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  1. If anyone can help me wit the two following quistion's Above used file contains over 3000 records. I want to make calculation's from al thes records. Example, revenu field 2005 record 1 till last makes total revenu 2005. Quistion 1 how can i make an calculation wich uses one specific field in all the records Quistion 2 how can i count alle the records Quistion 3 how can i count a specic value in a field, specific values used are: familie, vrienden, kennissen Any help would greatly be apriciated THANX, Ronald
  2. Yes, i could do that. It works. The only thing is thath i like to give differnt collors to the c level text and b and a level. This is very easy for me to do when there are different fields. I'am happy with your formula, now only the collors...... Thanx Ronald
  3. works! sorry mistype of coarse everthing between 100 and 200 are vrienden or B level client, everyone below 100 are kennissen or C level client and evruthing above 200 are vrienden or top clients A status. Ik works, and yes one time i will get in into one label. Thanx for the help!! Cheers, Ronald
  4. everthing below 100 is a C customer wich should get label kennissen in filed kennissen. This works the same way as familie , every one above 200 should get label famiklie in filed familie. Everyone wich index 100-200 should get label kennissen in filed kennissen something like this Case ( index< 200 and >100; "kenissen") but this thus not work Thanx!!!!
  5. works!!! Thanx, how thus this one work with between numbers like between 100 and 200? Thanx Ronald
  6. Thanx!! sorry one last question, the last thing i need to do is place a text in a three specific fields, i can't find the formula for this. It is absolutly simple. It would be something like this: Field familie: if value field index is >200 then place texst familie, if value is <200 then place no texst How can i make this formula? THANX!!! Ronald
  7. Thanx for the help, the file works now I like to update trough the year, let say every two weeks i want te do a new import with new thsi year (2007) numbers. Would this be a problem? Thanx, Ronald
  8. For the good order, i ad an example file date base with 5 records where imade the calculation in the file index. The number which comes out is 842688 abd is very false. In the excel filein colum AE you'll see three example calculations which how it should be. Thanx for any help Ronald fmp.zip
  9. Hey there, i'am a complete newbe and yust one question. I use FMP as a date base where some data from my client's is stored. The date comes from an excell file and contains over 3000 records. The data is imported in a made layout. What i need to do is make an calculation wth some fields. For instance field index revenue is field (revenue 2007*10) + (field revenue 2006*5) + (field visits 2007*100)+ (field visits 2006 *50) If i make this calculation, it only calculates once. It the calculation needs te be updated with every record. Sorry for the very beginner question, but this wo
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