Works folder from the user folder then started FileMaker and bingo it worked! Probably some hinky permissions error on the PC!
  4. I have a client with 7 identical machines all bought at the same time all configured the same way with the same major applications (programmes). All using the same version of Windows 7 service pack one. All using FileMaker 12.0v3. In every single one except one the ScriptMaster plug in loads fine. In one it says: "?" failed to initialize. I have checked the firewall and a host of other settings but obviously not the right ones as I cant get it to load. Anyone have any clues what might be wrong please? The last version of windows is always better than the current one!
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