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  1. Neither.. I ship from Canada and use Canpar, who effectively hands it to Fedex when it reaches the border.. It won't be much effort to export the data in the format i want it for import into the canpar website.. Eventually i'm looking at making a filemaker app which will print my labels as well so I can skip the entire web based import stuff..
  2. Whatever the system, it works for me nicely.. I couldn't get my head wrapped around this somehow.. Eventuly what i'll need it to do is export another format so I can import it into my shipping companies web interface..
  3. This is great stuff! I can learn from this and modify yours or build one from scratch.. Thanks!
  4. I'm very much a new user to this filemaker world.. I think some incredible things can be done with it, so it's all very exciting.. I run a business on amazon. I would like to download their unshipped orders reports and bring them into filemaker. I have attached the report I get from their system to this forum post. The way their system works (you'll see from the excel file) that each product ordered on amazon creates a separate line in the file. The system makes the same order # for each line of the same order with only the product details being different. I'd like to import this into file maker and be able to export it into a different txt format as well as print pro-forma invoices off. I will not retain the information in the database over time and will probably just delete all records after I'm done each time. I looked at the purchase order sample which comes with filemaker 9 pro. It has a function which they call repetitions, and this where I think I need to go with this. How do I go about importing my file each time and rather then creating a new entry for each line of the excel sheet, make the listed products show up for each order. I hope I'm being clear in my description. Right now when I import say 3 orders, with each order having say 2 products, i get 6 separate entries in my filemaker database rather then just the 3 orders showing the 2 products for each. 482286893.zip
  5. I'm using the round function to round my $ figures to nicer numbers.. After I do my exchange rate calculation, say $10cdn to usd, i get some funny number like $9.53usd for example. This isn't nice to have an e-commerce site, so what i've done in the past (when using excel i used the roundup function i think) and rounded my value to the nearest 0.25 cents.. So, the $9.53 would be $9.75 instead.. Right now I'm using ->round (calculated number goes here after exchange rate; 1). I tried all sorts instead of 1 but I didn't get the desired result.. I'd be happy even if rounded up or down to nearest 0.25, roundup isn't that important..
  6. Ok, I think this is our problem. Your right, when I enter a record into the main table, the related tables don't get the extra record automatically, and consequently the MSRP isn't calculated like it should. So, how shall we proceed to fix this problem.. When I enter the price on the main record, how do we get it to create a new record on the amazon and pricegrapper tables?
  7. Thank you for being so frank.. Yes indeed I'm a spreadsheet jockey as you can see.. However i'm trying to learn.. I have again modified your sample with a lookupnext function to do the calculation.. I have tried it as stored or unstored calculation. However, the MSRP refuses to appear unless I enter some information on the related tab (and consequently the related table). After I enter something it does the calculation. How do I get it to automatically calculate and fill out the related MSRP field? The purpose of my filemaker project is this. I have a main table with the information needed to supply my e-commerce website with updates, etc. I have my products listed on Amazon, PriceGrabber, etc. Those companies require some of the same fields (sku, company, etc). They also have their own fields which I don't use in my e-commerce website. This is why I would like to enter my information on the main tab and then go to the amazon tab and enter the amazon specific information. My website is in CDN dollars as well, while the amazon prices must be in USD. This is why I need to do some calculations, etc.. When I go to export, I will make a template for each type of CSV file I'm looking to create so that the amazon computer will accept them. I hope I am being clear.. I have included your modified sample again with the lookupnext function. Could you perhaps fix it so that it automatically updates when you enter information on the first tab. I did notice that if I say print, then it does the calculation and fills out the field on the printout. So, maybe I just need to run some kind of script to force it to update the relatedtab? Thank you again.. telegix.fp7.zip
  8. Thank you very much for the feedback.. I had time to sit down and better understand what you did.. However I am slightly better now. Of course, on those new tables I now want to calculate things.. As you see, I have included my project as well as the sample you made me.. I added an extra field to your sample on the related-field table called MSRP (manufacture suggested retail price). In this, as you can see from my calculation, i take the price from main table and multiply it by 2.2. This kind of works on your sample and not at all on my project. On your project, the calculation does not happen till i don't enter some information into the extra_field box on the second tab. Then, when i press enter it suddenly does the calculation automatically and shows it correctly. It even recalculates when i change something on the main tab. Why does the calculation not appear automatically when i enter the values on the main tab? Then on my project, you notice on the second tab that the MSRP does not appear no matter I do, why is this? I must still have something done wrong somewhere.. I have attached the work in progress files to this msg. telegix-changed.zip
  9. My main problem is, I can't get my head around relational database concepts probably. I've enclosed an example of what i'm trying to do basically. I have a product catalogue in excel on sheet 1. I have several other sheets which are called amazon, pricegrabber, etc. About 95% of the content which it references over to the amazon, pricegrabber, etc sheet is the same as sheet 1. However, there will be extra fields which don't appear in sheet 1 which i will type manually. What I have as a problem in excel is if i delete line 5 on sheet 1 then it doesn't delete the whole line in the amazon sheet. This is why i'm trying to use filemaker. I could just delete the record and it would be completely gone, etc.. However for the life of me, i can't get this to work.. i'm using filemaker 9 pro advanced. I have attached a sample excel file which if someone would be kind enough to make a filemaker database for me it would be appreciated.. if it does what it should do then i'll even paypal you $5 for your effort.. However, as i mention, though i don't show in this sample excel file, i will have more sheets then two, it will be 3 or 4 actually. But the main content will be on sheet 1 and the other sheets will autofill/update from sheet 1 always. Sheets 2,3,4 will never talk to each other. Thanks again.. relational-sample.zip
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