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  1. HHHMMMM. the thing is that we enter records here in any order. We accumulated the documents and then enter them. therefore, if a patient with ht 82 for Jan 29 is in the db and someone then enters ht 81 for Jan 23, the program should still flag the record with ht 81 on Jan 23 because it is less than the maximum value of ht recorded for that particular patient. The ht value needs to be flagged when its value decreases. This will alert us weather the child may have a deformation or if it is data entry error. Thanks again. Any ideas?
  2. No luck. I added a few records. for example I added: 400 1/23/2010 ht=81 and it did not get flagged. I had previously added patient 400 with ht=82. The record with ht=81 should have been flagged since ht decreased from the maximum ht that has already been recorded. I attached the file for your review. thanks so much! height_testing_added_records.zip
  3. For Example 400 12/23/09 69 400 1/2/2010 67 Flag Yes 400 1/5/2010 68 Flag Yes because ht less than the ht 69 that was entered on 12/23/09
  4. Thanks. But i noticed that it works great as you continue entering data but it does not flag the values based on date values when height decreases. In other words, if the user enters a date value less than all the date values that have already been entered, the program does not flag it. It only flags based on the height value of the previous record entered. -FYI: We enter records as it is given to us. If a record has a height less than dates already recorded, then it gets flagged. Currently it only flags based on the previous record value. We hope it can flag based on the height decr
  5. Please note. The minimum and maximum height values varies by patient. Therefore, i can not implement a range constraint to the variable. I just need to flag the record in which the height value decreases for the same patient.
  6. Please help. I have attached a sample file. Please see below the 2 requirements. This is for helping children and ensuring their height does not decrease as each visit to the doctor. If their is a decrease in height, it will be flagged. Requirement 1: The program is to flag any record in which the value of height decreases for the same patient as date progresses. (A patient should never have a height less than what has been recorded in the database). Requirement 2: If the user enters a height value less than what has been recorded for the same patient, a pop up message will
  7. Please help with calculation. I would really apprecate your help. Vocabulary_rating = Number datatype, range 1-19 Vocabulary_Rating_Status = Text If the user enters a number outside of the range for vocabulary_rating then a pop up message will prompt the user to please verify data. If the user clicks on vocabulary_rating_status to = "Missing" then vocabulary_rating will auto populate to = "-89" If the user clicks on vocabulary_rating_status to = "Not Applicable" then vocabulary_rating will auto populate to = "-99" If the user clicks on vocabulary_rating_status to = "
  8. Hi, Please help with date calculation. I am new to FileMaker and appreciate your input. If visit = Prescreen, then Deadline_Date = Received_Date + 1 week. Please note, the user will enter a received date and the program should calculate the deadline date. If visit = HSCT 35 or HSCT 42 or HSCT 49 then Deadline_Date = 12/1/2008. I have attached the filemaker file and really appreciate your help on how to write a script or calculation to perform these 2 scenarios. thank you. Patients.zip
  9. Hi Loretta, I just downloaded the latest db version. I had originally posted the wrong one. If you already downloaded it to your computer, please download again so that you have the latest version. The account Name: admin Password: test
  10. Hi, I started creating scripts and linking tables together but no luck. I must be doing something wrong. Can someone out there help me, pretty please. I am trying to link the following tables by study id and visit: BASCParent, BASCTeacher, BASCSelf, and Summary_Scores_II If user navigates from one table to another and there is no common study id and visit, then a pop up message will tell the user there is no related record on study id and visit. The pop up message will ask the user if they would like to create a related record with study id and visit. If the user clicks yes,
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