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  1. The compnay I'm working for mails a newsletter to about 2000 members. They have it scripted to put all these names in the TO field of an email. This causes multiple problems for them. What is the best practice for doing a mailing like this? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the help. I did the omit first and it worked with no duplicate values that I could see in an export of the field.
  3. I got it to work. It needed a CR added in front of the "2008 Holiday Cards" string. I would still like to know what happens if I add a value multiple times using set field. Is it safe to do this?
  4. I didn't want to add a duplicate string of text in the list for 1000s of records. I wasn't sure how FM would handle having multiples like that.
  5. I think I should be able to avoid updateding records that have already been checked by adding a 2nd request to omit these during the find, but I'm still stuck on checking the box by script.
  6. I need to auto check a 2008 Holiday Card check box based on a found set. I also don't want to update any in the found set which may already have this box checked. I've tried to use a loop with set field where the calculated value equals the current field & "2008 Holiday Cards" however this isn't working and I'm worried it may add the value to records that are already checked. Any ideas? Thanks
  7. Thank you, it works well. Could you explain why it needs the nested substitute, and the § and ¶. I don't 100% understand how it works. Thanks
  8. I have a field named Groups that is populated from a checkbox with a value list. I need to change some of the group names in the value list, but I also need the records already in the database to change to the new names also. How should I do this?
  9. I checked and they have those settings. I found out outlook has an 8kb limit for addresses going in the to, cc, and bcc. This is probably why it crashes. I split the email into 3 smaller ones using a member_number serial number field I added to divide the groups up.
  10. I used a bad example. It is actually Newsletter Recipients Newsletter Do Not Mail
  11. wvdb

    Rename a Button

    Thanks. I knew there had to be a way.
  12. wvdb

    Rename a Button

    Is there a way to change the caption on a button? I would like to be able to copy a button, paste a bunch of copies of it, change the action they perform, and then change their captions. It's faster than making different buttons and trying to resize them all to the same size. I know there's probably an easy way to do this but I just haven't been able to figure it out.
  13. I got this to work with some help. I did a script to 1. enter find mode 2. use Set Field to put quotes around the selected field value while in find mode. 3. preform the find
  14. I'm working on a database where they often search using checkboxes. The value lists for the check boxes contain spaces and this is causing incorrect result sets to be returned. Example list values would be 1. Newsletter 2. Newsletter Do Not Mail If they click the Newsletter in find mode the results returned will include both Newsletter and Newsletter Do Not Mail. Is there a way to force it to find an exact match only. I know how to do this with "" or == but not using a checkbox. Thanks
  15. Good that's perfect. Thanks
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