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  1. Lee, Thanks for the understanding, as well as the extra effort. B
  2. Mr Vodka, First let me apologize for the attitude with which I posted. I just reread my post and it was completely inappropriate. I posted in the midst of extreme frustration as well as a violent flu. Neither you nor Lee are responsible for either. As far as the plug-in, I understand that the product is free. This appears to be a quality product as well, but it does not come a .pdf file or something that makes it useful to those of us that are less-than-qualified to implement it. I was able to make one of the modules work because there was a video available explaining it. In my
  3. It's been nearly a full work-week...not 24 hours. 115 views and the only responses I get are from someone who wants to tell me to be patient, and from someone else who only stops in to be important and rudely delete posts. I tried to use this elitest forum 2 years ago and had the same problem. You know, we are not all high-end programmers, but we are people...AND I am pretty sure that some of you would be a little more polite face-to-face.
  4. Are you kidding me?! Really? Thanks for nothing
  5. [color:red]HELP! I have successfully used the Image Capture module so I know everything is working correctly. I need to know how to attach the CallScriptAtScheduledTime function. Can it only be done with a button or event or does it monitor the system clock and activate at the actual time? I'm sorry for the Rookie question.
  6. Hello and thanks for a great plugin! I have ScriptMaster loaded and working correctly. I would like to call a script that opens a custom dialog box based upon the time of day but I am lost in how to make this happen. Please forgive my "Newbie" ignorance. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. I guess I have a lot of learning to do yet. When I tried it, I got a popup message that said "The specified file cannot be found". I'm lost. Unless one of you can guide me through the actual process, I think I should do some more reading because I may have the cart before the horse. Thaks again B
  8. Thanks so much for taking the time. I will try your idea. I actually have created the "Time created" field and it is not in the layout. I figured I would need to have it for the script but I am new enough to scripting that I don't know how to write it. Thanks again. I will let you know. B
  9. Hello and thanks! When my file opens a script is run which creates a new blank record and populates a field with the Date of creation. What I need is a second field to be populated a certain way based upon a time range from the date created field. example: If the record is created between 07:45 AM and 08:15 AM, then a field named "SHIFT" will be populated with text that says "Dayshift - 0800-1600". Is this possible? Thanks again.
  10. Your advice was rude and elitist, as was the attitude with which it was given. Your points were unnecessary because you were overprocessing the question. For all intents and purposes, I asked you what time it was and you began trying to teach me how to build a clock. I Just needed...the time. I asked, "When I enter a number in a specific field, I need that same number to be entered into a coresponding field in a different database." This IS the (temporary) real world solution for my data problem and it works WITHOUT relations between the files. I am slowly
  11. I have included a copy of the solution I came up with. This only worked after I created an empty table. Can someone give an idea why that is? Thanks again dbtodbrel_booyah.zip
  12. Thank you...to those of you who made an honest and helpful attempt at assisting me with my obvious lack of useful skills with this amazing program. EMMA...Thanks for sticking up for the "New guy" Bruce, elitist and oversensitive is an interesting combination. I started my first post letting you know that I have no FM skills and that I hoped my question would make sense. I asked a very literal question in attempt to elicit a literal response. I asked "When I enter a number in a specific field, I need that same number to be entered into a coresponding field in a different database."
  13. Thanks for your responses. I must have asked my question badly because both of your responses seemed opposite of my needs and / or my solution. I needed data in field "A" of database "A" to match (in real time) the data in field "B" in database "B". I was able to sucessfully do this using a second empty table in database "A" as well as global fields in both databases. The totals in Database "A" (Inventory) are reflected and are not modifiable in database "B" (Inventory Totals). In this situation, it is a good idea as well as poses no risk to differing data because the data will always mat
  14. I hope I can ask this question in a manner that makes sense as I am brand new to FM. I have 2 existing databases. I am trying to modify them so they will communicate with each other. When I enter a number in a specific field, I need that same data to be entered into a coresponding field in a different database. Is this even possible? Thanks, in advance, for your effort.
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