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  1. Hi Jesse, I checked it, that file is normally being created after filemaker launch. Can you send me that developer version so I can try that? My e-mail is kminek@dataapex.com (or just send me some ftp link or whatever). Thanks, Matt
  2. Tried. Didnt help either. Only new thing i found out is that when i click on checkbox to check it and turn Scriptmaster plugin available, i got a message Filemaker Pro: "360Works ScriptMaster" could not be enabled. When i click on it for second time, FM falls. But that probably wont help you :-/
  3. Nope, didnt work either.. What the hell is wrong with my computer, that everywhere else it works?
  4. Thanks - thats what i call a quick response. Altough unuseful : ad 1) Yes, I have another plugins installed there, but those are the same plugins (same versions etc) which are also on the second machine (where it works) ad 2) I am not using any permissions on my laptop, so no problem there either (i checked My Documents folder, and ScriptMaster is writing there the log file, so i am attaching it to this post) I tried downloading and installing Java ver. 19, to be up-to-date, but it didnt solve that problem either. Tommorow i will also try to reinstall my Filemaker and see if tha
  5. Hi there, I just downloaded ScriptMaster plugin (which is awesome, i can replace all of my plugins with this one and create easily another, but really working ones : It works on my another computer, which runs on Windows 7, Java ver. 1.6.0_17, Scriptmaster version 3.33, FM version 10Adv. But it doesnt run on my laptop - Windows XP Pro, Java ver. 1.6.0_17 (also tried 18, 19 and previous 15 - dindt run neither), Scriptmaster version also 3.33. I am using Filemaker server here - FM Server 10 Advanced. The main problem is, that i start filemaker, on the splash screen i manage to read
  6. Hey boys, as usually - it was my stupidity . I was setting that dsn on my machine and not on server.. I set it on server and everything works fine now.. But thanks a lot for your advices!
  7. Hi everybody! I have to connect web MySQL database of web users (login + password + e-mail etc..) with db persons in filemaker - so i downloaded mysql odbc connection driver, tried to set it and then tried to add external odbc table to filemaker.. But when i create any odbc connection in windows ODBC sources (via Start-Settings-Control Panel-Data sources (ODBC)), that connection never appears in filemaker . What i am doing wrong? I red that filemaker can access to odbc when you set it in System DSN, but if i create anything there (mysql, excel, access) it doesnt appear in filemaker list.. D
  8. Thanks for advice, that sounded logical, but unfortunately havent fixed the problem : I already gave up and turned my logging system off.. Maybe in future versions of Filemaker will be this problem fixed.. But actually i dont think filemaker will be fixing bug related to unofficial plugin.. Thanks for help, anyway
  9. Well, my logging system doesnt create any new records at all.. He just works with only Log field . Example: 19.3.2009 13:53:25: Iveta set Type to Event 19.3.2009 13:52:21: Iveta changed Supervisor from Iveta to Ivan 19.3.2009 13:50:20: Iveta changed State from Active to Completed My log is based on custom function, to which i send content of that Log field, new field to be logged and new value for that field. By using many functions, like Left(...), PatternCount(..) etc it finds last value used for that field and with new value, previous value it generates new line to be added
  10. Hi all, I have a really annoying problem - I have a database, where i created simple logging system - every logged field runs an eventscript (by validation - Let ($x = S4HU_EventScript( "Incidents" ; "Log Field(ID, fName, fValue)";ID & ¶ & "Type" & ¶ & Self); 1) Then, I have a second database, where i have that Incidents database listed trhough portal. And when i change any logged field in that portal and without commit run another script/jump to another database or anything else, the whole filemaker crashes. It happens just sometimes and it never happens when deb
  11. Hi, I am using EventScript in Validation for many fields at my DB. So each time i create new record - many scripts are triggered. Does anybody know, what kind of order does filemaker have for these calculations? (I want to create a field, which will trigger another script, but it will be the last script triggered). Anybody knows? Thanks a lot!
  12. Hi everyone, i have a problem. Is there a way, how to tell Filemaker which records are his last found set? Because i have a database where is normal Find button and "And" and "Or" find buttons, (And = Modify last find, Constrain found Set[]; Or = Modify last Find, Extend found set[]), so for example: I use normal find to find all records which City is Prag. Ok. The i will make Or find to find all which city is Dublin - Ok, Filemaker shows me all rec's where city is Prag or Dublin. But then i want to make one another Or, where city is London. But filemaker shows me only records where city is Du
  13. I'm sorry if this is stupid question - and it probably is, so dont laugh too much - but is there a way to write my own plugin to Filemaker? Or plugin writes only companies which has some kind of deal with Filemaker Inc. which has sources to Filemaker...? More and more i would need some specific functions which filemaker just dont have. Thanks a lot. Matěj Kmínek
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