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  1. This post is a recount of my ultimately successful install today. I just post it for reference, hoping it may help someone else who might stumble on similar issues... After rejoining TechNet today, I proceeded to download and install my complimentary FMSA 11 ( label on disk image). I did so on my development machine, a MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Late 2008 running Snow Leopard 10.6.3. The deployment assistant got stuck when configuring the webserver with the error "Could not get a list of web servers from the specified worker machine." Google led me to a few forums incl. FMforums with posts about similar problems, not just for FMS 11. None of the advice posted worked for me, but I still got it working, like this: 1. Turned off IPv6 config (Airport interface) I don't think this matters, because it still didn't work after that. Just mentioning it, in case it did part of the magic... 2. Restored default httpd.conf file I found this tip somewhere else. It didn't help by itself either. 3. Disabled VPN Turned off my active IPSec VPN connection which is setup with IPSecuritas 3.4. This did the trick. I had the deployment assistant waiting in the background while doing all of the above. I switched back to it, hit the back button on the screen showing no webserver found, then continue and it worked like a charm! Subsequent testing then revealed that I lost my existing PHP (5.3.1 form MacPorts), because I had restored the default httpd.conf : . I reenabled it and FMSA passed the PHP technology test. Note: For some reason, my install has my local unconnected manually configured Ethernet IP address hardcoded into the links to the technology tests. Confusing at first, but manually replacing with 'localhost' in the address box in Safari was enough to get it to work... I guess FMI didn't give much consideration to dev users running on laptops with multiple network interfaces...
  2. FX.php communicates with FM via XML. Paragraph breaks are supported, as are many other 'exotic' characters (like é). Just make sure you use UTF-8 all around! /HotSupport
  3. First: have a look at Instant Web Publishing It's included/built-in, very easy to use (with some important limitations...) Next: IWP was not good enough: Custom Web Publishing of some sort is next. You could export static HTML pages which is great for data which seldom changes. FMS9 also has PHP support built-in... /HotSupport
  4. IWP is a blackbox "automatic Filemaker Client emulator for web"... Its conversion between FM and HTML/JS is intended to work without any user fiddling, and in fact, any user fiddling is unsupported. So whatever comes out of IWP is to be taken 'as is'. What this means is that fixing broken behaviour in IWP is officially an FMI(-only) task... Some people have had success hacking the IWP output, using a Webviewer referencing custom Javascript, in turn manipulating the DOM tree in the browser. This is VERY advanced hacking. Since IWP will change with revisions/upgrades you're probably better off spending your time on something else. If you can't accept the oddities of IWP, CWP is the way to go for complete control over appearance/behaviour... /HotSupport
  5. This can probably not be solved at the Filemaker level... Modify the URL at the server level. Ideas: -make a new mountpoint/share with a suitable name -use a URL rewriting technique (like mod_rewrite in Apache) to fixup the 'broken' URLs coming from IWP YMMV /HotSupport
  6. In my experience (FMSA9), you must ensure there are no 'transparent' layout object on top of your buttons. You can easily check if this is the cause by going into layout mode, selecting the problematic buttons, and bringing them to front... /hotsupport
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