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  1. nvrmd, I was being dumb. Just had to add a record, was working off a clone, man, wasted like 6 hours because of this, lol
  2. Im making a contract database, and have basically finished it up, but today the print button is greyed out. I dont know why. Im working on the file, not the stand-alone program. I've never changed permissions, so it shouldnt be that. - I've tried to print every layout, and the print button is greyed on on every page. - I can print from other programs, and i can copy + paste the layouts into other programs and print. - I'm runnign Snow leopard 10.6.1, but had no problems a few days ago. I dont believe I've done any updates since. - If i make a new database, i cant print - If i save as, i cant print - I can change the print setup options, just cant print. - Scripts that print dont work, so nether do PDF scripts (ill check that later) - Print wont work on my copy at my house either, both r the same license. Updated to the most recent v3, still no luck Any ideas why the print menu would be greyed out?
  3. Thanks! I was trying to make this harder than what it seemed. This will work out fine. Again, thanks to every1!
  4. Ok, here's the file to clarify for everybody. W2.fp7.zip
  5. I made a simple Filemaker File to do my W2's for me. However, i need to know how to make only the top or bottom form print. I would think it would be a script saying something like "if Field "top" = "X" then print fields (all fields on top). Then the same for the bottom. Hope you can understand what im going for. I would attach it, but it wont let me, if you need it, i'll send it 2 you. Thanks
  6. i was trying to avoid doing that...could i extend the width of a page of 16, then split the page in 2 columns, or would that mess up with the printing? i'll check later.
  7. I need to put in a 15 page contract in filemaker, but the layout will only go up to 110 inches. So is there a way i can a) Extend the length of the layout or : Make a 2nd column to print. Eg: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x normal page x 2nd column page x normal page x 2nd column page x normal page x 2nd column page x normal page x 2nd column page x normal page x 2nd column page
  8. I have horrible reply time....but either way, I'm in to process of reconstructing it in my database, so thanks
  9. I have one question about this folder-creating thing-a-ma-jig. If i have 3 or 4 records, it will PDF all of them. How do I change it so that it only creates a folder and PDF of the record I am on. Thanks
  10. Thanks for the continuing help, I need all I can get. I believe you've answered a lot of my questions from previous posts, I appreciate it. Alex
  11. Thanks for help, however, my script is a failure. It will not work, I no not what I have done wrong. Here's what I need the apple script to do. When I save a record in Filemaker as a PDF, I want Finder to create a Folder, With that Contacts name, that correspond to that record. And then for Filemaker to place that PDF in that Newly created Folder An example: I have a contact named Bob. For Bob's File, I Fill out my input page, and then go to his Lease Agreement, a layout, which is filled out because of the input page. So I click a button, I assume it would be a button, and then my apple script activates. It would take Bob's name, since it's reading that from the "Name" Field, and the apple script would create a folder called "Bob", and place the PDF of the Lease Agreement in the Folder it just created. ( And the script would create the folders all in the same place, I do not need to change that ) I hope you understand.... Thanks
  12. For my database I also now need to do basic applescipts. I have just started today, However, I have hit a roadblock. I need to know how to write out a file's path name. I thought it would be {imac HD/Users/Mddharma}, but when i try to compile it, It gives me a syntax error saying "Expected “,” or “}” but found identifier." and it has "HD" Highlighted, but that is part of my hard-drives name. Thanks for the help
  13. I am now working on another database, and this time, I need help on a simple calculation. lets say I have 3 Fields. One fields called "Rent", another "Commission Percentage" and the Last, "Commission amount". What I want to do is to be able the enter in the rent, under the "Rent" field, maybe $1000. Then, I would enter the percentage that I would receive as commission, under the "Commission Percentage" field, 5%. Then, the calculation would kick in, and figure out my commission based on the percentage entered in under "Commission Percentage" Field, which would be $50. Any help is appreciated
  14. I have a contract database I'm working on, and i need a script that will attach multiple forms to an e-mail. It needs to attach only the forms that I have selected. ( By selecting, i am using a simple script to see if there is an "x" in a box, and then to do whatever I need it to do ) Thanks
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