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  1. i created a custom dialog window using a script i wrote rather than using the custom dialog script because i need more than 3 buttons. I created a layout which i am opening as a new window sized to specific measurements using a script. I can't get the popup window to remain in the front while the main database page stays maximized in the background. As soon as the window pops up, the previous window becomes smaller. Is there a way to keep the main window open and maximized while displaying a popup window that is not maximized? thanks
  2. yes, i figured it out. I put a pause script indefinitely at the end. thanks
  3. i can't seem to get the "allow user abort (off)" feature to work. I am creatinga add record popup and don't want users to be able to exit the script . Here is the script: Allow User Abort [ Off ] If [ (Get (AccountName)) = "yalon" ] Adjust Window [ Hide ] New Window [ Name: "New Patient Popup"; Height: 350; Width: 320; Top: 100; Left: 100 ] Go to Layout [ "New Patient Pop-up" (hn database original data) ] ShowlHide Status Area [ Lock; Hide ] ShowlHide Text Ruler [ Hide ] Else Show Custom Dialog [ Message: "You do not have permission to perform this action!"; Butto
  4. For those browsing this series of posts, I have finally used eventscript, a free plug-in, to perform this action. It works very well. I am very new to databases but I can anticipate problems with plugins. The reason I say this is that if you ever update to a newer version of FMP or if you switch PCs, you have to reinstall the plug-in. I'm sure there are other reasons to use native scripts instead of plugins. So if anyone out there has an algorithm that will do the same thing event script does using the native scripts please post it.
  5. Beautiful, works like a charm. I also added a find button that runs a find script that sets "status" field to "active" and then searches within these "active" patienst only. Otherwise, running the find command would return all records including "inactive" ones. I'm curious as to why you suggested I add "Show all records" to my exit script. Any particular reason?
  6. well i don't manage the 1st database. The hospital does. In fact its not even a FMP database. Maybe i should clarify my question. I was wondering if anyone has experience with importing data from another database regardless of whether that other database is a FMP database or not. I also ned this to be done automatically at startup so is there a script that I could create to do this. i know there is a "run script at startup" option and I know there is a "import records" feature that allows one to import data from another database. I just want to know if anyone has experience with this and what
  7. this sounds like a great solution. I have successfully created a "status" field and a button associated with a custom dialog script that changes status to "inactive" from default of "active" when the "yes" button within the custom dialog is selected. Show Custom Dialog [ Title: "Delete Patient Record"; Message: "Are you sure you want to delete this patient record?"; Buttons: "Cancel" , "Yes" ] If [ Get ( LastMessageChoice ) = 2 ] Replace Field Contents [ hn database original data::Status ; Replace with calculation: "inactive" ] [ No dialog ] Else Exit Script [ ] End If
  8. Hi, I am new to FMP. I have created a database for one department I work for (free of charge of course cause I'm a sucker). Now I have been asked to build another database for another department I am involved with. It is a hospital department. There already exists a database of patients that the hospital manages based on appointment times. the individual departments can access this database to find out who has appointments on certain days. My question is whether or not there is a way to create a script that would run at startup that would import records of all patients coming that day. Th
  9. hi, i have a little problem I could use some help with. I am a new user (1 month) and have created a patient management database for the hospital department I work for. Its a simple one table database. I am worried that someone might delete a record by mistake or even all records by mistake. I know I can disable deleting but there is one user account I would like to give deleting privileges to. I thought a simple solution would be to remove deleting privileges for that account but create a script that would move that specific record to another table. That way the record would appear delet
  10. I did enter the name of the field into the script parameter when I created the buttons for each field. I tried naming the Object like you suggested but that doesn't change anything. I went back to the original file from Tanner that you can download above and it doesn't seem like he named his objects and it works for him so I'm not sure if that is the solution. Please help!
  11. i am not sure what you mean? pretty much what I changed were any parts of the script that referred to specific parts of his database. i changed them to reflect the values in my database.
  12. Contrary to the PM I sent you earlier, I actually can't get it to work I imported the script from you database into mine. I modified the script and used my table name, etc . . I entered the script parameter in the button for the actual field I was entering the info into. But clicking on the field doesn't do anything. i have included the script below. If you could go through it and see why it isn't working i'd greatly appreciate it. Script : Set Variable [$Field ; Value:Get(ScriptParameter)] Set Variable [$FieldContents; Value:GetLayoutObjectAttribute($Field; "content")] If [isEm
  13. i have the same problem and the solution seems to work. However, I would like this script to apply to all my fields in order to protect them from being modified by mistake. That would require a separate script for each field since the script includes the "field name" within it. I have over 50 fields. Is there a way to create one script that would do this for all fields?
  14. Thank you David. That suggestions works perfectly. No more error messages. I have a new problem however that you might be able to help me with. I am creating a patient management database for the hospital department I work in. i am wondering if there is a way to trigger a message ONLY when data is being MODIFIED. Original entries into fields should not trigger this script. The message will read "are you sure you want to modify entry" to create an extra layer of protection. i have succeeded with the following script: If [Not IsEmpty (field name) Show custom dialog ["";"yo
  15. Hi all, I am trying to run a script that will run automatically when I close the database. I want the script to delete all records that are empty. ihave succeeded in creating such a script by searching for blank entries in "last name" field. Then I followed that up with a "delete records" command specifying all records found. This works unless there are no blank entries in "last name" field in which case I get error message and "continue script?" option. I would like to set a condition whereby if find request returns 0 results, the script is terminated and no error message is displayed.
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