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  1. Hello, I am trying to set up a scheduled filemaker script to send out e-mail and I get this error: FileMaker Server on Gneeks reported the following event: 2010-10-14 12:31:01.048 -0400 Information 644 Gneeks Schedule "docs for all intake students" completed; last scripting error (3). The script does not expect any parameter. I also set up the SMTP on FMS and tested it. Firewall on doesn't seem to block necessary ports. The script works fine when sent from FMP client. Any help on this is greatly appreciated. Thanks! Jeanny
  2. Try this: Go To Layout [] Go To Field [] That should force it out of the portal. hope that helps -Jeanny~
  3. Hello, I have an omit view issue after filemaker 10 upgrade. For a large found set that's a couple of pages long, when I omit a line in the middle found set (let's say on the second or third page of the found set) it bumps the cursor to the next line and pushes the cursor to the bottom of the view window, which make it hard to follow where i was. I've sorted the found set before doing the omit record. And this only happen when I omit something where the scroll bar is not on the top. Please advise. Thank you very much, Jeanny
  4. That fixed it! Thank you so much! Nese
  5. Hello, I created 3 summary reports/layouts in FMP10 and they works fine when I am on FMP10 clients. When I tried to view the summary from FM9 clients it showed that there're records but the view shows nothing. is there any known incompatibility issues in summary for FMP9 and FMP10? Thanks! NESE
  6. I've included a sample data in pdf enclosed. Hopefully that'll make my questions clearer. Thank you very much! Sumomo sample.pdf
  7. Hello, I need to make a script to omit a cancellation of the previously paid items from invoice line database. How can I make sure that what cancellation pair to omit? Here's an example of the data: Date Sess Desc. Charge Credit 2/2/09 Feb09 Item A $135 2/2/09 Feb09 Item B $1040 2/2/09 Feb09 Payment - Thank You $285 2/23/09 Feb09 Payment - Thank You $1175 2/24/09 Feb09
  8. Hello! I am trying to change a calculation field that used to have "Get (UserName)" function into "Get (AccountName)". But when I did that it changed the whole database records to the current AccountName that I am logged into which is not good. Is there a way to change this calculation field without overwriting the previous data? Thanks so much! nese
  9. Hello there, I just found this forum discussion and I have the same problem when switching to thunderbird. is there a way to trick the "Send Mail" Script to target Thunderbird instead of changing all the "Send Mail" Script into Open URL with mailto? thanks alot! nese
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