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  1. I need to have a script to select a checkbox in a set based on the value of another field. I am doing passes in school for students. The value list is Bathroom Pass Dress Code Pass Guidance Pass Hall Pass Library Pass Nurse Pass Office Pass Water Pass The checkbox set is Another Teacher, Bathroom, Checking Out, Guidance Office, ISS, Library, Locker, Office, Water. When Bathroom Pass is selected from the dropdown then I need to have Bathroom checked.
  2. I did not get it reply so I decided to use pre-cut paper. I wrote a script to set the printer to statement size on the manual feed. I then cut the paper in advance and was able to print. I finished the script with resetting the printer back to the default tray and 8 1/2 x 11 paper. Thanks for looking in on the question.
  3. I am a newbie to setup scripting. I have a To Do list that I want to print landscape. The form is 5.5 wide x 8.5 tall. I want to be able to print 2 pages at once on a single 8.5 x 11 page. This would make it easy for me to keep the list in a 3 ring binder for on the go. I can setup the printer and orientation, but am not sure where to go from there. Can anyone help with the script steps?
  4. I am a newbie and think that this is what I need to solve the task. I believe that it is a conditional value list, but am not sure. Here is the problem. I am grading assignments. Each assignment has various components with different values. For example -- Project Specifications 10 point max. I have two fields Value and Points. I set value to 10. I then need a drop down value list for Points 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0. Each component could have a max value that is different. I am currently using a set value list from 50 to 0, but it is time consuming when you have a max for this
  5. Mike, It works. Thanks. I had to do a little figuring to get it implemented as I first tried to type it in just as your example. I then got smarter and figured out each step. Works like a champ. Thanks again and have a great holiday. Michael
  6. Mike, That is probably what I need. I just do not know how to do it. I can write the script to get the tab selected. However, I do not know how to get it trigger except by using a button which kind of defeats the purpose. If the user has to click a button, then it would be just as easy to click the tab. I would like when the user chooses the type from the drop down list, then it will go to that tab. Nurse and Dress Code are used on two other layouts 1. the actual pass layout and 2. on a summary report, but neither of these layouts have tabs. Each is accessed only from a button wi
  7. Vaughn, Thanks. It helped me realize what the problem really was. For General Passes, there are sub-types such as Hall, Library, Water, etc. So I created a new field called Pass Types - General, Dress Code and Nurse. I then wrote a case statement so that each of the types Water, Library etc would return General to the field and Nurse would return Nurse and Dress Code would return Dress Code. I was then able to do the find as you suggested. Thanks for helping me re-think the problem and create a solution. Michael
  8. I am a newbie with scripting. I have 3 types of records. I want to use a script to show all records and then omit two of the three types of records leaving just the one type I have a database for teaching with pass types. There are 3 pass types General Pass, Nurse Pass, Dress Code Pass. I have a report layout and want to use a script to show all General Passes. To do this, I have to remove the Nurse Pass and Dress Code Pass records from the found set. I have no problem omitting either Nurse Pass or Dress Code, but I cannot get it to omit both. I even wrote a separate script t
  9. I am new to scripting. I want to have a tab be selected based on a dropdown box. I can do this with a script and object name, but is there a way to trigger the script based on a calculation? I am using this for class passes. I have three tabs General Pass, Nurse Pass, Dress Code Pass. The default is General. For example -- If nurse pass is selected from drop down then the nurse tab is shown. If Dress code is selected from the pass type then the dress code tab is shown. Thanks.
  10. Please help check my logic. In sliding objects -- it will shrink the field size to fit the text in the field. I was hoping that there is a way to expand the text based on the info in the cell. To use this I will have to set the fields as large as possible stretching over multiple pages. Then I will have to look at the record to check the look of the printed page. Thanks, Michael
  11. Tried that. No luck. I have a set of fields in a 2 row and 4 column set up with the fields drawn for 2 lines. With sliding on, I can add as many lines as I want, but it does not seem to force the next row of cells lower on the page. ______________________________________ | text 1 | text 2 | text 3 | text 4 | | text 1a| text 2a| text 3a| text 4a| ______________________________________ Am I missing something? Michael
  12. I am a teacher and wish for some help in writing a script that will show a list of files in a folder on the computer. Here is what I am wanting to do: Create a folder called student files. Have the script pull a list of files from that folder and display them in Filemaker as hyperlinks that could be opened. I would want the script to return files by matching the first 6 digits of the file name. Example 123456_Smith, John PR1.pdf as the file name and 123456_Smith, John PR2.pdf and not get 123457_Doe, Jane PR2.pdf. I need to show the list in a window in a filemaker file so that
  13. I am a teacher and am working with reports for grading. Is there a method for having the field and border adjust to maximum length of contents? In Excel If I have a row, it will adjust to the maximum height of any one cell in the row. I am using a 3 cell row layout and need it size to largest of the 3 cells in the row and to draw borders around each cell. Thanks, Michael Perry :)
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