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  1. This is what I need. Thanks a lot for your patience and effort.
  2. Yes. I import an excel file into filemaker which contains a column with codes like "Ortopw". Sometimes this column contains new codes like "anest". So i have to add "anest" to one of the "descriptions" my filemaker solution uses (e.g. "Integementum, Spier, Skelet, (niet Ortho)" ). It stays unique as "anest" belongs to only ONE of the "descriptions" in this case "Integementum, Spier, Skelet, (niet Ortho)". So I have to select to which one of these 18 "descriptions" used in my file the new code like "anest" belongs. Do you mean you'd create a list in the code field, or a
  3. Indeed this is my goal. The values which should be added to the "description" field in the discipline table are limited to the 18 fields currently in the discipline table. The user should not be able to enter another value than one of these 18 descriptions.That's the reason I wanted to use a value list. So is it possible to select the description value from a value list instead of adding them through a window where one enters the value by typing. I'm sorry for the confusion. So i thought I'd select a value from a value list displaying the 18 records currently in the description field
  4. Indeed the "anest" will be added to the discipline table but it will be added to field: "discipline code CWS". In the discipline table there is another field called "discipline". The goal is to specify the value in the field "discipline". So from scratch i want to display orphans in a portal and click a button which adds this orphan to the discipline table. but before i click this button i'd like to specify the value which should be added to the "discipline" field next to the ""discpline code cws." e.g. i add "anest" as an orphan into "discpline code cws" and i'll add the value "Integ
  5. Because the orphan code needs to be linked to a discipline in the discipline table. How can I do this without pointing out which discipline belongs to the orphan.
  6. I thought I'd just add a field with a drop down list displaying the available disciplines and a scripted button to add the unknown cws code to the discipline table with the appropriate discipline. The scripted button would create a new record in the discipline table and insert the unknown cws code with the selected discipline. The thinking was easy the doing so not. The problem I ran into is that I can't create a drop downlist which isn't linked to the table. Each dropdown list I created will change the imported data because it's linked. Would you be so kind to help me solve this issue as wel
  7. This indeed seems the easiest solution. Just to solve the portal question in theory: I'm still wandering though if there is a way to display the the orphans in a portal through a relationship in an easy way (more specific displaying the omitted records). Or would it need more fields and calculations something like: create a calc field with an if statement( if(empty);1:0). Then set a global field to display the "1" or "0" and use this as reference for the portal to display orphans?
  8. I'd prefer to be able to select the individual orphans.
  9. I attached a file. The records with the empty blue fields are the ones I'd like to show in a portal so I'd be able to select the codes I want to add to the "discipline" table. So next time I import an excel file into the import table the blue fields wouldn't be empty. Portalrelation.zip
  10. My situation is as follows: Table A contains data imported from excel into filemaker. I then use table B through a relationship to add data to table A after which a script will run to export data from A into another table. The problem I can't solve is if the related field has no match in table B no data will be added to table A. I'd like to be able to show the records from table A which have no match in table B based on the relationship in a portal so I can then choose which of this I should add to table B so for future use these records will be related. So actually I would like to show
  11. Thanks. Do you know a way to unistall or a work around. Do you know a way to convert to plain text, which they suggest at the the apple site, incorporated in the script?
  12. I created a script which sends an email through mail with a pdf attached. The text I wrote in the message box of the script is placed in mail as text on a black background, so one only sees a black box. The text is there as selecting the box highlights the text. Does anybody know how to avoid this?
  13. Is there a way to trigger a certain script depending on the value selected in a value list. I have a list of 6 value's, each value needs to trigger a different script. Any suggestions?
  14. I would like to prevent a record saved in patientprocedures from being changed or deleted. E.g. a patient underwent a appendectomy. Later on for some reason I delete appendectomy from the list of procedures. So the records save in patientprocedures can't display appendectomie anymore as this field is gone. Is there a way to prevent this.
  15. I tried this but it doesn't work as I'd like it. I attached a sample in which I explain my goal. perhaps I need a different approach. Would you be so kind to have a look. Question.fp7.zip
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