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  1. FMs Send Email script is working nicely but the emails look awful in Plain Text. Can I send HTML format emails from within FM script?
  2. I am writing a db to analyse our company's itemised billing for mobiles and I want to provide a flexible search on period (i.e. month, not between dates), user (or number) and call type. I have created Value Lists of these and defined Global Vars which display as Checkboxes of the lists. So idea is create find, select one or more month periods, one or more users and one or more Call types then execute the search. However, as there are quite a few users I wanted to be able to set the global var for users, say, to everyone. But I cannot find a way to SetField g_Users to the contents of
  3. Fenton Thanks for that. It doesn't seem to cope with folders in the hierarchy. Have you 2 minutes to help with the command to check if not a folder. Where would it go? Way back when file_path is set? Cheers C.
  4. Hi all I am building a proto-DAM database which needs to scan a folder hierarchy and create records for every folder and file. Additionally I want to record an MD5 hash for each file in order to find duplicates. I have purchased the FileManipMac plug-in which is great for determining the folders and files. My main questions is about how to traverse the hierarchy as FM doesn't seem to like recursive script calls. Perhaps it's script building technique or perhaps there's something new to FM Pro 10 Adv that I haven't utilised yet. Cheers and have a good day Craig
  5. Hi Chuck I have come across the same problem and noticed something after scratching my head for a day that will hopefully shed some light. I use plug-in for listing files in folder and then processing each XML file contained. If I write script that specifies "File" to be used and prompt for comfirmation - rather than no prompt - and select a file, then it applies XSLT and imports data. However, if I specify the field via "Calculation" then it doesn't. It appears to expect a HTTP Request from that Calculation and not just text, although it says that the calculation is either
  6. Hi Sorry to ask, but how did you manage to import the text from a PDF? I am trying to work out how to import text from plain text file, but seems to be eluding me. Any help is mostly appreciated. Regards C.
  7. Hi all, I am wondering the best way to import and process the content of text files in a folder. I could use a Folder Action to trigger Filemaker to run a script but I was wanting to know if there was a better way before I dive in. Using 10 Advanced (not server) on MacOS X 10.5.6. Cheers Craig.
  8. Can I then Import data from the Container field?
  9. I have a script that prompts for file selection, then imports and processes the contents. One of the fields is a date field. Not today's date - as I don't always run it every day, but there's a file per day. The date is however contained in the filename, so I want to be get the name of imported file.
  10. I am processing a string of data that consists of x columns of info. I want to set a field to the value of each column via a Loop, however, I don't know how to ref a field who's name is dynamically determined at runtime. Example. String=/this/is/my/string/of/text set field "count" to number of "/" in string x=1 Loop set field column to middle(string,start,numberofchars) ExitLoop is x is = count EndLoop I have a formula for extracting each column of text so i just need to assign the dynamic field. TIA.
  11. Hi Barbara I like the sound of "I don't use popup menus for selecting foreign keys (I usually have a popup filtered portal". Can you help me understand what one of those is and how i make it work. C ;-)
  12. Thanks for that. I think i can see how it works. Bit unusual. When was this intro'd to FM Pro and is there any docs, cos my v9 was sorely lacking in terms of documentation.
  13. I have seen similar problems to this, but everyone has a slightly different flavour. I am writing my own Asset Equipment db. 3 tables so far: People, Equipment and Assignments, the latter associating people with their items and the table contains only PersID and EqID. What is tripping me up is that when viewing an item of Equipment I want to choose someone from a list of people and assign that item. Using a layout showing records from Assignments and passing a global ref to EqID does display the equipment details. I have a Value List from People displaying PID and Fullnam
  14. You're right. Projects do have multiple stages. Best then to import Project and Stage data in separate steps. I guess I can refer to Stage data by adding in another layer. XPath gives impression i can use name of element node, so shouldn't this work? .. .. .. Thanks for your help.
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