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  1. Thanks Paul for your post. You lead me in the right direction and I was able to figure out how FM could do a unique record count like in SQL although not as easy.
  2. I have a sub-summary report that lists phone numbers and frequency of the phone numbers in a report. Some records do not have phone numbers and many records use the same phone number. Is there a way where when I run this report I can count the unique times a phone number is used? The summaries on the report at the bottom account for how many numbers make up the report and not how many unique numbers there are. Likewise I would like to know how to count the number of projects built by phone number. I am using a table occurrence to show related phone number and a calculation field t
  3. I have a database of developers of affordable housing projects in the US. Developers build many different projects that are located in many different states. Each housing record in the database will include the developers phone number along with other information. When I do a search that includes all the housing projects for a certain area the database gives me a list of all the developers phone numbers for this found set. Is there a way that FM will extend this found set to include all other housing projects that are using the same developer’s phone numbers for the whole database?
  4. Here is the database file Affordable_Housing.fp7.zip
  5. doesn't look like the file will upload right off of my server must be a firewall problem
  6. That ranking function makes sense but in my case I am going off of unique phone numbers for developers. So how would I be able to show the "statistical mode" of these phone numbers? I thought about adding all the numbers to a global field and using a pattern count but not sure how to do it, or if this is even the right approach. Ultimately I would like to run a report that shows the top 10 developers that developed these housing projects.
  7. I have made a database for a school project that lists all the affordable housing units in the country. Each record has the information of the developer that built the unit. I need to be able to list the top 10 developers that build the most units. In SQL there is a distinct count command, can someone please show me how to do this in FMP 9
  8. Fenton I got it to work. I could not figure out how to get a tab into the calculation menu then I just tried pasting " “ into the calc menu from text pad and it worked, I was able to make the field format correctly. Thanks for your help …Chris
  9. Ideally I would like to just have FMP handle the whole thing. The only issue I am having is not knowing how to make FM format the global field. What tool would I use in the calculations menu that would insert the data with a tab separation and also a row separation?
  10. There are about 50 fields involved but once I get the template made it will be easy to add the rest. The problem I am having with the global field is formatting. I can get all the info from all the records into the global field. I just don’t know how to add the blank row or headers. Right now my website back end downloads into this type of file and I import it directly into MYOB however, I would like to build a FMP solution and from Web to MYOB all intergrated.
  11. Here is what the import file should look like. MYOB_Sample.txt
  12. I am currently trying to experiment with inserting all the field information into a global field and then exporting that global field, I just haven’t figured out how to get all the formatting to work. MYOB processes tabbed delimited files by importing all the sales info by order line item. Orders with multiple line items are grouped one row after another. MYOB know to start a new invoice when line items are separated by a blank row. Since there is no way that I know of to export with this requirement directly with the export records command, I was thinking I might be able to do thi
  13. I need to export sales transactions from Filemaker 9 into MYOB. MYOB requires that each new sales record have a blank row between itself and the last sales record. How would I tell Filemaker to export this blank row between records into Excel?
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