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  1. Thanks - now I know where to look next time... but yes, it would be nice if the "report" function could be a bit more visible.
  2. I couldn't find a way to report a specific post.... <redacted> is in my view not a suitable topic for this (or any other) forum...
  3. Your parameter is missing a slash before Macintosh HD. If you're using FileMaker 17, you don't actually need a plugin to create a folder. You can use Export Records with a found set of 0 records and Create Directories on. If you set the export to export to a file called say "dummy.txt", a folder will be created but no actual file, since there are no records to export. Use Set Error Capture [On] at the beginning of the script to avoid error messages.
  4. When you use literal text, you need to enclose it in quotes. So something along the lines of: CreateFolder ("/Macintosh HD/Users/pete/Tresors/P Medicolegal/Reports/" & $Folder ) Assuming that $Folder is the variable where you store the folder name.
  5. Having obtained some more information, I am now speculating that the issue could be related to Roaming User Profiles, and the fact that the 360Works plugins store log files and plugin copies as dll files in the temp directory, which, depending on network connections etc, may be either local or roaming. It would be very useful to have more detailed information about how the 360Works plugins handle Roaming User Profiles, in particular in the context of network connection changes, computer sleep, VPN log-on/off, etc.
  6. I've had users report an odd error with a ScriptMaster-based plugin on Windows. I have very limited information at this time, and will get the logs, tem files, etc next week, but am hoping to hear about experiences from others to debug the issue more efficiently. "Sometimes" it causes an error with a message: "Plug-in Initialization Error" when you launch FileMaker (a runtime, in this case). I haven't found that specific phrase on the forum or on the support pages - has anyone seen it before? Restarting the computer seems to help, and since it's intermittent, it doesn't loo
  7. For anyone else trying to do this: The BaseElements plugin's cURL functions work great for connecting via SFTP with just a private key, no password. Presumably, all other plugins that do cURL, and hopefully, native cURL options in FileMaker 16 should also work, but in this case, my client is on FileMaker 15 with BE already installed, so I haven't looked further at this point.
  8. So in other, blunter, words: FTPeek is a deprecated plugin and should be avoided?
  9. In other words, you can confirm that with FTPeek requires a password, while command line and FileZilla don't? I know how to get the public key.
  10. Hi, In command line, and using FileZilla, I can connect to SFTP by using username, server IP and a private key (.pem). In FTPeek v. 1.67, it seems that the public key is also required - I'm not sure about the password. How come? Is there a particular reason for this? Is there a proper procedure for connection using a private key file? Is there a list of the supported private key file types/formats? /David
  11. Thanks John - I was sort of counting on you here ;-) Impeccable, as always - remind me to buy you an appropriate beverage in Montréal!
  12. Thanks Ryan - looks promising. I'll post back with sample code if/when I get that set up and working.
  13. The Zip File function included with the ScriptMaster sample file only works for files, not folders. Does anyone happen to have working code that works for zip-compressing a folder (including subfolders)?
  14. I had this issue when there were different versions of the ScriptMaster plugin installed in different Extensions locations (5.0.5 in FMPA's subfolder and an older v. 4.x in the User library one). Making sure there was only one copy of the plugin seems to have fixed it.
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