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  1. It looks like the AutoUpdate360Works database @ saturn.630works.com isn't hasn't been updated for all the recent versions. Wanting to test the new FTPeek version, I downloaded the files, opened FTPeek Open First_16+.fmp12 and ran the auto-update... which resulted in my getting v. 1.67 installed, which isn't compatible with the new FileMaker 16 features. I installed the latest version manually, but you may want to have look at this for others not to loose time over it.
  2. Temp files created by 360 script master

    Does this apply to all the 360Works plugins?
  3. return html from EmailSetBodyFile

    You probably don't have to actually send the e-mail, try just saving it as a draft and then read the drafts folder.
  4. Nope, works just fine with only the plugin installed.
  5. In-line Attachments under body

    Thanks for testing/confirming!
  6. In-line Attachments under body

    Just out of curiosity have you tested this with? As far as I understand, html support is even less consistent from one e-mail client to another than across browsers...
  7. I have a solution where e-mails are created using 360Works Email 2.17, including a signature with an inline attachment. All e-mail accounts use gmail. E-mails are sometimes saved as Drafts Mailbox in Gmail (via IMAP), sometimes sent directly (via SMTP). For e-mails that are sent directly, everything works fine. However, when e-mails are saved as drafts, everything still looks perfectly fine when you open the draft via the Gmail browser interface in Safari. However, once the e-mail sent has been received, the inline attachment location appears to be broken. The image file (png) used for the inline attachment now appears to be just a normal attachment. To complicate things further, this is the way the e-mail appears in OS X 10.10.5 Mail or in Gmail in the browser itself; in Mail on iOS 10.2, the inline attachment looks just the way it should (those are the mail clients I've tested so far).
  8. HEEELP !!!! java version 6 32 bit

    Bump... Is there any chance this will be fixed before the next version of FileMaker is released?
  9. Issue when running on Server 15

    And if you do something else with the InputStream (like set a FileMaker field or save a file), it works fine? Have you had the possibility to test on FMS running on a Mac?
  10. Issue when running on Server 15

    Are you sure that this isn't a simple permissions issue due to FMS being sandboxed? What's the location of the EML mail file?
  11. scriptmaster is stuck on an error

    Can you please also post the FileMaker script so we can see how you're calling the ScriptMaster function? It looks like you may by feeding the script an incorrect path (possibly the full path when you'd only want to send the relative path).
  12. Getting "ERROR" with Crop Image

    To increase the memory size available for ScriptMaster: http://docs.360works.com/index.php/Heapspace_Out_of_Memory_Error.
  13. IOException when reading container data

    Try: //SM_TextFromGZIP ( containerFieldName ) import java.util.zip.GZIPInputStream; import java.util.io.*; InputStream fieldStream = new BufferedInputStream(fmpro.getContainerStream(containerFieldName)); GZIPInputStream gunzip = new GZIPInputStream(fieldStream); InputStreamReader reader = new InputStreamReader(gunzip); BufferedReader pr = new BufferedReader(reader); String line; String finalOutput = ""; while ((line = pr.readLine()) != null) finalOutput += line; return finalOutput;
  14. I'm not sure if this is necessarily in the spirit of ScriptMaster (where a lot is done with an open source-approach), and I haven't checked if there are provisions the ScriptMaster Advanced license concerning how you can and can not use it, but just from a technical point of view, you could include calls to a license in each Groovy function to control execution. You could e.g. pull a license key from a given file, table and field using the functions that allow you to read FileMaker record data (you could also use a custom function to store your license key, or maybe it's enough to hardcode the current file name). If that doesn't return a valid license key, you return an error message or whatever and don't execute the actual function. I've used a similar approach in a ScriptMaster-based plugin that requires an iText license (implemented with lots of assistance from the ever helpful @john renfrew).
  15. Can RunShellScript execute a .bat file on FM server?

    Thanks for that info - if it works with the BE plugin, that would certainly indicate that there's something wrong with the ScriptMaster plugin itself. It would be interesting to hear from 360Works in this one... Did you report the error directly to them, send the log files, etc?

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