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  1. I have activated IWP on 1 of my databases but it cannot be accessed. I am hosting on a new iMac. I am using the address provided by FMP but no one else can access it. This is the address it says I should use. I have All Users selected. I am at a loss. Fitz
  2. Guess what I finally learned. It makes a difference what the name of the folder holding the videos is named. The name cannot end with two or more periods, as in ... . For some reason FMP cannot read or 'see' inside said folder for a video. FMP can see an image or picture, though. Weird Fitz
  3. Exported as QuickTime movie and as .mp4. Still no dice. Thanks for trying. Fitz
  4. I created an animation in Photoshop Extender CS4. I rendered it to several different video files; QuickTime movie and MPEG-4. When I try to insert any of these, I get this message in the container. ' The file cannot be found; StarField/galaxy.mp4"(or .mov). I can insert other movies obtained else where and I have compared file information and I see no difference. What' up with 'cannot be found' These videos are on the same hard drive as the FMP software & file I am trying to import into. Fitz
  5. Absolutely I can use my iSight camera to show you what I'm talking about since we can't format in this text box. Fitz
  6. No, it is just squared off, even left margined text. Do you have video conference capability? It may be the only way to show you. If you do my screen name is wd.fitz.fitzgerald (wfitzgerald@cfl.rr.com) Fitz
  7. I tried to show the formatting in my last post but this 'forum software' undid everything. Yes, I am talking about paragraph formatting. So maybe FMP can't format pasted text that way. ?? Fitz
  8. Thanks for responding. I tried that but it does not work. I have no indent on the first line and a small indent in the other lines for each paragraph. But when I paste block of text it comes out with some indentations and some not indented. I've tried to separate blocks of text into paragraphs and highlight them and going to the Paragraph formatting menu and clicking on apply. Nothing seems to work. Fitz
  9. How do you get pasted text to comply with a field's formatting? The online help says that pasted text is supposed to take on the filed format settings, but mine is not. I am copying info from .pdf manuals and I have to adjust indents, etc. Fitz
  10. When I delete some text in a field label or a text object I want that field label or text object to shrink to fit the text that is left, without having to to grab the handle and drag it in. I tried your trick in another computer I still have Tiger running a partition, and it works great, but it just doesn't work on this MacBook Pro with Leopard 10.5.1 (both using FMP 9.0v3). Fitz
  11. I noticed you guys are using Tiger. Sorry, but in Leopard, this trick is not working. I wish I knew about this trick all that time I used Tiger. Fitz
  12. Those ⇧'s are Shift's. I didn't preview, sorry. Fitz
  13. I just tried it, after deleting some of the text, both by selecting all the text in the field, and by clicking outside the field and then selecting it. ⇧⌘B and ⇧⌘B. No luck. Fitz
  14. Is there a way to get a field label or text object to 'automatically' shrink down after deleting some of the text, to its new minimum size without having to do it manually; ie. click and drag??? Fitz
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