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  1. Hi everyone, It's been a while since I've used FM, and I'm very rusty! So, I have some spare time and am going to build a CRM for myself. I basically want to electronically store my clients portfolios (I'm a bookkeeper). I'm going to use tabs for the various headings & activities relating to the client. I'm stuck on the best way to structure a find. I want to filter find results into a portal based on the letter of the alphabet. What is the best, easiest way to do this? In my client portfolios I have A-Z tabs with information on my clients Debtors & Creditors , so w
  2. Hi and thanks for the speedy reply. The suggested threads were great to read, and I have based this solution on John Osbourne's Calendar Conundrum, so fab to read some additional ideas around this topic. I have a tabulated layout that is really just a viewing pane for a various info. To add an event I was planning scripting that to the Events table and adding it from there. There is definitely NO adding events via the portal. Just a wee bit of info re the database itself, and it's purpose, it's a solution I am working on for my sister who is a bit of an Xmas junkie and begins
  3. Hi Everyone, Is there a method that I can apply to a layout that features a portal based on "Events". The Events table was populated to display time values in 15 minute increments. I'm wanting the portal to only display the records that have data in the title field of the Events table. The current relationship is Days:Date = Events:Date. Thanks, R
  4. Hi to all reading... Well I'm pottering along with my own solution for invoicing and managing my business accounts ok here. I'm wondering if I could have some help with creating an Account Statement Report for my clients, which depending on the client, is either issued monthly or quarterly. The bit I'm stuck on is how to incorporate credits / deposits / overpayments into a running total. On the onset of a contract, I always request a deposit (usually negotiated with the client before commencement, and is not a static figure or percentage), I then work that deposit off! Ev
  5. Oh dear... This is going straight over my head... My point of confusion is around the Get(AccountName), and exactly where that goes in relation to the fields that will create the relationship between Staff~Account... When referring to the 'Main' Table, this is my 'Contacts' table yes..? And it's just one file at this stage too... I added both a 'Staff' & 'Accounts' Table and created the relationship between "Staff~Contacts":Area. Then there is the relationship between "Staff~Account":Get(AccountName)= Staff::AccountName ... This is the bit that's confusing me, deciph
  6. Sorry, I'm a little confused here, as the initial relationship is between "Staff~Area". Should the relationship be "Staff~Area & Staff~Account"? Or am I missing something completely! It's a lot to digest, but I think I'm clear on the calculations in the A&P, and the 'Find' in the Open Script. And YEP definitely only want Staff to be able to view their related info only. Thanks Fenton, this is a great help towards eliminating tedious activities, which from my understanding is one of the bonuses of using FMP in the first place!
  7. Sorry, I realize that I posted this in the wrong forum index too... For future reference, can it be moved to another forum after it's been posted? R
  8. Hi, I'm wondering if someone could point me in the right direction here. I've got a database that manages clients. It's pretty basic from the users side. I'm needing to separate the information available to users who will log in to the database, based on the territory that they manage. What is the best structure to use here? I understand that I can use account privileges to make certain things available, and is it possible when setting that up to lock the user out viewing information about clients from other areas / territories? I'm thinking it's a relationship that will fi
  9. Ok, cool. Timestamps then it is! Best to build it for any and all future eventualities and save potential headaches. Thanks heaps
  10. I enter HoursBilled myself... I don't always Invoice for the total hours I've actually worked, depending on what I'm doing, and I bill for 15 minute blocks minimum, sometimes it may be a five minute job... I thought about rounding the totals off to reflect that I work in 15min increments but it wont always give me a true reflection of what I do. Cheers :(
  11. Ahh ok... This was were I was going wrong. I knew I had to divide something by 3600, and was dividing the entire calculation by 3600, rather than the time worked. It makes sense now, thank you very much. I left the times as time fields rather than timestamps, as my work rarely crosses over a 24hour period. Fingers crossed it stays that way!!!
  12. It should be $60, because it's 1 1/2 hours of billable time. If I work it out on 1.5 hours then I'm billing for 1hour and 50minutes, but 1.3 equals 1hour and 30minutes. But that's just my limited understanding of time in FMP.
  13. Hi Guys, I'm confused by time calculations! I've looked through the forums for past posts and can find similar questions although the answers elude me. I'm working on a timeslip layout. My fields are: Date, StartTime, EndTime, HoursWorked, HoursBilled, HourlyRate and a SubTotal. Hours Worked is the difference between the EndTime and Starttime (End_Time - Start_Time). The Subtotal is HoursBilled * HourlyRate. What do I need to add to this calculation for it to return the correct result? If hours billed are 1.3, with an hourly rate of $40 the result is going to be $52, where
  14. Thank you for the reply and the warm welcome. I will include that calculation in my script steps, but also what I am wondering is if the person I am invoicing can be invoiced at a discounted rate, depending on meeting criteria in a drop down list. The discount is for people internally who buy advertising. So the drop down list indicates whether they are an organization member, or a client. Maybe I can do this, and save half a minute of work for myself for the odd invoice that is for organization members!
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