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  1. Second Field was wrong type: number instead of text. AAARG!
  2. I am trying to search an inventory file. I've included a field for Jewelry Type ID. I am using an unrelated file which has an ID field and a name field. I've set the value list to draw its first field from "Jewelry ID" and the second field "Jewelry Name." Then I set it to only show the second field. It only shows the first record. The only way I can make it work is to use only the first field, "Jewelry ID." But that won't help the user, picking from "1,2,3,4,5,6, or 7." I can't figure it out.
  3. Each Portal has different fields in different orders with different buttons. For instance, their is no color or clarity for a pearl, but it has type, nature, etc. Also some fields need different value lists. To enable easy entry for the type of inventory, different portals were necessary with different fields. The second portal gives an overall list, to allow the user to see everything that has been entered in that batch of items. If the user needs to add or correct something, he can go from the general portal to the specific. I guess I could have named the portal, but it would have been about the same. I do find myself doing things the FM5 and FM4 way some of the time, but usually because that was offers more control and specificity.
  4. Okay, as I do about 50% of the time when I post a problem, I solved it myself right after writing! I gave an object name to the first field of each of the specific portals, and went to that. Then everything worked. This may be the only reliable way to go between portals with scripts in FMPro 9.
  5. To allow entry of different types of products into the same inventory table from the same parent (one invoice from a supplier), I have created multiple portals to the inventory table: (Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies, etc.), each on a different tab. Also on the same layout, I have a simple portal that shows all the items, regardless of type, so the user can see all entries in a list. What I want to do is be able to place a button in the general portal that will then open the appropriate tab and go to the correct portal row for that item. I've got the first part, through an If-Else If-Else If structure, with Goto Object and named tabs. But whenever I try to go to a field in the portal (using the correct relationship!) so I can loop to the right portal row, it goes back to the general portal. Script_I.pdf
  6. I see what I did wrong. I should have selected "Mailboxes" for "Include only related values starting from...!" I was trying to limit the returned values with the same file I was coming from. And to think I already wrote a huge sript and two layouts to do it the 1998 way, with a portal selection scheme! I kind of like how it came out my way, but your way sure is easier. Good idea about the lookup, so if an employee gets deleted from contacts for some reason you stilll have the name recorded. Going from 1998 to 2008 will contain many challenges! I still have to rewrite the program that took 13 years (and counting) to write that compares automobiles. Boy am I going to have my work cut out for me. But then, some parts will be much easier to write and less complicated than with FMPro 4.2. The learning curve will be high. That program has one table (file) in it with over 3000 relationships and probably about 700 pages of calculation fields. Makes me wish there was an option to still create relationships the old way. Especially when you could duplicate one and just change the key field on one side or the other.
  7. I am trying to create a pop-up value list to insert an employee ID into a field on an unrelated table (Mail Boxes), so the ID of the employee who opened the mail can be verified and stored. Problem is, employees are in the Contacts table, with all the other contacts. (I thought this would help reduce the number of layouts, fields, etc., especially when hiring an employee already in contacts.) When I make the value list use the fields from contacts, everything is fine, but I get a list of ALL contacts, not just employees. Everything I have done to try to reduce it down to just employees results in . Every contact has a field called Personnel, which contains a "1" for employees and nothing for other contacts. I have made a "Global employees for Mail Boxes" relationship between Mail Boxes and Contacts, using a calc = 1 field in Mail boxes connecting to the "Personnel" field in Contacts. I then made a value list by field to Contacts, and restrained it by the above relationship. I have tried all types of deviations, to no avail. I can get a full list of all contacts, but I cacn't get it narrowed down to those contacts with a "1" in the Personnel field.
  8. I am re-writing a jewelry wholesale database solution, and need a replacement for Troi Grabber. Basically, I need to be able to take a photo with an attached camera and place it into a field, from within Filemaker. I would also like the same ability for a flatbed scanner. Press a button, scan into a container.
  9. You want to make an email in a separate table. Good idea. Then you want to send it to every contact in your contact table which has a certain characteristic or characteristics. ("Buyer", "Female, tall, blonde") You need to figure out what characteristics you want to choose from, and then make a relationship between contacts and email using the characteristic as a key. Then you can populate your To: field, or preferably you Bcc field with a list of the related email addresses. FMPro has a list function that would work perfectly. There are other methods, including doing it in the contacts database with global fields, then doing a find to isolate the set you want to send to, and then running a loop through, sending each email one at a time. Then you can combine the two methods...
  10. Now we add a concatenated (based on two fields) relationship between policies and the Broker_License_Chart. Only records that match the broker AND the state will show. We also add another separate relationship to States so that we can shot the state name and abbreviation once we choose the state of the policy. Adding some new fields to allow choosing state and broker by ID instead of name... Of special note, by using a pop-up menu for the broker ID and state, and a special related value list that only shows the second field (company name and state abbreviation), the ID's are stored in the file, but the user only sees company names and state abbreviations, not the number ID's which would confuse. I added fields in policies for the broker's license dates and state code (license #?). I also kept the related fields, but with the relationship fixed. Also, you were trying to use the Broker's state for this, when where he is licensed is the issue. He might be licensed in dozens of states, right? I left the broker state on your layout, but you need to set the state of the policy using the pop-up. Now, your "Add New" Button and seller relationships need a lot of help, too, but I can only do so much! I'll whip it up for you for $100/hour. I spent about two hours on what I've done and that's yours. You need some lessons... not my department. Just remember: Always use sequential IDs for every table. Only relate tables by sequential IDs. Look at the stuff I did and you'll get the idea a little. Also, sometimes you need more than one box in the relational chart for the same table to do things. Note States and Broker_License_Chart appears twice, to allow special relationships for how you wish to relate your data. Withan Lemmon Policies_New.fp7.zip
  11. First your Broker_ID is a Number field in one table and a text field in the other. I will change this. Next, your relationship between policies and brokers is based on the company name. A no-no! What if you change the company name just a little? Also, this same relationship is a many-to-many relationship. Also a no-no. You need a joiner between the two. Unless only one broker to a policy? That seems more likely. Will fix. Also, you are putting your broker into policies by name, not ID. Do you want this to be a permanent relationship? If so, you have to do it by broker ID. It is the ony way to look up broker realted data reliably, like states in which the broker is licensed. Also, your relationships in Broker_License Page and Broker License Chart make no sense. It seems you only need a list of states as a look-up, and you need a joiner between the Broker and the licences, so you can have a many-to-many relationship. (Many brokers might have a PA license, and a broker may have licenses in many states. I have changed Broker_License_Page to States. I have changed its key field from RecordID to StateID. Here is the file with relationships, etc. fixed. Next I will handle your original problem with some look-ups.
  12. I wrote a system in 4.1, which has been ported to 6, which includes a function to allow a high-line video camera to take pictures and insert them directly into a container field. This was done with Troi Grabber. I am getting ready to re-write the entire database and want this same functionality, but Troi Grabber is no longer supported. I had heard 8 and 9 had this built in, but I can't find it. Especially, I want to be able to automatically choose between the iSight camera, and a high level camera hooked up via a video capture card currently installed in G3 Tower. Will want to replace this with a modern (intel) machine. Any ideas of script steps or plug-ins that can handle this?
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