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  1. -1-create temp user account -2-install trial -3-use for 30 days -4-delete user account -5-Goto 1
  2. according to the page it only handles FTP Download not upload as yet...
  3. Hi all I've been playing around with my FMbutlers Do Script plugin, trying to get its timed event function to work...in the example file provided they use a field to set the formula that triggers the script to call a script if and when the formula holds true. However if i try place that same formula directly into the SetTrigger parameter the timed event fails and calls the script straight away... I've been doing some debugging and for some reason the trigger is only being set when the formula is in a field... does anyone know how to get around this.
  4. Hi does anyone know if Filemaker 9 supports Multi-core processors such as the Intel Quad Cores? Cheers. Ineva.
  5. I don't fully understand what your asking but i t sounds like you want to be able to login to a shared FM database and only be able to read... If that is the case it is simple enough to set a privilege set that will allow you to only view certain tables/layouts. I recommend you have a tinker with that..then you just apply the privilege set to the users that login from 'other workstations' Hope that helps. Ineva.
  6. edit..sorry only read the first post.. will leave the rest for anyone else who may need this... or you could filter the duplicates in excel then import...save yourself alot of time as well... heres how its done for Excel 2003 1. highlight the set of data 2. Data>Filter>Advanced Filter - a dialogue box will show 3. ensure that the unique records only check box is ticked. - filter in place will delete all duplicated in the excel file so if you still want that data then use copy to another location and select the top of an empty column for the copy to. -hit O
  7. You could always have a computer share the database over a network and have people connect to it remotely. However if this is not an option the best thing to do is the add 2 fields to the database creation and modified timestamps...(auto entered & non modifiable) -Save a copy of your database -Delete all records in copy -search in original for all records that have creation/modified since the last time the database was issued to an outside source -import records to copy(it will import only the found set in the original - which should be only the records that are required) -d
  8. Unfortunatly i'm at uni so I cant fix the server...but follows is what it was... Add a new field type - Calculation. equate the calculation to project_number & " " & plant now in a layout that has this new field make the field into a drop down menu and define a value list...select project number for the first field and plant for the send sort by second field and that is basically the file I had. Now to find the data all you have to do is enter find mode select the field and project_number/project from the list.. I'll look into that file when I get home...
  9. I'm having trouble grasping what your after but it sounds like the best option is to use a new field combined with a value list However I believe what you are after is in the filemaker file attached Plants.fp7 Ineva.
  10. Thats what I was looking for Fenton..I was copy/pasting the xsl data into the field upon prompt which was probably the problem... Re:Comment...I don't like it either but as I've said its out of my hands. Thanks all...
  11. quite simple really genx, My database will be editing html files that have sections of code that are specifically edited by myself where other parts have to be edited by other people..this arrangement cannot be changed and since it is out of my control I am trying to develop a solution similar to the way that dreamweaver handles templates to insert and edit the section of code I am responsible for. - Fenton I keep getting errors for that xsl code, I dont know much about xml ERROR:(in regards to the code you gave) Fatal error at line 0 column 0 .... could not find primary document enti
  12. true, but now encoding with tab separated files leads to strange characters which 'can' be eliminated by eliminating the carriage returns in the filemaker field. Doing this however makes the html code almost unreadable since it looses its structure. Is it possible to say insert a utf-8 carriage return at the end of each line while eliminating the filemaker carriage returns?
  13. ok since more detail is required here goes..I have 2 tables Table_IMPORT_HTML Fields - HTML_CODE_LINE Table_EDIT_HTML Fields - HTML_CODE there are more fields but they arent required here. to import a html document I do the following Delete all records in Table_IMPORT_HTML Import HTML file which imports each line of the HTML doument as a new record I then copy all records in Table_IMPORT_HTML and paste them in Table_EDIT_HTML::HTML_CODE --- edits are made to the field --- then I export field contents, which as you said only exports as utf 16
  14. Hi all I've been developing a database that allows my database to update certain pages of a website with information on my database however I'm having trouble exporting it in utf 8. In normal circumstances I wouldn't mind going through the pages and re-encoding them in Notepad++ but when it comes to several pages, I need an automated solution. Can anyone provide a preferably free way to do this. Thanks Ineva.
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