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  1. Hi comment I've noticed that my current solution doesn't always run and errors out every now and then. I have hundreds of files being moved and renamed daily and this part gets done on a windows shared volume. I was hoping that I could just have the files saved in one folder that triggers a script that imports the current contents of a folder no matter of its name.
  2. I have a solution that imports xml files throughout the day . The way its set up is when a xml file gets dropped into a networked folder titled with its Job No ( 90001.xml, 90002.xml, 90003.xml ) an AppleScript is triggered and moves the XML file to a new folder and renames it to ImportXML.xml. The AppleScript then triggers a FM script that imports the xml into a solution and then then AppleScript deletes the .xml file. What I would like is Filemaker to be able to import using the original job number ( ****.xml ) and loop through everything that’s in the folder and to delete once im
  3. Hi I have a database hosted on a FM Server ( v19 ) that contains multiple Carafe charts on a dashboard layer. Connecting to the hosted database works fine from my Mac but as soon as I connect using an iPad and view the Dashboard layer it refuses to open and display. All other layouts display it's just the ones that contain the Carafe JS charts. Do I need to install a plugin on the server allowing iOS devices to display the dashboards? The Server is running on a Windows Server 2019vm
  4. Plucky

    Array help

    Thats worked. Thanks for this.
  5. Plucky

    Array help

    Hi Im just started to implement some javascript charts into my Filemaker db and I've run into an issue with an array. My loader script creates the 3 x variables. The $sales variable looks like it's working for each individual record as it loops through ( {"month":December","sales":"777"} but the $data variable cannot create the Array. It displays in the debugger as [[],[],[],[],[],[],[],[],[],[],[],[]]. I think it should look like this: [{"month":December","sales":"777"},{"month":November","sales":"256"}]. Any help on this would be much appreciated as I'm pulling my hair out.. G
  6. Hi I'm trying to set up a script that sends email via SMTP Server from a database hosted by FM Server and it keeps crashing my Filemaker when I run the script. If I run the database local it works fine. Is there a setting I need to set for the server to be able to run the script? Windows Server 2019 Datacenter VM Server version:
  7. Hi Is there a demo solution available containing dashboards and graphs that's free to download. I'm looking at introducing a dashboard to my database and would like to see one running and how it was set up.
  8. Plucky

    XML Import

    I will give it a go.
  9. Plucky

    XML Import

    Hi Comment I'm probably asking to much now but Is it possible to import the xml elements and have FM split between two tables. Table one (XML) would have the Job and Plate fields and the second table (Portal) would be a portal and contain the Name fields. XML.fmp12 names_import.xsl
  10. Plucky

    XML Import

    Hi Comment Thanks for this. Ive now added the extra elements and its all working well.
  11. Plucky

    XML Import

    Hi Im looking at importing xml sheets into a database that gets generated by a digital platemaking machine after each cast is run. I would like the FM import to generate a new record for every Name element but each record must contain the Job and Plate element information as this stays the same for each cast run. Is it possible to use these xml sheets as they are or would they need changing. also does anyone one have a example I can look at to understand how it needs to be set up to import into FM RUN71-60X50-155DLC-PRIORITY16.xml RUN73-80X50-155FSC-PRIORITY17.xml RUN75-80X
  12. Hi Im after a bit of help please I have a small test database that I'm trying to figure out if its at all possible to export a single xml file to give me a result like this: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <JOB> <PrimaryKey>88B2BDCE-A0B2-41EB-B190-0480DF3AD6A9</PrimaryKey> <WTN>3453</WTN> <Customer>Bosch</Customer> <Colours1>Red</Colours1> <Colours2>Blue</Colours2> <Colours3>Yellow</Colours3> <Colours4>Green</Colours4> <Colours5>Pink</Colours5> &
  13. Hi jbante the problems I found with just having my script reducing the total stock level by one every time a user scans a code is sometimes they might want to reduce the amount by up to 6 or if stock is being added then we can have 50+ items added at one time. ive now changed the script to forward to a layout with a in and out field so they can enter a amount this seems to work better. i have found logging in to the FM Solution slow on a iPhone when sharing from the demo application on my laptop. im not sure what software I should purchase to roll it out. FM Server? If
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