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  1. Hi guys, Since my remote mySQL server blocked my IP (too many errors from my IP?) that got me thinking... Do I need to manually close out my mySQL connections after my queries? I tried "custom SQL text" in my script and I put "CLOSE ALL" which just returned an error when the script ran. You would think the folks that developed FM would be smart enough to close the mySQL connection for noobies like me, or does my ODBC driver handle that? Thanks!
  2. Yes, a phone call to the 800 number just confirmed this. All the technet license covers is development. Thanks Steven!
  3. so if you join FM technet for $99 you get a free version of FMS9, sounds too good to be true- it kinda is. It works like a full version, but is limited to 5 FM client connections at a time. So for deployment, do I have to pay the full price, or just an upgrade license with my technet license key ? Has anyone had experience with this?
  4. However, neither support mac. For that you should probably read this post on the Quickbooks forums: http://quickbooksgroup.com/webx/forums/mac/1518/1?50
  5. put this in your script "preform applescript" and specify: tell application "Mail" set theAttachments to {"Users/jay/Desktop/Skills.png", "Users/jay/Desktop/bhabro.pdf"} set displayForManualSend to true set addr to "me@ecample.com" set subj to "Howdy there" set body to " Body" set msg to make new outgoing message with properties {subject:subj, content:body} tell msg make new to recipient at end of to recipients with properties {address:addr} end tell tell content of msg repeat with theAttachment in theAttachments make new attachment with properties {file n
  6. you know I've never noticed that before. It was set to pause -thats what was causing the problem, but it's almost 5 and tomorrow starts my Christmas vacation- I'll come back to this issue in a week. Thanks!!
  7. unfortunately FM won't let you attach more than one file to an e-mail. When you list more than one file path it searches the first one, and if it doesn't exist it uses the second file path. There is a work around using applescript to send the mail instead. writing one is on my to-do list.
  8. I have a script that runs in the background background that updates records from an external mySql database. To get it to update I have it loop and I put a "pause for 300 seconds" command in the loop. Works fine, but I set up a toggle script that will set a global value to 0 to signal the looping script to stop looping. In theory this works but FM does something unexpected: when the loop script is paused, if any other script runs, it will no longer resume without having to push the continue button (the timer stops functioning). Why is FM forgetting to resume the script if a d
  9. The subject says it all, I have a SQL table in my FM file but I've noticed after a few hours of imputing data into the sql table the data is still not showing up in FM. According to the Missing Manual FM keeps these tables live and I don't have to run a update script or import new data, is this true?
  10. I tried to make the title say it all, b/c I've been searching forever. I got thru the instillation of FM 9 server only to be stuck on the admin console start screen. I see that ports 1600 and 1601 have to be open to get past this screen, well I have a G4 mac in the closet with firewall off- currently sharing the database on our local network (via FMP8) but after installing FM server 9 finished I get the endless "Please wait while the Admin Server starts" screen. The G4 connects to an old Netgear switch. I port scanned the G4 from another mac and port 1600 is not open. when I
  11. actually just figured it out, funny how thats always works Substitute ( Left ( Get ( DesktopPath ) ; Position ( Get ( DesktopPath ) ; "/" ; 2 ; 1 ) ) ; "/" ; "" ) returns the name of the main hard drive, used for some apple script that deletes a temporary file from the user's desktop after it is no longer needed
  12. I really wish you hadn't, I need to write a code that will remove all the occurrences of "/" from a string
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