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  1. I provided my example to 360Works and they were able to write to the form fields without issue so it must have been a spelling error or something on my end. Though I'm not sure why the documentation has that listed as a limitation since its clearly not. Cheers!
  2. I am attempting to create a system capable of filling the following element in a PDF form field: I've had good luck with Scribe up until now however I was unaware of this limitation: I'm curious if there is a workaround to this or how others have tackled the relatively limited capabilities of Scribes DocWriteValue function?
  3. Hello, Usually I develop on a Mac but since COVID I have been working from home on my Windows 10 machine. I am CONSTANTLY having to restart FileMaker and be super careful where I call SuperContainer as on my Windows machine as FileMaker will constantly freeze when calling the SCSetContainer script step. Calling Line 25 causes FileMaker to pinwheel Even the Debugger becomes unresponsive when calling SC Functions
  4. Confirming that the dev builds fixed my issue. Thanks!
  5. Just installed the latest release from Claris for FileMaker Server and was not surprised to see that my 360Works Plugins were non-functional (Email, Scribe, Scriptmaster, and SuperContainers). I was surprised to not see a release for these products to bring them in line with this release on the 360Works website. Any ETA for Server compatability?
  6. It sort of depends what you want to do here. If simply displaying the child information in a layout or portal is enough and the record count is fairly low (100-500) then using an unstored calculation is probably fine. As long as record counts stay low and un-stored calculations fairly 'uncomplex' (eg. not calling other unstored calculations) then unstored calcs are the bees knees. If you're going to be sorting or reporting on the calculated information then it's probably better to do perform an analysis of the use-case to build a basic data model.
  7. Ben, There is no 'SuperContainer' folder in the Users folder, and manually creating it does not resolve the issue. Changing the store directory of the files/logs in the jar file also does not resolve the issue.
  8. Hi Ben, I'm trying to install and use SuperContainers as myself. I should be a directory admin, which grants me local admin access to the server. Obviously this is not going to be the final deployment, but for testing purposes I've had it working in the past without issues. On that note, what does 360Works recommend as far as running SuperContainers as a standalone server and running the SuperContainers.jar as a service? Is it doable? Or do I need to keep the user that is running the standalone jar logged in? From what you wrote it appears as if you want me to create a folder within the 'C:/Users/' directory called 'Supercontainers'?
  9. I am running a fresh installation of 360Works SuperContainers v2.93 but when I start the SuperContainerServer standalone, I get an error message that says "Problem starting/stopping: Check Folder permissions as Log File cannot be written" I've checked the 360Works website and can't find any articles describing this exact issue, however I do see an article that shows the default directory of the Log files that SuperContainers uses and noticed that the OS (WIndows Server 2012 R2) does not have the directory required...(C:\Documents and Settings\SuperContainer\SuperContainer.log) but if I try to manually create the Folder it tells me it already exists. This issue persists regardless of where I try and run the application from. Any suggestions?
  10. I’m trying to make a recursive function that counts to 10 and stops. Right now it just keeps counting. What am I doing wrong? MyCounter ( Number): Let ( [ $i = $i + 1 ]; Case ( $i < 10 ; MyCounter ( $i ) ; $i ) )
  11. Is there anything special that I need to do in order to use the Supercontainer Companion Plugin in Web Direct? It's installed and running (verified via Server Admin), but when I try to perform a script step with a SCVersion, it just returns '?' The companion plugin IS compatible with Web Direct, right?
  12. I mean you could use some sort of encrpytion/decryption in the url when storing parameters to at least obfuscate the data stored in the url. I have an AES_Encrypt/Decrypt function that I use to store & set a field for username that is sent via email. When a user clicks the link it opens a Web Direct database and performs a script that decrypts the value stored in the parameter. But that's just for username. I would never send a password via a url parameter.
  13. I am working with a document repository that has existed for a while, however I now have the need to be able to rename an already uploaded file. I figured I'd be able to do this either by calling scMove or scCopy and specifying a new filename parameter while leaving the filePath the same, but unfortunately I've had no luck so far. Is there an easier way to rename an uploaded file or am I going to need to go down the road of 'download file -> remove file from server -> re-upload file with new file name to old folder path'?
  14. Coming back to this issue...this turned out to be a layout related issue. The layout I was calling the script from had a rather large, complex portal on it. I discovered that deleting the records away from that portal drastically improved performance, and adjusted the script to accommodate.
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