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  1. HI David, Thank you for your information. Well, I think there's no easy way doing this. (I think Automation is the answer ) What I've been doing is: 1. I created a master of Finance.fp7 2. I have 2 scripts: a. Script A: would create a "save as a copy" for that same file, however, I have a unique filenaming of FileMaker let say "Finance_A.fp7" would show all information on "Finance_A" department, "Finance_B.fp7" would show "Finance_B" information later. But for first time, when I save as a copy, Finance_A.fp7 and Finance_B.fp7 would contain same information. b. Script B
  2. Dear all, I would like to know if FileMaker Pro Advanced in "Developer Utilities" capable of creating multiple batch of runtimes? For example: I have a FileMaker solution let say: Finance.fp7 Here is the conditions: 1. Currently, I don't host FMP Server, so I need to create an individual runtime for every user. It's because in certain areas, I have a very limited usage of internet connectivity around users. 2. Runtime that was created from Finance.fp7 would contain a different information because it will be distributed to different persons / entities.
  3. I think I get it thanks. Well, the problem is I should do on fkCustomer instead of ItemName. That's the issue. But now it's fixed.
  4. Hi Comment (Michael), Thank you for your information. Is this working for two tables? I've tried several times but it didn't work as expected. I've tried created 2 new fields on table "ItemPurchased": cInverseCount (calculation) = 1 / GetSummary (sCount ; ItemName ) sCountCustomers (summary) = Total of cInverseCount PS: sCount (summary) = count of ItemName Did I miss something? I've searched this one reciprocal and read this one http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/4f9909b2d0 but the sample file is on the same table. Can it be done on two table? if yes, how? Any
  5. Dear all, I am having an issue about how to count a sub-summary header but yet I forgot how to do it. I attached a small example file. Please take a look at the "Print Layout" layout. In there, I would like to see total customer. Manually, it would be counted as 3 customers, but how to do it in calculation? Thank you for help and suggestion. As usual, if this has been discussed before, please let me know the link and I can read and learn it. Thank you. Test.zip
  6. Hi, You can take a look at this CF as your reference from Brian dunning website. I used this CF for removing leading zeroes. Removing Leading Zeroes For your convenience, I just grabbed directly from the website:
  7. Hi, I am not sure if I got your issue correctly. If you want to adjust layout, you can use <>.. for example: you have Fields name called "Name", "Address" So, on your layout, you can write down: Name: <> | Address: < > Thank you.
  8. Hi Bcooney, Regarding that, Export to records only save the contents of data, not the contents of layout. So, my best bet for now is saving to PDF file and convert it to text file. I found out that using PDF converter to text file will save the format of the layout. For example: Hello, How are you doing? Here is the format On the text file, if we use regular save as text PDF file, it would be Hello, How are you doing? Here is the format I found that XPDF converter do this job well (saving layout format of text). I am not sure if there's anothe
  9. Hello everyone : I want to know if there's any trick to save the Layout format (text format only without images) of Filemaker to text file. I know that we can save the layout format to PDF file, not text file. Is there any workaround for this so I can see the same format on the text file? Thank you.
  10. Hi Lareta, I think John mentioned ".. saving as compact." You mentioned option 2 (same idea as John). However, for my safe option, I chose the third option (save as clone). My guess regarding the corruption is from the data, not structure. However, if this still happens, I will let you know. For now, it's good and I will re-import those missing data. Thank you for your help.
  11. Yeap, thank you for the notice. For full description about the step, you can see the full article. It would explain about "unchecked" as Lee described :
  12. Hi Emjay, You can do "Auto-Enter Calculation" with 'TextFormatRemove (Field)' You can read this for full article explanation: Filemaker Help
  13. Hi, Try to google "FileMaker password recovery" or you can try to search in this forum "+Password +cracker" HTH.
  14. Hi John, Thank you for your comment. I tried to save as a copy which will save only the structure not the contents. I will ask again if there's any bugs or errors again. Thank you once again.
  15. Hi all, I have a layout that has 10 numbers of field with hundred thousands of records. After I performed find records, it would show "?" in every single field. At first, I thought I need larger field's column larger, however, when I clicked inside the field, it would still show "?" Then, I tried to delete it and it was successfully deleted. I tried to perform the same find and it gave me that "?" for every single field again. Has anyone experience this before? Or is it a corruption' sign? Thank you in advance for the share and comments. :o
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