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  1. Hello Eeverybody, I am working with FM 11 Advanced Server on Win 2012 Server. Clients are all FM 11 Advanced from both Mac and win platforms. The database we have defined is working fine but we need to open to the web, so a clone of the initial FM database has been created (essentially same TO, and same fields per table) in MySQL 5.4 to be able to add records through the browser with JQuery/PHP. we would like to keep working with FM, using it as an INTRANET front-end of the MySQL database (which would receive data from the INTRANET through filemaker and from the Internet through the web).
  2. Almosto Forgot to mention: even when Admin Console does not start, the Servier is most likely working fine, so that if you copy the database in the right directory and reboot that is seen anbd is accessible by the FM clients trhough the network. You can manage this textually by fsadmin.exe (read the CLI reference)...not the best option, but still an option.
  3. Ok. Same Problem here, I have struggled and finally fixed the problem. Trying to spare time next time this happens, I have created a brief step by step guide to troubleshoot the issue. Here it is: 1) Make sure the Firewall is not creating an issue (disable it, and try to connect to localhost:16000 again) 2) Make sure Java has not decided to update itself (check version)...in case unisntall current updated version and downgrade to last working version, disable automatic updates from now on (this is a security issue, but is necessary) 3) Try to make a clean Reboot of the Server:
  4. Hi there, Sorry to revamp this old topic, but I have a similar issue I cannot understand or fix it so far: FMSA 11 on Windows Server 2012 R2....everything has been working smoothly till 3 days ago, when I noticed that automatic backups were not happening anymore. All hosted databases have been and are at this time up and running, and when I start the Admin console my credentials are accepted, then I get the exact same message reported by Kilyaaan. I then "start" the server and I get no error messages but whatever I try to do from the admin console I get the same annoying message that ""T
  5. Dear Eos, Again, thank you so much for the time you have spent for me and for the thorough explanation provided. I do not have anything against portals, actually I love them, the only issue is the user interface: my envision for this project was a unique Layout (starting from the Study Table, but that is not critical) where I could insert all fields from related tables (indeed REFERENCES is just one of the several tables I will have to ultimately include) so that when a specific study is selected I could scroll all related references, as well as all results (many for each study) outcomes
  6. Great EOS !! Thank you so much for your help, really appreciated Now the question is: if I have understood your perspective, by appropriate scripting, creating an appropariate field and an additional TO, I can decide what record (other than the first one) of the REFERENCE Table to show in the Study layout, but there is no way to show ALL child records (i.e. references) for the same study in the original layout without a portal...is that correct ? Anyhow, you have been extremely helpful, as usual !
  7. Hello everybody, I am working on a Metanalysis DB and I have currently 2 tables: STUDY (Parent) and REFERENCE (Child). The STUDY table has a primary key __pK_StudyID, while the REFERENCE Table has a primary key __pK_RefID and a foreign Key _fK_StudyID. I have set up a relationship one to many between STUDY and REFERENCE so that __pK_StudyID (STUDY) --> _fK_StudyID (REFERENCE), and I have allowed record creation through that relation. Now, as expected, when I create a Portal of REFERENCE fields in the STUDY layout table, I am able to create new records (that is new references for the s
  8. Hello everybody, I have a database where the very first step is to add a new patient. When the button is hit, a custom dialog box pops up asking for patient last name, first name and social security number (ssn). The SSN is validated so to be unique and to show a warning message in case inserted patient has the same SSN as a previous one (i.e. the same patient has been created twice). When everything goes well (that is, SSN is unique), the record is created in the current demographics table and also new records are created in related table as appropriate. The whole procedure is script d
  9. Hi All, Here it is my (wannabe) solution: A) One FM server 11A (Win Machine, unspecified so far), on the local Intranet, few clients (6) online One FM Server 11B (Windows Server 2008 Machine), on remote server C) One MySQL server on the remote server D) 2 distinct Databases (filemaker 11 and PHPMySQL) with exactly the same structure (i.e fields and tables) BUT differejnt data: Users working on FM database and MySQL database will be different, there will be no overlapping or editing of the same record between the 2 interfaces FM Server 11B and MySQL server are on the same remote machin
  10. Hello everybody, I have FM11A (client for now) on a WinXP machine where I run also a MySQL server (5.5) for testing purposes. I have a database fully working on filemaker and I am developing a mirror MySQL database to go online. My aim is to be able to perform bidirectional sync between Fm and MySQL leaving the 2 databases as entirely independent entities (so I would avoid to have FM write directly on MySQL tables, i.e. haveing Fm as front-end and MySQL as back-end) I have been able to import the MySQL table (demographics) into the FM database (where another 'demographics' table i
  11. Michael ! you have been outstanding (as already several times in the recent past : ) As you said, my goal was lot simpler than your Demo, so I did as you had suggested: first I have defined an Exam_Date value list from the field exam_date (to obtain a dynamic filter by date), then I created 3 (o more, actually, it depends on your needings) portals, 1 row only, but tall enough to keep all the fields I need to report (SBP, DBP and so on). I have put the portals side by side, finally filtering each of them with the following formula (adpated from your Demo): Let ( [ col = 1 ; hValues
  12. Here we go again : ) I have been doing my homework and the Demo from Comment has been extremely helpful (thank you Brian for pointing me in the right direction, and of coursde thank you Comment to share such a wonderful solution). Now, I have been analyzing the Demo, and I made some progress, but still not there. Here it is my understanding of comment's work: - The Cross-Tab or Pivot is obtained by using several 1 cell portals so that a calculation is filling the fields in the portal - The Demo is obtained using 2 classification criteria, by Year (columns) and by Location (rows) - The
  13. Hello everybody, Reporting from Filemaker.com "When you view records in a table, FileMaker Pro displays data in rows and columns. Each row displays a record, and each column displays a field." And that is fine in most of the occasions...now what if one would like to invert this order ? In other words...would it be possible to set the layout (or data) so that each row displays a field and each column displays a record ? In particular I can very easily obtain something like this: Exam Date Field1 Field2 Field3 1 Jan A A B 2 Jan B
  14. Yes Comment, you are totally right I have not realized the danger at all and it would have been a disaster. Now, what about using Set Field instead of Replace Field Content, would have that been different ? Thanks a million for the advice, now the script is working as it is supposed to
  15. Ok ! I have got your point Comment, and I am thinking to modify the computation fields as real calculations, although the database will be ultimately linked to a MySQL/PHP environment and I am not completely sure how calculation fields would react to that. Anyhow, here we go ! I have been working on your suggestions on how to loop through fields (in order to fix the issue of course, but also to learn something ) and finally got a working script. The script is using a temporary layout where I copied all the computations subject to validation, and I had to do that because unfortunately, I a
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