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  1. Well in case anybody cares anymore, I finally figured it out. it was really simple, but not only do you have to specify which tables and fields the fields in the portal are taking information from, but you also have to specify that the portal is specifying the right table. I just assumed that by specifying the fields, the portal knew where to draw that info from.
  2. Furthermore, when I try to delete the occurence in the join table, it deletes the Record from the Bank Table, how do I avoid this?
  3. is there any way that I can post the database on this system so somebody can tell me what the heck is wrong? I would really appreciate it.
  4. haha. Great. now it won't allow me to have more than one record in the portal at one time. I am positive that I have the I.D. fields pointing at the right place. I have two options, either have a bunch of records saying same thing, or just have one record in portal. Any way to force this S.O.B. to work?
  5. Awesome. but now, whenever I enter a number in the developments portal for the bank ID, it changes all of the bank ID's in the portal to the same number...
  6. I have a portal that allows creation of records in a new table. However, whenever I want to add new information in the portal of the other table, because I made the I.D. for that record unique, it won't let me edit that record because it think I am trying to create a new record... How do I get Filemaker to realize that I want to edit the record with the i.d. I am using instead of trying to create a new record with that i.d.?
  7. When I choose to specify my fields when I am in layout mode, should bank id in developments field specify bank id in finance table or the bank id in the bank table? Basically, that question is the same for all of the fields in all tables?
  8. Well, the data is already stored because there existed a database already that had some information on different developments. What I did when I showed up was add a bunch more fields to the developments table and added a bunch of other tables like general contractors, banks, Architects, Attorneys, Designers, etc. and linked them by development I.D. Banks was special because it was a many to many. (I first had to create a development I.D. to each development using a function whose name I forget) I am Wondering if I have to do that with Finance table... I will let you know what happens
  9. Ok. Thank you. I have the third table, the ID's for banks, Finance, and developments are unique and auto enter serial numbers when they are in their own table while they are just normal numbers when they are in the finance table. I guess my next question is, do I have to populate the finance table with records or does it do that on its own? One of my confusions is that the database I am working with already has a thousand records in developments table and when I go to the finance layout in browse mode, it doesn't have a thousand records, it just shows 60 records: 1 for each bank, and the finan
  10. Well, the real problem is that I have two tables: developments and banks. each needs to have a portal that shows all the information in the other table's portal and has buttons that will bring me back and forth between those records.
  11. Thanks. but how do I fix that? I have the same problem.
  12. And furthermore, whenever I change my specified field for bank ID to the bank id in the join table, It populates my entire portal with one number...
  13. Hi, I am in a huge mess. I need to be able to create the ability to enter information in one portal that is transfered into another portal and vice-versa. Let's say that I am taking notes on different developments in the New York City area. one of the things I need to do is note which banks financed each of the developments, and what type of financing each bank did for each development. so basically, I want 2 layouts. 1 (developments layout) with a portal in which I can enter the different banks that financed the project and what kind of financing they did. This then needs to create
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