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  1. Hi, I'm really stuck I have two identical DB's each being used by separate tour offices both on the same server. One of the offices books all the tours for both offices. How can I get all the tour requests to appear in one layout and still be able to communicate though the records (leave notes for the other office etc. - information changes often). For example if we're booking tours to the zoo. 4 could be though office 1 and 2 could be through office 2. All 6 need to be viewed on the same layout to book together as well as always be able to check availability etc. I don't
  2. Hi I have 2 identical databases being used by 2 different departments. (Don't ask that's what they want) For explanation purposes both DB's have an identical table named PROGRAM Is it possible to display the records from both PROGRAM tables in the same layout in one of the DB's? Thanks Again
  3. This was great thanks. Got me off to a good start, just need to work out to do it for every date separately, Thanks
  4. Need to Calculate the number of classrooms needed: I need to calculate the number of classes that take place in given time slots and I don't know where to even start. Any advise would be much appreciated. Classes are scheduled at 00, 15 , 30 ,45 past the hour We need to analyse our room needs Thanks in advance
  5. I really appreciate your time! There are 2 issues: Background: We're building tour schedules in an office where program coordinators and bookers communicate through the system to build and book schedules simultaneously. I have a "To Change" field that is a set of 3 check boxes. ch-changes the activity field text to red (if there is a change) N-changes text to green (if it's a new entry) canc.-strikes through the text if it's a cancelled activity. Issue 1) the Color and style of the text of the field activity: When a user checks a box the text is affected, if all b
  6. Something in the calc is making the text disappear altogether when check boxes are checked together ... any idea what that could be?
  7. Thank you I also need to remove a strikethrough if that check box is checked as well as back to black. I can't get it to do both. BUT that doesn't solves the problem of the resources resetting back to default???
  8. Thanks for responding The activity resources are dependent on the activity and the activity is affected by the textcolor() function. Therefore when I use the textcolor() if put the same activity in again as if it were doing it for the first time, thus entering activity resources from the lookup.
  9. Thanks for the responses In response to 1) The "activity" field is a line in a schedule for a specific date and time, the activity can change if for example it's unavailable for that date and time therefore the resources would need to be set to the new activity. So my understanding is that the way to do that is using a lookup. In response to 2) I need the activity text to go back to black or not be a strikethrough if the check boxes are unchecked. The reason the resources are resetting is because the textcolor()function does the same as if that activity was entered again for th
  10. Problem with lookup data being reset A field called "activity_resources" is auto entered in the PROGRAM table from the RESOURCE table by a lookup dependending on the field "activity" that the user selects. A user can change the text state of field "activity" using check boxes, this text state is coded in the calc of the field "activity" e.g. case( PROGRAM::To Change = "Ch"; TextColor(PROGRAM::Activity ; RGB(255; 50; 50)); PROGRAM::To Change = "N"; TextColor(PROGRAM::Activity ; RGB(50; 255; 50)); Evaluate(Quote(activity)) ) PROBLEM: Each time a check box is
  11. HI, I was having a similar probelm with Global fields and someone brilliantly suggested to write a script that on file close copied all the values in the global fields to another field and on file open copied them back in. That way you can use on server.
  12. Question about the change from lookup to auto-enter: If data is already in the field that was calculated on entry (do not replace is checked off). And a user now wanted to use that same record but change the activity which is the field that the data is being calculated according to. Will it not replace the data of the old activity. If not how do I word around that as I need it to change if the user selects a different activity as the default resouces are now different (ref. to origianl post for example)? Thanks, Thanks and Thanks
  13. Wow it's that simple ... thank you so much! What if we found an error in the original value and needed all those activities to be "relooked up" how would I do that?
  14. Please can someone clarify this for me: What's the difference between setting a field as a lookup to a field in another table AND Making that field a calculation (in a text type) to be = to that other field? Here's my problem. Initially I need the field to lookup the values from the other table, but I only want that to happen once, once those values are in the new table I want users to be able to change them without risking loosing the changes when the original field is reselected. e.g. When an activity is selected from a list (TABLE:Program), the activities defau
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