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  1. Thanks, Ryan. This makes sense, the Internet for our entire region is badly overloaded. The file set you directed me to is 326 MB, and that can take a very long time to download. It would be helpful if the Please Wait box explained that it is downloading. I would have understood right away what the problem was. We expect to have fiber-to-the-building in September, and everything will work much better.
  2. I just downloaded a trial version of 360Works Email plugin 3.1. I'm looking at it to replace Dacons MailIt. On launch of FileMaker Pro Advanced (16.0.5) on Mac Sierra 10.12.6 (16G1408) a box comes up that says, "Please Wait" as the title, and the message "Preparing plug-ins for first use" with a progress bar. The percentage very slowly increases. I went to lunch, and when I came back, it was only up to 23%, so I did a force-quit of FileMaker (there isn't a Quit menu item). I removed the plugin and relaunched FileMaker, and all is normal. I quit and put the plugin back in Extensions,
  3. I'm having the same problem too, after the Java update. I did clear the files using the Java Preferences app. Backtracking to (the FMS Server is everything seems to proceed as usual, but when the web app is trying to launch I get the Application Error box, "Unable to launch the application". By clicking "Details" the More Information box comes up, and it says, "Error: Unexpected exception: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException". There are two tabs in this box. The Exception tab is probably the important one, here's its contents: j
  4. E Kelly, You are not alone. I have the very same problem (in a several user Mac environment) and have not found the solution. -Troy
  5. Closing all files, stopping WPE and FMS and rebooting the machine did indeed fix all the schedules. Until I did that all the longer-term schedules were still running one hour late. Thank you! -Troy
  6. Steve, Thanks for the reply. I'll give that a try. In the mean time, I've noticed more details... When a schedule runs, it is rescheduled properly and next time it runs it does so at the appropriate time. Some weekly schedules that hadn't come due yet are still running an hour late, but I expect they will run correctly next time, as the daily ones have begun to do. I'll report back about close/stop/reboot. -Troy
  7. The switch to Daylight Savings happened last night. Our FMS9A machine adjusted its clock, but scheduled backups are still occurring using old-time, that is, an hour later than expected. In other words, the backup that is supposed to occur while everyone is out to lunch actually happens when they return. I used Server Admin to go in to alter the schedules, but they appear to be set up correctly (they haven't changed) and Server Admin states the server time is as it should be with the DST shift. I bet this is something simple I'm missing, but it seems like a catch-22.
  8. Tom, Thanks for the reply. Yes I am using a launcher file. I just corrected the dictionary settings on it, quit FileMaker and retried, but unfortunately the databases still come up not "knowing" where the dictionary is. Was there anything else I needed to do to make it stick? -Troy
  9. I'm not sure why, but FileMaker never seems to remember to use the user dictionary user.upr ... I frequently have to reselect it, seemingly for each database even though others are open and already have it selected. Is there a way around this so that this dictionary is always selected by default? Even better for me would be if all of our FileMaker Server clients could share the same dictionary. We're in a pretty esoteric field, and it would be best of we could all work off of the same one. Is that possible?
  10. Here's an update on the problem. We just changed our FMS9A deployment from the one-machine to the two-machine deployment. There is no longer a problem with backup paths to the external FireWire drive becoming invalid after the master server machine is rebooted. I don't see how this makes any sense, but I guess there's always a twist in how bugs crop up.
  11. FYI all, FMI has contacted me regarding the FireWire issue, and while they haven't been able to reproduce it, I easily can here, and they may use remote methods to witness it. -Troy
  12. Steven, thanks, I just did, using http://www.filemaker.com/company/problems.html I hope that's the best way. -Troy
  13. My problem has been solved. I can use the FireWire drive connected to the Mac Mini Intel for backup using FMS9A. There may be a bug in FileMaker Server that makes this difficult, but it is possible and it is working for me. Corn helped, he used a technology similar to VNC to remotely check things on the Mini running FMS9A. First he verified that I had set the permissions correctly on the external FireWire drive, and apparently I had. Then he used Terminal to more carefully check to make sure what was being shown in Get Info was really true -- it was. Then he tried putting in a b
  14. I'm still unable so solve this. Can anyone suggest a consultant that I can purchase assistance from, or how to get ahold of someone at FileMaker for the same?
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