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  1. Yeah, OK, how about this: The tab panels accidentally overlapped onto the Header Part. When I moved everything down onto the Body Part, All Was Well.
  2. Two Tabs - Both Show Through I have the same issue you report. I had two tabs working fine. I accidentally deleted the layout. I had a backup copy with the tabs working fine. I dragged the layout from the backup copy to the working copy. Now the tabs look fine in Layout Mode, but in regular mode, all fields on both tabs show up in both tabs. No solution yet - if I figure anything out I'll post it.
  3. We have a 4,000-record FM DB with our address book data. We'd like to do a one-time transfer into Apple Address Book. Anyone out there who knows vCard/xslt/Address Book etc. well enough to do this without much trouble?
  4. In a portal, I want to have an icon display only if there's a related record for that portal row. (i.e. the last row won't have an icon) I set up a global container field with the icon in it ("iconfield"). This is in the relation that shows in the portal. I set up a calculation field that tests for the primary key of the relation: If ( IsEmpty ( kp_key );""; iconfield ) This is also in the relation that shows in the portal. I know the logic is right, because this works as expected: If (IsEmpty(kp_key);"empty";"full") I know the icon is there, because if I simply put t
  5. In FMP 8, IWP doesn't support Preview Mode. (For example, to have a person generate a report with subsummaries and then print the whole thing.) Has this changed in FMP 10? Is there a technical reason this can't be done? Does this work in FMP10 Advanced? Server?
  6. Does it matter what router I use to connect the IWP host to the Internet? Is there a list of acceptable routers or of required features? (The host is on a small office network.) I have Leopard, so I know I need FMP9. I also know I'll need a static IP address (planning to use DYNdns). I'd like to get a new version of the Linksys WRT54G - is that OK?
  7. Thanks for your prompt, thoughtful, helpful and complete reply and reference. I think you're suggesting that I simply use an auto-enter serial number for the child records, even though the numbering would go from one to infinity with no reference to the parent record that each child record relates to. The only point to this serial number field would be to have a unique primary key for the relation. I wouldn't ever use it (that I can see). Is DB integrity a sufficient reason to have this field? My example has families (relation A) and family members (relation :. This would apply
  8. Two tables, Table_A (parent) and Table_B (child). Table_B records display in a portal of a Table_A layout. Match field is A_ID. Table_B should have field B_ID such that A_ID & B_ID together are a unique key for Table_B. I want to automatically generate B_ID, and I want it to start over at 1 for each parent record, and increment for each added child record, so that, for record 1 in Table_A, the related Table_B records have B_ID of 1,2,3..., and for record 2 in Table_A, the related Table_B records have B_ID of 1,2,3... etc. The problem: A portal row doesn't commit until the parent recor
  9. In the FM Knowledge Base, I found answer number 213, which suggests re-installing FileMaker. I did this and it solved my problem.
  10. My attempt to turn on Instant Web Sharing gets the error message "Filemaker cannot share files over the web because Instant Web Sharing cannot be started." I could check the ports or sharing settings if I knew what generated this error message. Does anyone know what really causes it? OSX 10.4 Tiger, FMP8
  11. Thank you both very much for this information. Now I understand the Adjust Window [Resize to Fit] script step. I am indeed in list mode. My goal is to leave the window size however the user put it; do a find; and display the found records. I want the found records to display with a slider if there are a lot of them (easy), and with no blank space between the last found record and the footer if there are few found records (not so easy). If the window is big and the found records is few, I'd like to have the body background repeat until the Footer comes along. Thanks for the suggestion
  12. FM8, Mac OSX 10.4. Shouldn't the Adjust Window [Resize to Fit] script step reduce the size of the window to enclose my found records? It doesn't seem to do much of anything. I can reduce the size of the window manually, and then my footer comes up nicely and everything looks good. But if I then run the Adjust Window script step alone on a manually-closed-up window, the window opens to the height of the screen and I get a bunch of white space after the records in the body part and before the footer part. The layout looks OK, with sliding.
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