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  1. Yes, we have turned off the Java applet on each SC field and it seems to be working although we don't have images on most records. http://www.uleth.ca/education/resources/fnmi-collection
  2. ...so I interpret the lack of concrete suggestions here as a "no", downloading files from SuperContainer doesn't work on the iPad as one would expect and there doesn't appear to be a work around.
  3. When I say Super Container box, I mean the Super Container field (terminology may be getting in the way). What do mean by the Web viewer? Read what I said one more time, the term "useless" was not referencing Super Container but the end-user experience. I agree, "useless" is not a nice word, however, the end-user experinece is useless if the end-user cannot see a file that they click on to download. Why would I need to put special coding into the system to accommodate just iPads, shouldn't it be responding the same as with any other platform (laptop or desktop). It works fine on every ot
  4. SuperContainer is working well for us so far. However, I am having the same issue with Word documents on iPads as well. My questions is why does it open in the container field rather than a new window? If those same people using iPads download a pdf or document from a regular web page it loads in a new window but with super container files it opens in the container box, which is useless because they can't see it and worse yet it makes it seem like nothing happened. Surely there is a way of opening the file in a new window rather than the super-container field. This is a significant problem
  5. Yes, I just went to the trouble of putting all the charts into my FM application, only to find out that those didn't show up in the runtime version. What a waste of time! That is one of the reasons I upgraded - very frustrating - probably this was in some fine print somewhere. Really, they should have put some warning right into the program when you go to drag a chart on the layout - Warning this will not show up in a runtime application. This seems like false advertising to me. I had gone through the videos and scanned the descriptions before purchasing and I saw no disclaimer about
  6. I have a database of committee members - the purpose is to help determine who should be on committees. To make a long story short I have a table for committee information (e.g. eligibility rules) and another table for all potential members with their status and a table linking Members to Committees. The relationships work fine to create a list of current committee members and previous committee members. However, when I go to create a list of potential committee members the relationships don't provide enough information because some members are not yet in the table that links committees
  7. ;) Ah, I am embarrassed. I read the fine print about the region and just realized that I am set to Canada - it doesn't really feel like an international zone. When I make the change to USA I am able to load my files.
  8. Since Filemaker is reporting that 8.5 should be working I suspect I might have the same problem in 9. Right now it fails and these files are not involved databases - I am not trying to do anything fancy like Instant web publishing or anything like that - it fails when the file loads. I suspect this would also be a problem with run-time versions as well - that will affect me right away. The December patch seems like a long ways off with the program failing and that fix probably won't address the problems I am reporting.
  9. These databases were created in 10.4 and were working fine with Filemaker Pro Advanced 8.5. If I double click on Filemaker Pro Advanced 8.5 in Leopard, it is not consistent; sometimes it opens up, fails to open, and sometimes I can create a new database. However, if I try to open a database that I have previously created (or even one of the built-in templates) the beach ball spins for some time then the program fails. This is on both computers (Intel laptop & G5). By the way this is the only program I have that seems to fail in Leopard (I have a large number of programs).
  10. I have tested 8.5 Advanced with Leopard on my dual G5 at home and on my Intel duocore laptop Pro at my office and both fail to open any databases I have created - in leopard. The program crashes.
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