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  1. I am new at building filemaker databases. I am trying to build an invoicing database for my work. I want to be able to go to the invoice to fill it out and enter a product code in 1 feild and have the discription show up in the next feild automaticly. Any Ideas? Is there any free downloads of products like this that I could have a look at. I don't mind deconstructing another database to learn how it works. Thanks!
  2. The device I will be using automaticly hits enter after scanning. I was tossing around the idea of upgrading to FileMaker 11 I guess you have just made up my mind. Thanks for the advice!
  3. Hey guys. I might not even be in the right spot. I am building an invoicing program with filemaker for my work. I have built a database where I can enter products (name description price ect...) And I have made a layout where I can enter a customer name and start entering products in the lines below. But I want to be able to scan a barcode and have the item name show up in the next field automatic. I don't even know where to begin with this. Is this a script or a function that is already built in or do I have to write it. I don't mind doing the work and learning how to do it b
  4. I upgraded my filemaker 9 to the filemaker 10 trial and when i removed the trial and continued to use the FM9 version all of my pages sizes were converted from 8.5 X 11 to 3.5 X 6 I CANT PRINT ANYTHING!!! I have no idea how to change this back and i tried to call FM customer support but apparently you have to pay. Can anyone help me out?
  5. I have a section in my database where i input a purchase price of a product then how much i want to mark it up, and then another field to show the total price. I have another feild where if you dont put the markup price it it says "no markup inputted" but if there is a markup price in there it remains blank so basicly i want a field that tells me i left a field blank, how do i do that?
  6. Hey, I'm not sure if this is in the right section but i have a question about a script. I am looking to grab the first 4 digits of a 10 digit number Eg, work order - 7898754328 the (7898) is the location number and i want a script that will grab the 4 numbers from the big 10 digit work order number. Can anyone help me out? Thanks a bunch MattyJ
  7. i am looking to make an image show up when select an item type. I have an image field and i have a model# field. I was wondering how i would make a script that would grab an image from a folder named the same as its model number so when you type in the model number the image shows up. Anyone know how this is done? I would love some help. Thanks in advance mattyj
  8. hey everyone! this question is not really off topic material but i dont know where else to put it. Its a simple one though, I have a drop down window that displays values. Can i re arrange them as i add new ones or will it screw up my data?
  9. first of thank you everyone that has been helping me today, so far i have managed to get everything to work and i am now using the stuff you taught me to do other things now! I am working on a calculation that will take 1 date and todays date and give me the number of days left. e.g.(days) 660 300 5 0
  10. Yet another question from a beginner I have a field set up with a drop down window for an anticipated life for a battery in years e.g. "2" "8" but I want a second field to automatically fill its self in when you select 2 or 8 I want the second field to automatically say 6000 or 21000 cycles depending on the time chosen. Am I way in over my head? Should I be thinking of a more simple way to do this?
  11. I am building a database for my father and he wants it to calculate the expiry date on warranties. I can do it if I make 3 separate fields like "day" "month" "Year" because the warranty date is 1,2,3 years ahead so I can just make the year change by the number of years. But,,,, I have all the data entered using the drop down date function, how would I get it to change the year by 1 2 or 3 years using the drop down window for date and number of years for the warranty?
  12. Thanks for the help, thats what ive been looking for. I will fiddle around with it for a bit and see what i can make it do.
  13. I am trying to make an invoice on my file maker program. I have a parts Table and and Invoice table when i am using my invoice maker i have drop down menus that pull part names from the parts table, but i have a feild right next to it for the part price. How do i get it to automaticly put the price in? The data is stored in the Parts table along with the part name and ect. Even if you dont want to explain this to me if you know the name of the process i need to use to do this i can look it up myself. I just dont know where to start. Thanks in advance Matty
  14. Hello there, i am quite new to Filemaker, its a wonderful program, i am having much luck with it so far. I have it making invoices for me and everything! My question is, i have a report that shows work order numbers and costs from each work order number, one after another like in the standard report it gives you. I want to put a total for all the costs in the footer, what kind of script or calculation would i use for this? I have tried the usual "+ "field" =" thing but it does not add all the feilds in the report together just one, how do i get it to do all, even though they al
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