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  1. Greetings, I am using cron to call a php script which in turn calls a filemaker script on a database on fmserver. This workaround is because I am sharing the server and don't have access to creating a schedule. The script appears to run (it writes start and finish time to a log table) but the subscripts it calls don't run. All the script steps are web compatible. Any ideas? Thanks Pete
  2. Hi Josh, I've got the actual tech one working fine now (don't ask me what was wrong it just came right - I know that sounds lame). Have you used the mac version of the odbc from mysql? Thanks Pete
  3. Greetings, I've hooked up a mysql table to fm9a using the actual technologies opensource drivers. I can see the first record in filemaker but no others. Any ideas on how to proceed? Thanks Pete
  4. Hi Trevor, I'm having the same problems. Would you mind being a little more specific about how you solved them so I can do the same. Thanks Pete
  5. Sorry, I'm the idiot. The number in brackets comes before the url. Thanks Pete
  6. I need the full word contact. I've built a workaround for now which does the job Make each url into a separate line by substituting the [ character for the newline character. Using the custom function ExtractLine inside a script loop to pull each line and check it for "contact" It's clumsy but it works for now. Can't spend all day solving one problem. I'd like to come back to it as I hate messy code. Thanks Pete
  7. I've looked and I can't find so please forgive if this has already been solved I want to extract the url containing the word (or part of word) contact from a list of urls. Here is an example of the raw list: [23][24][25][26] I would like to have his returned: Any ideas would be appreciated (I've bashed my head against this for hours) Cheers Pete
  8. The problem: I've got a >100 000 record database hosted at fmgateway. Users access the data via cwp. The user speed is fine. Other processing with this data happens using fm pro on my desktop with the data at fmgateway (separation model). It's really slow. If I store the data on my local fmserver the processing speed is fine but then the user cwp access is slow (because I have adsl) I thought I could have 2 identical databases - one running locally and the other hosted at fmgateway and replicate them. I looked at a commercial replication solution but it seemed a
  9. Greetings, In my quest for security I will put the database connection php files in a directory called private on the server. so the directory stucture looks like this httpdocs httpsdocs private How do I reference a file in private from a file in httpdocs Thanks Pete
  10. Greetings, About to deploy a fm and php seminar registration system where our staff access the db via filemaker and the customers make bookings via a php webpage. What I've read tells me to watch out for these problems on the php side: Rubbish data - I've got input validation on all of the fields, but ultimately if someone wants to submit rubbish there is little I can do about it as the validation only checks that the email address is the right format and that the fields are not empty. Cross Site Scripting - I'll strip out all tags before allowing the anything into the data
  11. Some unenlightened neanderthal produced an ms access database with 2 million records which I need. Exporting to excel breaks down at about 65 000 records Exporting to a csv also gives me an error at some large number Any other ideas please?
  12. Thanks, I'm the idiot - I had not given the script a starting layout assuming that the layout specified in the php call to the script would work and that the first record would automatically be selected. By adding a goto layout script step and some finding to get to the right record (passed to the script as a parameter) I managed to get it to work. Cheers Pete
  13. Is there any reason this code would not work. It's driving me mad after spending an entire day trying to get it to run a script! There are no problems with the connection to the database, the layout and the script exists. The script is web compatible. I don't see any errors just a blank screen and looking at the database the script has not run. If I run the script from the client it works fine. Am I being dumb here? I think I have the latest api - downloaded the server installation package at the beginning of the month (fms_9.0v3_full_ESD) <?php require_once(
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