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  1. Ok, I relinked the Dbs's as you said and deleted the mapped links. It's working right now. Thanks The Tramp
  2. FileManageexternal data source The Tramp
  3. Not from the server. I am going through my computer through "remote". I have managed to accomplish everything I was trying for except... I can open one dbs and close it, but when I try to link to it I get a message "it is in use and to access it through remote (I am already in romote to the server) So I go the same path through the remote and server and then it opens. I can't understand why I have to follow the same path twice to link to the dbs. Thanks The Tramp
  4. Can you not alter files on the server? I tried to add a field to a table, I got a message saying the file is not modifiable. I also tried to link a dbs on the server to another on the server and got a message saying the file was open and for me to go through remote to access it. I was already in remote. I was the only one in the office and didn't have FM open on my PC. I also removed the files I wanted to link and alter and got the same message about the file not being modifiable. Is there a lock on the Database that locks the whole thing? HELP The Tramp
  5. Thanks ALL, I got it The Tramp
  6. I have FM advanced I haven't learned how to do this action yet can you give me an idea? Thanks The Tramp
  7. IS there any way to copy a table to put into another database. I tried Import it just brings in the format and the data but not the calculations in the calculated fields. I just need the Table Format and Calculations. Thanks The Tramp
  8. Don't worry about it it won't repeat. I concead I am starting the DBS all over again. You were right. I have seen the wicked ways of my path, and will change. Thank you for your direction, and patients. I am learning FM is not at all like Access. Or I have just been away from it all too long. Thanks and I am sorry The Tramp
  9. Found it, thanks. The Tramp
  10. It worked Then it didn't I back in the same hole. I was using an untored calculated field then I went to a stored but it still doesn't index. The Calculated unstored field I use for the "Contiversial" Numeric Code is indexed and it works but when I try to combine the "name code" that the operator can visually identify with in the second field of the dropdown lis, that is when I have the problem. The Tramp
  11. I am using auto-entered serial numbers as my primary keys. I just use a calcuclation to put them togeather. Anyway, I found an unusual link, I have seen it here before but can't remember where so I can't find it, and I can't remember what it means. At the end you have one line One to one Or three lines (Crows feet) One to many This one is two vertical lines Kind of like a vertical earth ground symble. The link had been made that link with the "name" code rather then the "Number code" I reestablished the "Number Code" link and went to a one to many, As needed. This allowed the list from the tab
  12. The Id code I am refering to now, Is the code that started that discussion on using real names. The code I am using is working fine. That IDcode is a asimilation of generated codes as you know, The code that is causing the problem is an asimilation of abriveated real names and numbers. WWhich in this case you are probable correct in your assumption. But other then duplicates I don't know what to look for. I looked for dups. and can't find any. Thanks The Tramp
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