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  1. Hi mieser I hope this will help... Use Windows Explorer to navigate to and find the FM12 installer - the .exe - it may be called "Setup.exe". Instead of double clicking that .exe, try a single right click. A dialog will appear and either the second or third item down will be "Run as Administrator". Left click and stand back! I believe this may solve the Windows UAC permissions issues which plague Vista. Yes, I know you're on an Admin account - I get that. This elevated command gets you a "token" with even higher privileges. Let us know how this goes. And will keep fingers crossed - good luck! Hoib
  2. OK, Let me see if I can explain the second part better. FM is not finding a restricted found set between 1/1/2014 and 6/30/2014. It is finding ALL records from 2003 through the present which is not what I want. I only want records between the two dates. If I leave the date blank in Find Mode, I get the same total hours (no restriction) that I get when filling in a date range. That's what I don't understand: I am asking it for a limited range, it's giving me the entire range with no restriction. That's why I'm' suspecting that I'm setting up the range correctly in the Find. I've read and re-read the help file numerous times... Should date_TIMESHEET field be placed in another section, like the body section and somehow hide it when printing? That seems very unlikely. If I put it in the body then I get that field printed in the body. I can't put it in the sub-summary as I mentioned because that doesn't go there. I placed it in the header - any problem with that placement? And, on the first part, I'll try to do this without a script and just create the two fields, put them on the layout and see what I get using another operator on each ie. greater than gRangeStart and less than gRangeEnd. That should work. I'll try it and see.
  3. Using FM 13.1 Pro Advanced on Windows 7 Pro. Fairly novice user. Using no scripting at this point as I'm just trying to use FM native UI to see more clearly what I'm doing. Yes, this screams for a script, however... I have a TO containing 'individuals_TIMESHEETS'. This TO has two fields called zs_HoursWorked (a Summary field) and date_Timesheet (a Date Field). I'm using a sub-summary section to tally up total hours worked for each person. On my layout, list view mode, up in the heading I'm in Find Mode, looking at 'date_Timesheet' attempting to enter a range that will give me timesheets between two dates. In Find Mode I enter "6/2013...6/2014". FM inserts automatically the string "6/*/2013...6/*/2014" into the field in find mode. Go to Browse. I have to then sort in the sub-summary based on the FullName_Reversed found in the INDIVIDUALS TO. First thing I notice is that the Find criteria entered switches in Browse to a specific date usually the date found in the first INDIVIDUAL's record. I thought it would preserve the Find request in Browse but I'm wrong obviously. The second and more important thing is this: First Find Request - in date_Timesheet - Find 6/2013...6/2014 - shows zs_HoursWorked down in sub-summary for John as 85.4 hours. Clear it all out with show all records. Second Find Request - in date_Timesheet - Find 1/2014...6/2014 - shows zs_HoursWorked down in sub-summary for John as 85.4 hours. I know because I manually looked, that the hours should be less. So from what I see my range spec of "..." isn't working and I don't know what FM wants to see there in order to filter down results from what appears to be the grand total of all hours worked. What do I do to Find a date range and have the date range restrict the sub-summary to only what's between the two dates?
  4. Oh, Schnarkles!! Why didn't I know that!? Good grief.... Thanks Wim. I knew it was something simple.... In a little bit toward my defense, page 8; totally silent in this regard. H
  5. Hello,  I've been on FM12 for a while and thought I'd download FM13 and the trial a whirl for whatever period they'd allow.  The installer runs, lets me choose my language, extracts files and then up comes this box:  (Attached .jpg).  Looked at the instruction .pdf, dug down to pg8.  This ref doesn't seem to give a good idea related to the error appearing.  In fact, this is the exact same .pdf pretty much as seen in FM12.  And FM 12 went in like nothing early last year.  I've turned off the A/V, I am on an Admin privileged account.  I am using Win XP Pro SP3.  Plenty of disk space.  2gB of RAM on an AMD 2 core.  Wrote a quick note to FM via the contact us page.  Not much help coming there as they linked me to pages dealing with licensing, etc.  Here's a thought, I don't know how valid.  Is my currently activated FM 12 Pro Adv install blocking this from going through?  Do I have to uninstall FM12?  I was under the impression that different FM versions could live together harmoniously!  Is that not correct?    Or - Am I missing something real simple here?  Thanks for any advice.  Hoib
  6. @jbante - Thanks for showing me this. I posted two, they're both over there now... H
  7. I'd like to see if FM could send its own dialog windows to the background or to the task bar (I'm on Windows), like Manage Scripts, Manage Layouts when the user (me) clicks on a surface beneath them. If Manage Scripts is open, I have to either minimize or dismiss to get to the layout beneath. If I dismiss, then I have to either find Manage (X) and open it again or use a keyboard shortcut (creating an arthritic pain in my fingers :-) ) with the effect that it positions me at the top row forcing me to find where I left off. It would be nice to just click the layout or surface beneath and have Manage Scripts drop out on its own but wait to be called back in later on. H
  8. I would like to see a "script recording" feature, similar to what you have in some Microsoft products. Example: I'm in browse mode and I want to do some sort of ad hoc report. Turn on recording. System now records all my "moves" like Go To Find Mode, set a field or two, Perform Find, {suspend recording}, Layout mode, set up layout, return to Browse, {record back on}, Go To Layout, {suspend record}, do a print {record on} Go to original layout {record off}. That's sort of a sketchy example but it shows perhaps how it could help the novice roll their own and begin to learn the steps with immediate feedback - success or fail. Just a suggestion. Nothing may come of it. It's been bugging me for some time. H
  9. Conversation by phone with FM Customer Support at 6:45 pm this evening. The word is: "Any day now" and "very close to release". Good news for those of us that need it! Note: the response over at JMO's site was nil. Posted there for 3 days. JMO states he is under an NDA (see: http://www.databasepros.com/detailforum.php?recid=673) and can't comment on the release date. Here's another reply a few moments ago: http://www.databasepros.com/detailforum.php?recid=686 But it's perfectly OK; he's busy I can bet. I did reply to my own post there giving the above info for the folks who frequent there. Hoib
  10. Does anyone have any up-to-date info on the release date for FM13 FileMaker Training Series? Thanks. Hoib
  11. Wish we could but a couple of things oppose that. Connection speed is low. With the solution in the cloud as it stands now, we're waiting a long time between screens. We do know that running off the server in the building, it's 100 times faster. There are reasons we're in the cloud at present but that's a borrowed resource which we don't own. And we haven't yet asked about the cost of a "hosting service". A non-profit outfit has little spare cash. Still, would like to know if Open Remote provides any security for the connection to/from the copy of FM Pro Advanced. H
  12. Hello and Happy 2014 to all. I would like to ask a basic security type question. We run our solution on FM12 (soon to be FM13) Pro Advanced on a cloud based server. We unfortunately cannot afford the steep cost of FM Server, so at the clients workstations, we run FM12 Pro and use "Open Remote" to attach ourselves to the running cloud based solution. This does work pretty well for a "poor man's server" arrangement. We are using Username/Password protection on all clients who gain access to the running solution via Open Remote. We were wondering about security with this method. Are the communications back and forth on that Open Remote session encrypted in any way? Then, let me ask this: If we were able to use FM Server at our site (forsaking the cloud based operation), are those communications safeguarded or are there special provisions needed at the source and destination? That's what I'd like to know in order to try to justify somewhat the cost of Server... Thanks. H
  13. Thank you both! I had visited this thread before and thought I'd replied. Apparently my reply didn't make it in. Anyway... I will do some thorough testing as suggested. I've tinkered with it. All I can say is, "Wow!" H
  14. Hello - For our Food Pantry and Community Assistance Center, we are now using/developing in FM12 Pro Advanced. For the workstations at the desks, we run FM Pro 12. In the cloud,we run one copy of FM Pro Advanced 12 with the solution. We cannot afford Server, that money doesn't exist. Then we Open Remote from the workstations to the cloud. Not optimal I know but it gets us there. Now that FM13 is out, we are entitled to an upgrade install based on our recent date of purchse. Good News! Our cloud provider would also be able to provide FM Pro Adv 13. But now I'm wondering what adverse impacts there would be by moving everything to FM13. Are scripts going to break? Are layouts going to fail? I'm thinking about the time not too long ago where we had to migrate from FM11 to FM12 (it wasn't too painful, I admit). I believe the correct strategy is to keep everything on the same FM version. But before I pull that trigger, I'd like a periscope view of what potholes I might run into. Looking for a little reassurance. Thanks. H
  15. So, I'm guilty again of over-engineering... Mea Culpa... One more quick question: I'll need to set up an indicator field like "priority_OnOff" or "priority_YesNo" to help FM distinguish tasks which are to be prioritized vs those which are not to be prioritized (at the moment). In other words, only prioritize with the triggered script those I have designated to be prioritized. Right? And this triggered script is set to run each time I "touch" the task_ID field. Have I got that right?
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