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  1. QR Code to record stock

    Hi jbante the problems I found with just having my script reducing the total stock level by one every time a user scans a code is sometimes they might want to reduce the amount by up to 6 or if stock is being added then we can have 50+ items added at one time. ive now changed the script to forward to a layout with a in and out field so they can enter a amount this seems to work better. i have found logging in to the FM Solution slow on a iPhone when sharing from the demo application on my laptop. im not sure what software I should purchase to roll it out. FM Server? If so how many users or should I just have FileMaker Pro sharing it on my network. i will have 5 or 6 users but probably maximum of 2 at anyone time using it. And I would like to automate a script to run at a certain time to check levels to email suppliers to replenish stock levels. Better still if I could open up a list view to supplies so they can check on stock levels via the web so they can control it. would I need a copy of your barcode creator per user or just one for me who would create any new products.
  2. QR Code to record stock

    Hi Please can some one help me with a bit of scripting: Im using the sample Inventory database that I have added a QR code for each Stock item. Ive then added a button on my iphone layout that runs my attached script and adds a transaction record and enters 1 in the Units OUT field. This works ok when removing just one stock Item but not when removing 5 or 6 or adding 20 or 30 I have a problem. Im not sure if this is the best course of action but I now have two different QR codes per item that either has IN_0000123 or OUT_0000123. If Im removing a stock item I would like to scan the OUT code and this then searches for the record and then gives me a option to create a transaction and enter a figure of items removed. The same with the IN code but this would add a figure in the Units IN field. Just need a bit of help on the script or if you can think of a better way. Thanks
  3. QR Code to record stock

    Thanks for your help. I will give it a go.
  4. Hi Im looking at introducing QR codes to the demo Inventory database supplied with Filemaker Pro 15. This will enable me to generate a code per item/record. I will then print off the code to a DYMO label and stick it to the actual stock item. I then would like to be able to have employees scan a code every time they use one of the products so that Filemaker then reduces the stock level by 1. I would like to be able to open the Inventory DB and then activate a script that scans a QR code then searches for the code/record and enters a new record in the stock transactions file adding a number one to the units out field. I plan to use Filemaker Go v15 for this on either iphones or ipads. Im ok with generating the codes its just the script that scans the QR code I’m stuck on. any help would much appreciated or Is there a demo file available that I can download to see how I need to set this up.
  5. Missing available Hosts in v10

    Its ok now. I copied the 'server.pem' file from the 'Show package contents' of Filemaker Pro v9.03 on another networked mac and placed it in my Filemaker Pro Advanced packaged contents and it work. Filemaker Pro.app --> Show Package Contents --> Contents --> Mac OS / server.pem Thanks for your help.
  6. Hi I Have just installed Filemaker v10.0.3 on a new MacBook pro running 10.8 and found I can see my hosted server but no available hosts. I have other computers accessing the available databases on the network fine but they are running filemaker v9.0.3 and OS 10.5 The FM Server Advanced is version Any ideas
  7. Line Graph

    Hi Im trying to create a FM database on press readings I have taken and would normally enter into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Each FM record would need it's own graph using multiple fields on the layout. I probably not explaining this very well so I have attached my FM12 database and my Excel sheet I'm trying to duplicate. Can someone take a look and see if it's possible please. regards Peter DGC.zip
  8. Hi Is it possible to create QR codes on my filemaker solution that I can print to a dymo label. This then can be stuck onto a product that I supply a customer. When my product needs replacing all my customer needs to do is scan the code using his smartphone and the code then email's automatically requesting a replacement product. The email would need to have all the information that was stored in the QR code. Regards Peter
  9. Back Up

    Thanks I will give it a go.
  10. Hi Is it possible to backup a FM database running on a Windows Server 2003 to a networked XServe. Every time I try this I get " Not a valid path ". Should I be mapping the volume? As a example how should it look: filemac:/
  11. Import xls sheet

    Hi That's an idea, The problem I have that it's a worksheet that gets passed around a lot of companies so that they can access the information they require from each sheet, so being able to have access to the original master to amend may be difficult. I really needed to know if I was doing something wrong or that there is no way to extract data from multiple rows to go into one FM record. Thanks for your help. Regards Peter
  12. Import xls sheet

    Hi I receive daily job orders in a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. One job per Excel Spreadsheet. The .xls files are made up of 3 sheets but I only need information on sheet 2. Sheet 2 is spread over 13 rows and 46 columns. In all there is over 200 cells with either text, number or date information. I only require about 30 cells to be imported into my Filemaker solution. What I can't do is somehow mark the required cells I need in XL so let my Filemaker script knows to import these. Filemaker seems to only import information on individual rows per record. Does anyone know if this can be done or should I be looking at applescript?
  13. Importing XL files

    Hi I have to create a XL spreadsheet that I can send out to workers to fill in and send back to me. I then need to import this data back into my FM database. Each XL document will have a unique job number that matches with my database and several fields that need importing into it's matching field in the database. I'm having trouble as Filemaker is only letting me import each row at a time and my XL data is only in 'column A' but 30 rows down. Any ideas
  14. Date Calculation

    Thanks a lot guys.
  15. Hi Is it possible to have a calculated field that lets me know the actual work days between 2 date fields. ie: Approved Date = 26 / 11 / 2009 Delivered Date = 1 / 12 / 2009 Delivered In = 3 What it must do is ignore Saturday and Sunday's any ideas

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