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  1. Also 8.1 Pro is istalled. I tried recovery and it didn't help, data is still missing ... don't know why ... How do I do reindexing? I did try recovery and it doesn't work ,...
  2. OK, that will explain why data is missing, from before. But why does data miss now? I recreated those data I could find few months ago, and it worked until now, but lately, when something is entered, it disappeares. I know is data missing in past, but why does it miss now, few days ago. How can I say what record is gone when data is completely gone. Everything was ok, but before I had problem that wile working in program, data is missing on the fly. Never found out why. Now, same program but data is starting to miss from different table. also, after I did import data I managed to salv
  3. Now I am lost and thank you, first time I have a solution to this problem. So you are saying that my relationship owner to pets just based on ID that should be unique is not ok? That data is also not in backup. I have looked everywhere. I just want to stop loosing data somehow, I will find data in real files and enter it manually ... I see that some data are with wrong date and don't know how to repair it. Also, how to repair IDs that are not going ascending? Didn't quite understand ... So what is a problem in the end? Please lead me step by step ... :) please ...
  4. Whole program consists of mostly 3 layouts, first layout is Owners (Vlasnici), in that layout, you have one portal with names of pets, when you click on arrows, you are on layout Pets (Ljubimci) where you have to the right big portal with records from layout Visits (Kartoni). Also in Pets you have 2 small portals, one is Raibies (bjesnoca) and CHPL/CVR When you look at the records of bjesnoca, people say to me that they entered something under Pet with ID of 623 and 578. For 5 years that pets get their shots, and now all records of them is deleted. (name od the field PetID=idljubimca).
  5. @bcooney - give me some mail and I will send you the file, I don't know how else to post it here Yes, fenton did warn me about relations with cascading deletions, I don't have it now, Deletion is disabled in whole database. I did post with question on how to do it different than gtrr but didn't get an answer. Also, when I try to find record manually on layout where only records from that table are presented, I cannot find them. @raybaudi - customer wanted that I display all people that have alarm entered. How to do it then? Because there are 2 different searched that must be made when open
  6. it seems I canot send pvt and files larger than 1MB, so program is uploaded here http://www.2shared.com/file/4833206/8c063d3c/veterinar2009.html
  7. ahaaa ... that is not a problem they know how to use it. I am sending it to pvt, it is in croatian, it is a program for veterinarian ... data is missing from table "bjesnoca" and "chpl" ... well, problem is with all portals and I don't know why ... last year I had same problem, data just started to be deleted, and couldn't stop it ...
  8. 1. how to check that??? 2. not possible 3. also not possible because everything is in one file 4. almost no script, program is very simple 5. I cannot find records, not a found set problem
  9. Some time ago I had problem with one filemaker program I have made. I have solved problem so I did it from scratch. But now again, same problem. Records are disappearing. I enter something in program, check few hours later and there is nothing entered ... how is that possible? What the hell I am doing wrong. La rhetta checked my program and said it is ok ... I removed all "allow deletion " in relationships ... But problem is not only in portals, if I check records in other layout that displays records from that table, they are gone??? Help me, I am going crazy.
  10. OK, now I have more complicated question about it. If I go from pets to owners, I will see last owner that was browsed in that layout. That is ok, same as go to related record, same thing will display. But how to show owners pets in portal without using "show related records" and how to open, or how to set button in portal so when user click pet of browsing owner, to show record of that pet? If that is problem, this will solve it ...
  11. I am going to analyze those deletion permissions ... and other things mentioned ... Of course, script mentioned above would be great help ... : But some points were arised that I could do better.
  12. That button is for navigation purposes only. You think that is making problems? How to open record shown in portal withput that? Or when in pet, how to open it's owner? Without using that... I didn't get this with 15 owners to 1 owner ... probably my "expert" english problem :
  13. Ok, how can I do that? Is there another way of showing related records than portal? I will try that and see how it is going. No, there is only one file. I am pretty sure : I have thought about that before. P.S. another question, if filemaker 9 is out, why files are still calles fp7? Am really courious about that and cannot find answer to that )) I will wait for some tutorial or tips on how to do thing above and will try. Will find out by the end of the week if it is working.
  14. Most funny thing is that nowhere on net i couldn't find any topics about similar problem ... hope I am not that unique : Cannot believe noone had similar problem with dissapearing records or bad relationships.
  15. The thing you have done is right. When doing same thing records are disappearing. I am now deleting new record button in pets and visit records. But ... I have seen it on my own when I entered values and those values vanished. All adding is going through portal. I couldn't make such script that would make for selected owner new pet. Didn't know how. Never worked ok. But such script would be more accurate than this portal based solution.
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