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  1. I don't see the updated version mentioned above posted on the 360Works website. Ryan's download link above no longer works - no download file. Any update? (I am also having similar issue with CloudMail plugin no enabling with new server version.)
  2. Is there an updated version of the plugin compatible with this version? We upgraded from 19.0.1 to 19.1.2 and now CloudMail plugin will not enable on the server. (ScriptMaster also does not enable, but the Email plugin does.)
  3. Thank Tim, I used str_replace to strip out all the returns and was able to get a result!
  4. Tim Having trouble getting fmExecuteSQL to retrun anything except a ?, I have reduced the SQL query to something very basic. I have run the query in FM using ExecuteSQL statement. Here is the message I get: "Warning: Illegal string offset 'Result_Rows_Found_Count' in /home4/wimlibby/public_html/esvw.com/portal/dashboard/dashboard-meetings-committed.php on line 31" I think I installed FMWebFrame properly (Version 13e) and have tested using some of the FM-to-PHP translators to make sure settings were correct and they work. Only thing I have not done is tried to install 404.php - just thought it was needed for containers so waiting until I need it. Any ideas what to check next? $sql = " SELECT First_Name FROM Contacts WHERE Status='Active' "; $execute_sql = fmExecuteSQL ( $fmVanWie, $sql );
  5. Thanks! Turned out I had an extra space in the username field....stupid mistake.
  6. I am trying to use the send emial with attachment script and just get a returned value of "ERROR". I am able to run the script using the scriptmaster file to successfully send email. I also run the RegisterGroovy step right before this step and get a result of "1" - which I think means it worked. Here is my code: Set Variable[$test; Value:SendEmailWithAuthentication( "wim@libbygroup.com" ; " wim@esvw.com" ; "Send Mail Test" ; "Test Body" ; "" ; "smtp.******.com" ;" wim@*****.com" ;"*****" )] Any obviuos mistakes? I checked SMLastError and its says javax.mail.AuthenticationFailedException but I have no idea what that means.
  7. I am running into an error when I use this function. I am trying to get a word count on a paragraph that is written in html. I have a field that looks like this: word count = WordCount(RemoveHTMLTags(HTML Text)) I am using php to display this number on a webpage. When I display the field word count on a layout in Filemaker, I get a good number. However, whenever I display the same field in a php page, it shows 0. The wired thing is if I change the formula to word count = WordCount(html text) and change nothing else it works fine...although the answer is wrong because of all the extra HTML code. This is my first attempt to use any ScriptMaster script functions, so it there something I do't know abouthte vlaues it returns?
  8. I tried reinstall - no luck. I wish there was a way to change the advanced port seeting option from 80 to another port, but I can't figure out how to do that until port 80 works again.
  9. I have been using IWP on port 80 for awhile, but it appears my ISP now decided to block traffic - IWP just stopped working and I changed nothing on my end. I want to try and change the port for IWP, but I can't enable IWP to have access to Advanced Options. When I try and enable IWP, I get the message "Filemaker cannot share files over the Web because Instant Web Publishing could not be started." I don't know if Port 80 is my problem or not, but how do I change the port back to the Filemaker default if I can't even access the Advanced Options tab to specify it?
  10. I tried to develop a solution to work on Blackberry with no luck. I don't think the browser is compatible. I was able to get a partial soultion to work using Opera on the Blackberry, but still didn't work exactly. I am waiting to see how new Droid phones work. I may switch from Blackberry to a phone with a full html browser and see if that works
  11. I think I figured out the problem. I was using a restricted privilege set for vistiors. When I changed their privilege to Full Access, it works like it should!! Now, I just need to figure out was causing the problem, becuase I would still like to retrict thier access.
  12. I am new to IWP, so I appreciate having a place to ask questions. I have an IWP page that starte with a New Record Request. The user then inputs data and then presses "Submit." Based upon the information in the new record after it is submitted, different things are suppose to happen. However, nothing happens. It is as if the entire script to update the record is never even run. I have made sure to include a Commit Record command. What is wierd, is that at the end of the submit script, I also have a single line to change to a completely different view that isn't based on anything the users inputs, but that doesn't even happen. For troubleshooting, I have a copy of the file opened up on the machine hosting the file (BTW it all works fine if I run it there) and I can see when the new Record request is started because the auto-enter fields (like the primary key field) are updated. When the submit button is hit and the script run to commit the record and start the if-then process never happens, I do not see any data updates. Only when I send the command to exit the application from the IWP window is the update made and I can see the updated data. How can I get the data to update without having to exit the application?
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