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  1. Hi, Customer --< Jobs. I have got a layout based on Customer where bascially user enters the search criteria and it contains a Drop down list of all the Customers & 2 date fields that are both associated to Jobs::StartDate and a find Button. When find button is clicked i want to search/display all the jobs in a different layout for the selected company where job start date is between the selected date range. The reason i want to display in different layout is to print the found records. Thanks in advance. Mitesh
  2. Hi, Our system is being hosted on a machine that has FM Pro 9 Advanced installed. Users connect to this using "Open Remote File". I want everyone to have username and password, because there are different previliages assigned to each user. How do I make it that whenever they open the file, FM should ask for the usernmae and password. Regards Mitesh
  3. Please be patient with me. I just need expert eyes to spot what i am doing wrong. I just came back to this system and i have managed to nearly achieve what i want to do, but not quiet yet. In Job layout when i select Company it shows me all the Division for that company. It will genereate the Code No if I select "Division-1 of AAA" , but i cant understand why it does not generate the Code No when i select "Division-2 of AAA". You will need to use DataViewer and Script debugger to see what is happening. Why does it select only the first Division Id and not the Division Id
  4. Don, I really appreciate your effort and time you took to respond. Most likely i will be proceeding with your suggested second option. I think i will have to use 3rd party plugin(DoScript) to execute the scripts on exit events of the drop downs, or put it behind a button. Thank you very much again. Regards Mitesh
  5. I took you advice and started with a set of clean data and your solution works. I was trying to get your solution working without portals, instead in a list like report, but couldnt get it working. So basically i would have Company & Division Drop downs in header and body will display the Contact info., if clicked will take them to contact layout. Being a newbie to filemaker, i am still trying to understand the TO sturcture you have created and way everything works. I feel embarrassed, asking for more help.
  6. Thanks you very much Don. I really appreciate your time and effort and you are absolutely right about the bad data.
  7. Don, I cant thank you enough for the solution. Can i be cheeky and ask you how to show all the contact records that dont have any division, i.e. show all the contacts based on company. Thank you ever so much. Mitesh
  8. Hi, I have Customer ,Divison & Contacts Tables. Customer can have many Division and many contacts can exists under this divisions. I have create a little demo file for review. What i want to have is in ContactSearch is have a drop down list of company & Division. User will select Company and Division will be filled with all the division of that company. I want to display all the contacts as soon as user select the company and then narrow it down by division. Thanks in advance. Mitesh Mitesh.zip
  9. Hi All, I have Job there are about 9 status of a job and when ever the status of the Job is updated i need to store the date. I am attaching my idea of layout for review and i would really appreciate it if anyone can help me out here on how to desgin table and layout. Thank you in advance. Mitesh
  10. I know, but customer wants it and other then just a counter it means nothing. Ok Michael, I see your point. What happens if any Company doesent have any Division? How would that get handled? I will try to attach the file again otherwise its the same file that i have attached before(Test.Zip)
  11. I did mention in previous post that I will have JobId as auto enter but Job No and Code No will be calculated fields. I apologise again for all the confusion that i have caused and probably if i had expalined this properly in the beginning this issue would have got sorted. Anyway, this is the requirement. A Company has many Division. Many Jobs can be created for one division of one company. And based on the Company you select in the Job screen it should generate unique job No and Code No. Say for example for "Test company" the first Job No will 1 and will be incrementing by
  12. Hi the file that i have attached is Test.zip in my post and i dont understand hwat comment is trying to say.
  13. Based on all the suggestion i tried to write the code. All i can say is i have managed progressed a bit. I am attaching a test system and also an excel file where i have explained with example of what i am trying to achieve. I would really appreciate if any can have a look at the test application. I have written a script that does the job but when i attach it to Division Popup menu on Job layout it generates the new job no but doesent show the popup, that is the first problem. Second problem is i would really appreciate if someone can help me in any way to generate the Code
  14. Simon, Your solution works like a dream. Thank you.
  15. thanks simon, i will try your solution when i get home.
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