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  1. Can you tell me more? I have a whole series of inter-related database files running in FM6 quite happily on my iMac G5 running OS X Tiger. I need an answer to the question : "will FM 6 run in Snow Leopard on an Intel Mac?" It sounds from your experience as if it will, but I wonder if I could just ask you to run through a brief checklist to compare our use of FM 6? 1. I don't use any FM or external plug ins 2. I do use relationships quite a lot, but I guess most people do? 3. I do use scripting quite a lot in some files 4. I do use Calculation fields and Functions to some exten
  2. This is going to be lengthy to explain - please bear with me. A while back, I noticed when I launched my FM6 files, that I got a message "Date and time are not the same as System settings - do you want them to be the same?" Obviously, I clicked "YES" - who wouldn't? Of COURSE I want my dates and times to be the same as the system settings!! After that, I also began to notice that FM wasn't accepting dates in the (logical) UK format of DDMMYYYY - it was insisting "Dates must look like ...." and allowing only the endlessly frustrating, illogical US system of MMDDYYYY. This baffled me n
  3. Many thanks for these helpful suggestions. (The reason for leaving some repeats blank - I could equally have set them to 0 and used "Do not display number if 0" - was that the presence of a particular "value repeat" depended on there being a related "values record" in a separate table; if there was no related record, there was no change in value, therefore no value repeat to calculate. Plus, it just LOOKED tidier also). In fact, I went away and gave the matter some thought, and after discovering that Set Field and (GetRepetition+variable used as pointer) do not work together to MODIFY a r
  4. If my reply seems 1) too obvious and 2) wrong, then I've simply misunderstood what you said. There is an Auto-Enter field Option, "Value from previous record". Wouldn't that give you what you want? (In Scripts, it's under Fields - "Insert from last record"). As I say, I may have misunderstood what you asked.
  5. Oh wow, thank you! You saved my bacon and a lot of future work. : (I guess I should have checked Format as well as Prefs... funny how we sometimes miss - as Basil Fawlty so memorably said - "the bleedin' obvious"!)
  6. This is a data entry problem but I can't see which other forum it should go in. I have looked in FM Prefs, and there isn't a "highlight contents when tabbing" option. The reason for this is that I often have cause to duplicate records where all data is to be the same apart from a few fields. To give one example : let's say I duplicated a record (Command-D) of which the first 3 fields are to remain the same, the last two need changes. Ideally I would like to do all this via the keyboard viz.: Command-D, tab, tab, tab, tab, type, tab, type (which "highlight when tabbing" would
  7. That link didn't take me anywhere except Google (DNS not loading etc). And I don't want to go on arguing for evermore in a pointless discussion, so I thank you for your efforts to help, and am bowing out. Goodnight.
  8. I wouldn't dispute with you at all on that - and all files I have built from FM4 onwards (I skipped FM3) are built on relationship principles. But as I said before, this database was begun 15 years ago, and has many sophisticated interconnections with other databases I have in the same series, so in this one case it wasn't the answer. I would also dispute everyone's apparent contempt here for repeating fields. Essentially, you are right in many BUT NOT ALL cases, for there are perfectly sound reasons for using arrays, which is what repeating fields can also be.
  9. You need to specify the field in the Payment Record as Type = Date, then click Options, then click Calculated value, then click Specify ... {name of existing date field} + 30
  10. Ok. As it seems a difficult question, I am trying a home-grown solution of my own devising. I have ... 1. duplicated "values" and populated every repeat with the contents of "values" using a script (and I had to search here to discover why the use of Set Field with GetRepetition only worked with the first repeat). Every repeat of this copy now is filled with either values or 0. 2. I will be looking at how to loop through this array and if a value is 0, use the previous repeat instead, until every repeat is filled with non-0 value (again, using scripts). 3. As part of the an
  11. Sigh, it seems every response I must make to my original query is to supply more and more details in explanation. The EXISTENCE of the repeating field is straightforward. This database was started in 1994 in FM Pro 2, which was NOT a relational database. By the time I bought FM Pro 4 my database had already expanded beyond the point where it was worth while spending much time to completely redesign it from the ground up, and the repeating field I am referring to here was absolutely central to the raison d'être and functioning of the design. I have since then used relational database
  12. Thank you for your reply, but there are no mistakes. 1. The production of values for a given year involves : a) data input of catalogue values into a related file : a Find of all records in the first file that have a related record in the second file for the latest year c) a complex set of scripts and calculations run against the Found Set only, that determine "intermediate values" where an item does not correspond precisely with a catalogue value, in order to set a realistic value for the item d) this operation entails many records NECESSARILY having blank values in some repet
  13. I have the following situation : For each record in the database, I have a repeating field "values" (up to 20 repetitions, 10 currently used), which shows the market value of this item from year to year. If, in a given year, the value has not changed, the repetition is blank, and the function Last is used to derive a value for use when totalling values across all records for the latest year. So, a given record might look like this (where "Year" is simply a layout header text field, showing a list of years, while "Value" shows the contents of each repetition of the field "values")
  14. Hi Lee Thanks for reply. I am not upgrading my system beyond what I need to I had to upgrade to FM6 from FM4 (which I was happy with) in order to get a version to run natively in OS X. And indeed, I am happy enough with FM6 - it is only this 'window memory' problem which is the major irritant. On your other point, I think this is the only place I posted about the window size problem? If I have posted about it elsewhere then that is in error (certainly no intention of doing so), but I cannot find any trace of having done so. I might well in the future need re-consider whether I
  15. I was a professional systems analyst and mainframe programmer for years working for various high-profile companies. As such, working both WITHIN a Quality Management System (QMS), and for other companies that had never heard of such a thing, there is one thing they would be in unanimous agreement on: NEVER EVER test a new system with 'live' customer data. The scope for absolute disaster is one small wrongly-coded 'switch' or 'flag' away. I speak from experience - I once believed I had tested a new system to destruction, and then went on holiday. During that week, something went wrong and
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