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  1. Hi John, Sorry, I'll be more specific... In the SuperContainer docs and download there is a file 'supercontainer.php' that allows integration with SuperContainer from PHP. I think this called a 'class'. I'm working on a FileMaker/Lasso project and would like to take advantage of the same functionality from Lasso, specifically the 'getInfo' function. I'm an intermediate with Lasso, at best, but trying to read PHP and convert to Lasso is beyond my skill set. Though I'd query 360Works and see if they could provide a Lasso equivalent to supercontainer.php. Thanks, Max
  2. Is there any chance of getting a Lasso API along side the PHP API? It looks pretty simple but I can read PHP all that well. Thanks, Max
  3. Hi Joe, Sorry, didn't get an alert you replied. I did in fact add a 10 second delay, which appeared to resolve it until today. I'm going to bump the delay up to 15 seconds and see if that's enough to avoid the issue. Much appreciated, Max
  4. I have a script that... 1) Gets a file list with FTPeek_GetFileList 2) Download the first file 3) Delete the file from the remote FTP directory 4) Repeats until the directory is empty Every so often a recently deleted file shows up in the results of GetFileList. Is it possible for GetFileList to receive a cached file list, or for the remote FTP server not able to keep up with directory file manipulations? Thanks, Max
  5. Thanks David, that would explain it. I think I got that memo, but am finally putting two and two together - it's been a busy year.
  6. Partially sorted this out and it's not a problem with the plugin itself. In my startup script I'm calling your awesome 'Auto Update Email plugin' from your server. Never seemed to have problems before, but in this case the script was somehow disabling or removing the plugin. What's odd is that the script works fine on mine and the other computers that open this database and use the plugin. I haven't had a chance to completely debug the exact chain of events, but what threw me off was on this computer the Preferences->Plug-Ins list was showing '360Works Email' as Enabled and regist
  7. Hi David, Thanks for the reply. The computer that's not sending does not have it's Firewall turned on, and the router's Firewall isn't specifically blocking this computer or SMTP ports. We're aware of the sending limitations of our ISP, but still, jumping over the PPC iMac and everything send out fine. There have been some network connection issues and we've reset the router and switch, which seems to have improved connectivity and may resolve the problem. I'll let you know. Thanks, Max
  8. This is a recent use of the Email plugin with FileMaker v10. A new MacBook Pro running 10.6 with all current OS and Java updates is inconsistently throwing this error: Could not create a message for jane@doe.com :IOExepction while sending message The error occurs regardless of the email address. A full reboot sometimes resolves the issue. However, an older PPC G5 iMac running the same script will work fine. Any suggestions? Thanks, Max
  9. Tried it again with a different file but same results. SuperContainer returns the file via RawData differently than the file served directly via Apache.
  10. I have the same question, however, for MP3 files I get different results in Safari 5 (the only browser I tested). http://mysite.com/test.mp3 http://mysite.com:8080/SuperContainer/RawData/test/ With the same file the first URL displays a QuickTime control bar and will play the file, the second URL displays QuickTime logo with a question mark. Does it have anything to do with the specifics of the MP3 file itself? This was a song file dragged out of my iTunes library. Thanks, Max
  11. Thanks Valentin, problem appears to have corrected itself. Just a guess, but I think a reboot after the Java update is what did it. This is a shared Terminal Services system so a mid-day reboot isn't easy. Thanks again, Max
  12. Yep, have been hitting SC pretty hard both via FileMaker Web Viewer and directly via web browsers from many different locations, but mostly Safari. This was the first time I saw Explorer fail. We're doing some demos and testing for a Windows environment and hope to persuade the client to purchase an Enterprise License of SC, so I'd like to sort it out for both of our benefit. BTW, we're testing from Windows Server 2003 R2, Standard Edition, Service Pack 2 and IE 8. If I understand how the Web View works IE will be the browser engine, so if it doesn't work in IE then it won't work in
  13. Getting an error under Windows but not Mac: "Could not connect to SuperContainer server: java.io.IOException: Unable to connect to http://myserver.tld:8080/SuperContainer/Files/. Verify that the port number is correct. For standalone usage, the default is 8020. For tomcat deployment, the default port is 80." Running SC 2.75 under OS X Server 10.5.8 via Tomcat. Everything works fine via Macs and the port is 8080. Windows can see http://myserver.tld:8080/SuperContainer/ but throws that error in any /Files/ path. Windows client is updated to build 1.6.0_21-b07.
  14. @applenj No problem, it's the thought that counts. I would think it'd be in an HTML/CSS file somewhere, but those guys at 360Works know their stuff, so it's probably a little more involved than that.
  15. Hi David, I think I can hold out if it's not yet customizable, but thank you for the offer. Not sure how it would look as a style modifier 'nouploadbutton' and 'backgroundimage'? Thanks, Max
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