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  1. Thank you to both of you, very much. As for combining files, I have had that idea. Apparently there is a way to do that automatically, without having to copy and paste each element from one to the other DB---- such as how I did it the one time I tried it. I could get away with two DB's, and paying for someone to host two, isn't too bad, if it wasn't too much trouble combining those files. The things you learn on this forum... this is one of the best forums on the Internet.
  2. Doesn't Time Machine do that for me? Plus the DB scripts use "Commit" pretty frequently. I have used FM for several years, but never the Server version.
  3. My office has 3 Macs using 10.7 and 10.8, and FM 12, one is a laptop that does work locally and remotely, the others stay in the office. We currently pay $29 to have 2 DB's hosted on an internet based site. I would like to have about 6-8 DB's hosted, but I believe at that point it would be better to have them hosted locally. I know Pro will handle up to 5 connections so I've been avoiding buying Server. The DB's are quite small, one is 33 MB, and the others are of a trivial size, used for printing forms and labels, and keeping checkbooks. I would like to be able to access all of them from
  4. Greetings. I have two unrelated tables in one DB. Database table "Main" has a portal with financial entries for clients: date, amount, description, etc. The second database is "Checkbook." Sometimes we need to draft a check with the same information that is keyed into that portal in "Main." Right now, we just re-key in that same information into the Checkbook table. Can someone point me in the right direction as to how to move values from one table to the other? I could write a script that would use "copy and paste" 4 times over, but I'm sure there is a more sophisticated way to
  5. Two currently separate DB's, "Client Activity" and the "Checkbook." Activity DB has "Main Table" with client#, name, address, etc. Its related daughter table has charges and payments, and dates for those. Checkbook DB is a simple flat DB where we print checks and record payments. Right now the payments are entered twice, into the Activity DB and then into the Checkbook DB. Of course I want to avoid the double entry. When a payment is recorded into the "Client Activity" daughter table, how to simultaneously create a create a deposit record in the Checkbook DB? Second prob
  6. I fooled around with the options on Enter Find mode and Perform find, using seemingly the correct programming as supplied so kindly by yourself, but now it will only pull up records from 8/2012! The attached file is a DB from a larger job I did, and for this side work I do I quickly adopted from that the attached DB, so there is waste in it; however, if when you look at the tables of fields, "Cases" is the only relevant one for my question. Also, the relevant fields I have beginning with the letter "a" so they appear at the top of the field table. Obviously, I wrote this for my own purpose
  7. Hmm... odd. I pasted your script to my DB, and altered Show Custom Dialog input field #1 to point to the field I need, "Date Billed" and when I run it I get "The provided find criteria is not valid...." which is strange. The very same search on yours works, "8/2012" etc. but on mine I get that error. I tried it in FM 9 and 12, same result.
  8. I fooled around a bit with this and I had the result that, say searching on "2/2012" it found 14 records, then when I did it again it found only 13 records, then 12, then it found frustration!
  9. Hello, I would like to improve my database by having a script that will search within a specific field for records that match data entered by the user in a dialog box. Most of them will be date related, e.g. search on "8/2012." I have found a lot of material on this question, but much of the advice makes assumptions the user has a higher level of knowledge than I do. I need an explicit answer. I do make buttons and write some simple script for them, that is my level. 1- User clicks on button, starts script. (I have that figured out, it's after this I need help with.) 2- Dialog box op
  10. FM 10 Adv. OS 10.4.11. I have this laptop connected to an inkjet printer. I have the printer defaults set to "Fast" speed. If I choose to print through the menu, the correct default print speed appears, but if I print through a script, the printer uses quality speed which is quite a bit slower. Does any one have any insight to this? Thank you.
  11. I'm working with this line of code, below. The script crashes here. "Can't get folder MacBook:640Gig:Users:MacBook:Desktop:" then it reports error -1728. set clients_folder to "MacBook:640Gig:Users:MacBook:Desktop:" At the desktop, the "Info" button of the Finder reports the path as MacBook, 640Gig,Users, MacBook, Desktop. I do not understand why I get the error in that line. Any help, folks?
  12. the above I discovered has a bug, here is a correction: Cents Text=Case(Mod(Cents;100) = 0; "00/100"; Mod(Cents;100) < 1; "0" & Mod(Cents;100); Mod(Cents;100) & "/100")];
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