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  1. Hi everyone. First of all, I'd like to thank you in advanced for your help, and apoligize for my bad English. Let me explain my situation. I attach an example of my solution. I have my clients, with an ID number ('CUIT/CUIL'), and one date field called 'Cierre de ejercicio'. I also have a table ('base_d_impuestos') in which each record ('impuesto 1' , 'impuesto 2', 'impuesto 3', etc) has different dates ('january 1', "january 2", "january 3"; "february 1", "february 2", etc) that I'll have to choose according to the two fields of my clients. I mean: when I create a record in the layout "Im
  2. Hi everyone, thanks in advanced for your help. I want to go to a specific tab when the word "anticipo" is included in a field. I mean: I have the field "Name" and in the same record, I have two tabs called "anticipo" and "Date". I'd need that if the value of the field "name" is, for example, "John Anticipo Martinson", the "anticipo" tab be shown. If the name is "John Einstein" (and it hasn't any "anticipo" in it), the "Date" tab be shown. I set a scriptrigger on tabswitch: if [PatternCount(name; "anticipo")] go to object [object name: "anticipo"] else go to object [object
  3. Great! Thanks a really lot for the help... I couldn't figure out how addition and substraction work with dates! Thanks again!
  4. Thanks... tomorrow I'll test this field and then I'll tell you if I have lucky! Thanks a lot!!!
  5. Hi Lee, thanks for answering. What I'd need is that when the date written by the user is older than 60 days from the current date, the field returns 'NO'; if it isn't, the field should return 'YES'. Can you figure that out? thanks a really lot!
  6. Hi everyone! I have this little issue and couldn't find any answer in other topics. I hope you can help me. Thanks in advance! I want to compare 2 dates: the current date, and the one written by the user. I want to know if the date written by the user is more than 60 days older than the day when the user is writing. I mean, the user writes a date of a specific day (e.g. 07/15/2010). I'd want a calculation field that tells me if there are more than 60 days between the date written by the user, and the day when the user is writing (today 08/02/2010). Please let me know if my bad Eng
  7. Thank you very very much, but I tried all your recommendations and I couldn't solve the problem... but the 9th version doesn't have this problem, so I will use that version. Thanks a really really lot.
  8. Hi, thanks for answering... I saw the 'Virtual List' thing... but it isn't so nice like the big text box way... why FM9 didn't do that bad splitting thing? I decided to go back to FM9 til they solve that trouble in FM10 or in FM11... do you know if anyone is working on that error? Thanks a really lot!!
  9. Hi everyone people! I have this little issue in my database, when I print what I write in a big text box. The thing is that the last line of each page turns splitted between pages (in preview mode it also appears splitted)... I mean, at the bottom of each page appears the top part of a text line, and in the top of the next page, appears the bottom part of the line... Help please!!! I tried to reinstall the printer... I don't really know what to try. Thanks in advance a really lot!!!
  10. Forgot to tell about the reports: I want to set different reports to show, for example, how many costumers ordered for a reason, how many times the costumer ordered, etc. Thanks again
  11. First of all: thanks for answering and I'm sorry for my bad English... I'll try to explain myself. I have this layout of orders... each order could have more than 1 costumer, then I created a portal to register all the costumers that are involved in the order. Each costumer could be involved in the order for different 'reasons' (1 or more), and for those 'reasons', I'd need a little portal into the costumer portal line to choose one or more reasons of a valuelist. I hope I could made me clearer. If not, don't hesitate in asking again. Thanks a really lot in advance!
  12. Hi, I have this problem: I have a portal with different clients, and I'd need to include in the portal line another little portal... I've read here in the forum that 'portals into portals' don't work, but what should I do to solve my need? Now I have 3 different fields in the portal line, but I don't know how to produce reports joining that 3 fields contentss... please help!!! Thanks a lot people!!!
  13. Chris, thanks a lot for your suggestion. It's great. I'm working on it, but in a different way (I explained it to LaRetta in my previous post). As soon as I finished it, I'll tell you the results! However, if you figure out other way, it will be trully welcomed!! Thanks! :waytogo:
  14. Hi La Retta! Thanks for your interest. The thing with Danielle's way, is that if the text of the letter reaches the end of the page, the signature appears alone in a 2nd page... and if the text is close to the end of the page, the signature splits between 2 pages (I mean: at the end of the 1st page appears one part of the signature, and in the 2nd page, the other part). What I'm trying to do, is to avoid splitting, and avoid the 'lonelyness' of the signature in the 2nd page... can you figurate out how? Now I working on a variant of the Christian Mark's way: I'll put the signature into a
  15. It sounds great Chris!!! But yes, I'd need a bit of help with the scripting: how can I get the number of lines written by the user (to calculate the number of pages)? Is there any 'Get' function? Or do you have another idea to determine how many pages the text+signature will be? Thanks a really lot for the help! (and sorry for my English). Greetings from Argentina!!
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