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  1. Is it possible to get as a return value the HTML code derived from the EmailSetBodyFile function? for example, given the following code, I would like to get the resulting html back. I guess I could extract the html from the file and do the substitutions in using filemaker script steps, however i am wondering if it is possible to do with plugin functions. EmailSetBodyFile( $_body_html_file ; 1 ) and EmailBodySubstitute( $_preamble_replace_string ; $_body_html ) EmailBodySubstitute( $_signature_replace_string ; $_signature_html )
  2. Another subtle tip: Autocomplete for tables/fields/functions does not work if you are sitting to the right of an unclosed double quote.
  3. I resolved this error by removing the uniqueness validation from my primary key. Although I am not so sure that is a good idea. Any thoughts?
  4. I am getting an error on push to the server "The attempt to push data to the server has failed (The message received from the server was 504)" Error 504 is: Value in field is not unique as required in validation entry options The only field in the server data base that requires uniqueness is my ID. This is an auto enter UUID. There is also the ES_Record_UUID field, but this seems to not be set to require uniqueness by default.
  5. I have an inherited solution where I am working with a View Document script.  The script uses Open URL with the following URL:  file:///var/folders/bh/5s1s45p92r3c0gjjhmtzdzgr0000gn/T/supercontainer_downloads_darrenburgess/PDoc/8142/filename=%22test.jpg%22  This URL is generated by the SCDownload function in a previous step and does not return ERROR.  The URL does appear to be a valid path on the local machine, and there is file named 'filename="Test.jpg" ' in that location and this file appears to be a valid JPG file, although it lacks an extension.  See attached screen
  6. Are you saying that the exact query you included in your post results in '?' If that is the case then you have syntax error. Or an error in your fieldnames or table names. I would think you have to resolve that before you attempt the rest of the calculation. Also, I would suggest you use Let to declare the various bits that will be used in your % calc. Darren Burgess http://www.mightydata.com
  7. David, First off I would suggest you adopt a standard in your SQL that is immune to field renaming. While it would make your SQL calcs bit more complex, I have found that the extra work is well worth getting to take advantage FileMaker's renaming capabilities. I have even gone through old solutions and reworked all the SQL to conform to the standard. Here is the format I use, which was developed by the folks over at www.fmstandards.org. Note that there are a few custom functions https://github.com/jbante/FileMaker-Techniques/blob/master/CustomFunctions/SQL/SQLTableName.fmfn?sourc
  8. Also, your _ID field must be quoted since in begins with an underscore. While I understand you want to take advantage of field sorting to put your ID on top, lately I have been calling my keys simply ID. Then the ID does not have to be quoted for the SELECT to work. Same goes for CourseName ExecuteSQL ( " SELECT ID FROM Courses WHERE CourseName = ? " ; "|" ; "" ; "Git Training") I prefer to avoid having to escape quotes in the select statement to improve readability. Darren Burgess http://www.mightydata.com
  9. One must be careful when using SQL in a solution with a mind for testing for performance. SQL can be excruciatingly slow over the WAN. In those cases, I have found that FileMaker relationships can be much faster. http://www.mightydata.com/blog/results-vs-techniques-filemaker-sql-wan-performance-troubles/ Darren Burgess
  10. I received a response from the developer stating that the product is not free. just fyi
  11. If it is free, why do they have pricing on their website? https://www.actualtech.com/buynow.php Is there some free version of their product that I am not seeing? Darren
  12. Is there an alternative ODBC driver for Mac OS 10.6 other than the one recommended by filemaker from Actual Technologies? Looking for a free solution that will work on OS X 10.6 Server. darren burgess
  13. I am attempting to insert from filemaker a date into a mySQL date field. mySQL dates are configured as yyyy-mm-dd. I am using this calc to convert the date: Year ( Workshop::Start Date ) & SerialIncrement ( "-00" ; Month ( Workshop::Start Date ) ) & SerialIncrement ( "-00" ; Day ( Workshop::Start Date ) ) This will correctly convert the date, however the script generates a 500 error - Date value does not meet validation entry options. The filemaker field is a date field. the mySQL field is also type date. Any ideas? Darren Burgess
  14. Is there a function or technique for capturing the Custom menu selection that a user makes? That is, if a user selects from my Reports custom menu the "Admissions Audit" item, can I somehow capture that menu title in a variable? I would then pass that variable into the script called by the menu. Such could then be used to navigate to the correct layout or whatever.
  15. I want to deauthorized and uninstall filemaker server 10 from one machine and install it on another. Is it necessary or possible to deauthorize the install on the old machine before installing on the new one? This is on an OS X 10.5 system. Darren Burgess
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