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  1. Hi everyone, One of my clients is having a strange problem: Server Advanced 10.v2 3 Clients FM 11.0v4 After upgrading to Lion the clients have random issues seeing the file hosted on the server. The server has NOT been touched. Anyone else experience the same issues after upgrading the clients to Lion? I have the same combo on 3 different networks and everything works perfectly. Thanks for you help! Federico
  2. Hi, I have 2 tables: Contacts and Clients The two tables are related by the field Company which appears on both tables. When I create a new Client and I pick the company name I have a portal on the Clients layout that displays all the Contacts that share the same Company Name. On the Clients table I also have a field named "Shipping" that contains the value "Shipping" as auto entered. On the Contacts table I have a field name Type that can be set to empty, Main or Shipping. Finally there's one last relationship named "Shipping" that shows me in a single row portal on the Clients layo
  3. mr_vodka: Why do try to stay away from event triggers?
  4. and that's why I love this place! THANKS!
  5. I have one layout that contains job information. There's one field named Status. The Status can either be 'not approved' or 'approved' . If the status is not approved I need the users to see only a few fields, when the status becomes approved, I'd like them to see more fields. What I did is designing 2 tabs one for not approved and one for approved and using ZippScript I made a script that goes to the right tab when you change the value in the Status field. All works well until you navigate to the next record. At that point the default tab kicks in whether the status is approved or n
  6. Hi, I have a small site (contacts) generated with php site assistant. Let's say in the record list page I have the first 25 records of a found set. I have the option to sort them let's say by Last name by clicking on the underlined column header. Everything works as expected, but when I click on Next (25 records) the sort order is lost and contacts are again presented in an order that is not by Last name...
  7. They do increment by one. Now all that is left in the system is records with record ID above 8134. When they started using the solution first record ID was around 1000 or so. So when the data loss happens, it always affects older record in blocks, I can affirm this because I see that the records that survived are perfectly sequential (8134, 8135 etc...). A little bit about the solution itself: I have an Inventory table a Loan table and a Borrowed items table. Inventory contains clothing items, when they get loaned the employee creates a loan, with basic info etc...and then adds it
  8. Not that I know of, I asked the IT person the same question...
  9. There's nothing being imported. The records are being entered manually by a bunch of employees...Once a record is entered it should just stay there, there's no importing or deletion scripts affecting that table... Once the problem started I addedd a calculation field that gets the record ID of records in the affected table, just to see which records where being deleted. With this I found out that when the problme appears, it affects only older records, in blocks...it's almost as if the server couldn't take anymore data and had to make room by dropping the old one. I know two things about
  10. Hi, I've benn pulling my hairs with a particular client of mine. I've developed a solution for them, simple stuff, 5 tables. It's hosted on their network, but I don't have access to the server. I know the server is version 8 or better. Now here's the problem: from time to time huge blocks of records are disappearing, consistently and in record ID order. So every record from rec ID 0000 and 3000 are now gone.Anything after 3000 is there etc...Then a couple of months later everything from 3000 to 5000 goes! Now I have to exclude employees deleting records, I've created a tracking syste
  11. Where do I do that in Filemaker Maker Server advanced 9? Thanks!
  12. Do you mean you have events entered in Filemaker driving google calendars events? I'm about to migrate my entire office email to google platform, I'm also trying to get a workflow management solution going for them. Having Filemaker talking to google calendars would be IDEAL!!!
  13. I got that far, but let's say you need o create one record per company in a different table, how would you create a relationship that will list all the companies, but only once? Thanks again for your patience!
  14. I have a single table containing First Name, Last Name and Company Name. Let's say I have 100 contacts and all those contacts belong to a pool of 15 companies. How can I display one instance of each company in a single text field ? It's easy in a report, with subsummaries... In other words I'd like to have a single text field displaying the 15 companies existing in the system as unique entries: company a company b company c etc... not as company a company a company a company b company b etc... Thanks in advance for you help!
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